Discounted Kindle Book- Nonfiction (Monday, July 22)


FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose, and Profits

Alyssa Avant

Price: 99 cents

This book came along at a perfect time for me, personally. After barely beginning my business, I was somewhat at a loss as to what to do next. The suggestions, encouragement, spiritual emphasis, and practical tips were the motivation I needed.
What I love most about this book is that Alyssa doesn’t compartmentalize the spiritual self, mom self, business owner, etc. As women, wives, moms, entrepreneurs, and daughters of God, all of who we are as Christians is addressed in the book as being woven together.
I highly recommend FaithLeaps for any Christian woman wanting to trust God with their dream of a home business.


Is This You. . .

Do you believe God has placed a purpose and plan in your heart for business?

Do you need help channeling your passion into profits?

Are you scared to death to pursue the plans you believe God has placed in your heart for business?

This Book is for You If . . .

You’ve Ever Considered Taking . . . A Leap of Faith

You wish to FIND or FOLLOW your Passion

You wonder . . . Why Not Just Get a Job?

You Just Want to Be Heard

You Know You Have What It Takes

You Have Considered Choosing to Follow Your Passion and Purpose . . . Even if it Scares You to Death

You Want to Shine

You Just Want to Share a Message that You Feel Strongly About

Deep Down Inside, You Just Want to DO IT!

You Want to Feel Connection With Other Moms Who Are Like-Minded

You Wonder . . . How Will I Balance Everything?

You Are Concerned about the Money

What You Will Gain by Reading This Book . . .

Courage to help you take your Faith Leap

An understanding of how to pinpoint your passion

The knowledge of how to build a platform

Know how to shine

Realize you have what it takes

Discover where you can find like-minded moms

Tips for finding balance

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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