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Operation Dinner: How to Plan, Shop & Prep for Easy Family Meals

Lori Loomis

Price: 99 cents

This book is not just another cookbook and meal planning system. The author is very informative and gives loads of tips along the way. She starts out with her own story of how family dinner had gone out of the window and how she set out on a quest to bring her family back to the table for dinner. This book is her system on how to accomplish this in today’s hectic world. She covers meal planning and encourages shopping once a month with a few mini-trips for perishables in between for maximum time and money savings. Dinner prep is explored and wonderful tips for prepping ingredients as soon as you return from the store are included. There are great tips for how to shop and freeze all types of food. I loved the diagrams of beef and pork that explained the cuts and where they are located on the animal. I will come back to this book again and again and I am now inspired to get my kitchen and menu more organized and try once a month shopping again. Read this book, there truly is something in it for everyone from the beginner to the old pro.

Jenni Allen

Bring your family back to the dinner table every night with a few simple strategies. Operation Dinner shows you:

• The Essential Elements of Meal Planning
• Strategies for Monthly Shopping
• How to Make a Meal Planning Binder
• Organizing Your Kitchen
• How to Prep Your Ingredients for a Months Worth of Meals
• Interpreting Food Labels
• Choosing the Right Cuts of Meat

You’ll also find over 75 recipes with shopping lists included for each.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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