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Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle Presents: Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun

Yael Rosenberg

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Good book for young children. The pictures are wonderful – playful, but not too cutesy. The book was full of information presented in an easy-to-read format. I loved the name of the nurse – Liv Welle – it is a cute play on words. The 4 star rating is because some of the rhymes feel a bit forced. But this is a book I will enjoy reading to my grandchildren.

Melanie Cameron

The children’s book “Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun” utilizes gorgeous illustrations and fun rhymes, which make learning about healthy and good nutrition easy and enjoyable. We invite your kids to join Nurse Liv Welle as she teaches a class of first graders a lot about vitamins, their benefit to one’s health, and the vitamins’ food sources. The subject is presented to the children in a fun way, as Nurse Liv Welle engages the first grade students in the learning experience. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun, as they rhyme along and learn about vitamins from A to K.

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Quest for the Lost Treasure

Gary Gaston

Price: FREE

What a great way to get your kids involved in reading! This ebook has interactive features which allow a child (or adult) to click on a tab at the top, bottom or sides of each page to choose their route to finding a lost treasure. For example, you could choose “Look behind the door” or “Climb up the ladder” or “Go through the passage”. It’s quite clever and a great way to get a child involved and to get them reading, since they have to read what’s on the page to decide what to do next. On some pages there is only one choice but on others, there are two or three. Clicking on the tab takes you to a new location with the situation described on that page. The path you decide on taking to the hidden treasure will determine how the story plays out. At the end, there is the option to start over and try again.
The graphics in this short story are really stunning with bright colors and a lush look to them. The characters are cute and the environments detailed. I would guess that the reading level is at least 2nd or 3rd grade but you can see some sample pictures of pages in the Customer Images section that would help you determine that. This ebook would be a great way to introduce your child to one of the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB and to discover how much fun it is to read on these devices.

PT Cruiser

Your epic journey begins when a band of Pirates raid your village and you set out to track down the thieving pirates and recover the lost gold and jewels. The unique interactive format allows you to control the progress of the story, as it is being told! Will you dare to explore what’s behind the closed door, or play it safe and escape up the stairway?

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Quest for the Dragon’s Treasure

Gerry Gaston

Price: FREE

Writer Gerry Gaston and illustrator Laura Livi provide and interactive adventure story that far exceeds the entertainment of video games; it encourages reading as well as moveable action. This clever method of creating a book has many fine aspects: the story complete with choices for moving forward with your quest for the treasure is keenly challenging and rewarding if you elect to make the right choices, the illustrations are of the highest quality and make this a very richly detailed fairy tale atmosphere, and the training the book provides for the reader offers lessons in making choices and thinking clearly about the possibilities presented.
In our little hero’s series of decisions as to how to reach dragon mountain and the various steps along the way that hold threats or require courage, we meet all manner of nifty characters – a troll, goblins, giants, a dark and frightening cave (with a choice of entrances and exits), a swordsmith, a friendly village, a beautiful waterfall, a swamp, a foggy graveyard – all depending on the choices the reader makes.
One terrific feature is the ability to re-read the book many times, making different choices about your path to the King’s Crown lying in the treasure trove of the Red Dragon. It is good entertainment for a child alone, with an adult, or with friends. These interactive kindle books are as creative as any video game purports to be! Grady Harp, June 13

Grady Harp

“Choose Your Own Path” Adventure for Ages 3-8!

The King’s Crown has been lost for many years, taken by a fire breathing Red Dragon. Many have sought to recover it, but none have succeeded. Encouraged by the thrill of a challenging adventure, you set out to retrieve your Kingdom’s most valued treasure. And so begins your Epic Journey …

This unique interactive format allows you to control the progress of the story, as it is being told! Will you dare to explore the secret passage, or play it safe and stay on the pathway?

Your Adventure Awaits!

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The Wind in the Willows (Oxford World’s Classics)

Kenneth Grahame

Price: 99 cents

Wind in the Willows is a longtime favorite of many people (and I just re-read it as an adult.) The story centers around the animal citizens of an English riverbank. Each animal has a different personality, from easy-going Mole to the wise and wiley Badger, the spoiling-for-a-fight Weasels and of course boastful Toad, the owner of splendid Toad Hall who has too much money and too little sense to know what to do with it. The education of Toad by his well-meaning friends is a good lesson. The battle for Toad Hall near the end of the book is also exciting.
The content is entirely suitable for kids. The prose is a pleasure to read out loud and creates such pictures in one’s imagination. And it’s funny, too (the scene where Toad is nearly struck down by a car, which he has never seen before, and decides he MUST have one is absolutely hysterical.)
If you are starting a reading-out-loud program at home, this should be at the top of your list. I’d also add Swiss Family Robinson to that list. I have wonderful memories of my teachers and parents reading these books to me. Why not give your kids the same lasting delight in good literature, reading and family fun.
Note: suitable for grades 4-8 and the writing is somewhat complex, so some 4th graders will find it a rough go.

Joanna Daneman

Including hyperlinked explanatory notes within the ebook-optimized text, introductions by leading authorities, and a wealth of other valuable material, Oxford World’s Classics ebooks continue the series’ century-long commitment to scholarship across a broad spectrum of literature from around the globe.

The Wind in the Willows: An international children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows grew from the author’s letters to his young son, yet it is concerned almost exclusively with adult themes. This new edition explores a profoundly English book with a world following; a book for adults adopted by children; a timeless masterpiece and a vital portrait of an age.

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