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STANLEY'S "THIS IS THE LIFE!" Fun with Wellness Children's Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version)

STANLEY’S “THIS IS THE LIFE!” Fun with Wellness Children’s Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version)

Alyssa Chase Rebein (Author), Andra Chase (Illustrator)

Price: FREE

An absolutely wonderful story. Easy to read and engaging, children will understand clearly why Stanley’s diet gets him into so much trouble. Lovely illustrations. 5 stars!



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Fully Illustrated Version

Picture Book for reading with the younger child – ages 3-6

This version of STANLEY’S “THIS IS THE LIFE!” includes all the luminous illustrations just waiting to enchant children of any age, and especially the read-to set.

If the text-only version is better for your needs, then please click on STANLEY’S “THIS IS THE LIFE!” in the Text-Only Version for the serious young reader – ages 6-9.

Happy reading in either Version.

STANLEY’S “THIS IS THE LIFE!” will help promote the importance of exercise and eating right, as well as introduce facts about our national parks and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


A young black bear gets in shape in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons

Stanley the bear loves living in the Grand Teton National Park-especially when campers leave something delicious behind. In fact, munching on cookies and chips is just about Stanley’s favorite thing to do.

Then one day Stanley’s sweet tooth leads him far from home. Living close to humans makes it easier than ever for Stanley to gorge himself on candy, not to mention soda pop and buttery popcorn. “This is the life!” he says.

But soon Stanley learns his new life is ridden with dangers he never imagined back in the forest. How will Stanley find his way home?

In this engaging story, Author Alyssa Chase Rebein invites young readers to take part in the unusual journey of a not-so-ordinary black bear. We learn about the unique landscape of the Grand Tetons, the life of a wild animal on the move-and a gentle lesson about the importance of making healthy choices.

Rich watercolors by Andra Chase capture Stanley’s adventurous character and provide an artist’s intimate view of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

A SURPRISE and added bonus is the “Enrichment Information” which includes lots of facts about the flora and fauna of the Grand Tetons. There are colorful details about the Grand Teton National Park, Jenny Lake, the Snake River, the “Drive-In,” Stanley’s Journey, Honey and Huckleberries, From Black to Blond Bears, and Born to be Wild! This is fascinating detail that did not make it into the story itself, but is very rich in interesting description.

A second big plus is the “Letter to Parents and Educators” which includes many relevant questions and comments to facilitate conversation with young readers about the message of the story…which is the importance of making healthy choices about food and exercise.

This story comes down very hard on junk food in a compelling way!

So even though on the surface, this is just an engaging story for children, it is also truly helpful in a real way.


If you are tired of bullying, teasing, youth violence, gangs, vandalism, drug abuse, sexual misconduct…

If you are tired of the crisis with our older youth…

If you want to help make a difference one tiny step at a time…

Then this is the eBook for your children ages 6-9.

Read WITH your children, discuss the concept and message…

and know that you are part of the movement sweeping America to bring back our important values by restoring character education in our homes and schools.

(signed) The Thoughtful Parent

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Dutch's Day

Dutch’s Day

Sarah Senne (Author), Makayla Klein (Illustrator)

Price: FREE

A great read for a young child! Very fun and easy to follow. Dutch would be a great pet for anyone!

Karen Holcomb

Preschool ages 3+

Dutch is a lost puppy who is trying to find his owner with the help of a little boy. Throughout his journey, he learns about community helpers such as a dentist, firefighter, police officer, and doctor. This book is written by a preschool teacher of the deaf and designed to promote language and increase literacy skills.

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Meet Franklin Bean

Meet Franklin Bean

Emmy Swain

Price: FREE

What a wonderful and refreshing story. It was just so adorable and I felt like a kid reading this book. It’s especially touching to me since Franklin Bean is a Boston Terrier. My favorite breed!

Hereta Cervantes

Magical Dog Helps Transcend Today’s Tough Problems

First of Franklin Bean Storybooks Enchants and Transforms Lives for Kids

Parents wanting to help their kids navigate today’s tough challenges will appreciate the new children’s book, Meet Franklin Bean. The lovable Boston Terrier helps ten-year-old John soothe anxieties resulting from his mom’s job loss, and being bullied at school. Created as a lean-forward experience, this fun read will inspire your entire family.

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Kyra's New Zoo [Fun Picture Book for Kids Ages Baby-5] (Kyra and Friends)

Kyra’s New Zoo [Fun Picture Book for Kids Ages Baby-5] (Kyra and Friends)

Govind Agarwal (Author), Vivek Maheswari (Editor)

Price: FREE

My son is loving his new book! He really enjoys the animals and colors. It’s a great book to share with your children.

Marvin L.

Step with Kyra the Giraffe through her new zoo and discover each animal’s sound. But HOO HOO is making the strangest noise of all? Find out!

KYRA’S NEW ZOO will introduce young listeners to a variety of zoo animals and their sounds through catchy rhymes. Join your children as they explore, and continue the journey with other titles in the series!

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The Sad Cloud Who Wanted to Make Friends (Evalhena Stories)

The Sad Cloud Who Wanted to Make Friends (Evalhena Stories)

Evalhena Owen (Author, Illustrator), Katie Darden (Author, Illustrator)

Price: FREE

I absolutely loved this book and I really love that it is done by a grandmother/granddaughter team…what a sweet idea! Has a very nice storyline that any child will enjoy and relate to and I think the illustrations are delightful. Well done Evalhena and Grandma Katie! I hope there are many more to come.

Kaye T

Cloud just wanted to make friends. But his raindrop tears seemed to make everyone run away. This just makes him sadder.

Join Cloud on his adventures to find some friends who like him just as he is.

This story was written and illustrated by 11 year old Evalhena with some help from her Grandma Katie. This story is suitable to be read to very small children and can be read by 7-10 year olds. (MS Word’s Flesch-Kincaid grade level is 3.3)

When you buy this book, you help to fund Evalhena’s college education!

También disponible en Español (Also available in Spanish) –

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