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What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters

John and Anne Newsome

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This is a great resource for busy parents who want to fix nutritious meals for their kids, even the picky eaters. Written by parents who not only have formal training in cooking but who have real life experiences in feeding their own children, who have food sensitivities. The recipes are easy enough that even those of us who aren’t really cooks can follow, with normal ingredients already on hand. I also liked how the authors address the “picky eater” issue and what to watch for and how to overcome it. Highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to cook nutritious meals in a hurry!! Looking forward to trying some recipes myself!

JL Phillips

*[One of the recipes in this cookbook is a Top Recipes Android App Editor’s Choice Award Winner!]

Are you tired of endless mealtime battles?

Worried that your child isn’t getting the right nutrition? Do you feel like you will be serving the same meal to your picky eater for eternity?

All of that is about to change…

What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters: Chef John’s Family-Favorite Main Dish Recipes, by Chef John Newsome and his wife, Anne, is your ticket to getting your child to eat more, eat better, and try new, delicious foods that the whole family will love.

Each of the 23 delicious main dish recipes, ranging from a quick and easy macaroni and cheese recipe (with an ingredient many may have never thought to try) to a little more sophisticated pasta recipe, was developed by Chef John and was given the thumbs up by the Newsome’s own in-house picky eaters. The recipes will give you a variety of meats and flavor combinations to try with your children.

Also included in the book is some little-known information about what may be causing your child’s picky eating, as well as useful tips to getting kids to try new foods from the Newsomes and professional advice from their nutritionist, Suzzanne Myer.

What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters is the all-in-one resource that families with picky eaters won’t want to be without.

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“I always say this when I find something that I love- Where was this book 8 years ago when my son was a picky eater? I enjoyed What to Cook for Picky Eaters! The introduction itself contained valuable info for new parents and parents of older children like me…

The recipes in the book are not only easy but will appeal to kids of all ages. My favorite recipe is the Kicked-Up Crockpot Cubed Steak. I know my son will love it and I love the convenience of using the crockpot for low stress cooking. I work outside the home, so crockpot recipes for picky eaters are a dream come true. I am going to make this one on Sunday!” ~ Pamela

“As I was looking through the book, my youngest daughter happened to walk up and started looking at the book with me. I was very surprised when she asked me to make her some Crock-Pot Hamburger Soup! (The award winner recipe) Jade is the pickiest eater in the house and to hear her ask for something that she has never ate before put a big smile on this moms face! The recipes in this book are simple to make and the ingredients are everyday foods used in ways that I would of never thought of.” ~FaerieMommy

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If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count

Dave Guymon

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An engaging look at what regular people can do when they risk failure. When caution is thrown to the wind and chances are taken with reckless abandon failure is most certainly a possibility, but when failure doesn’t happen something amazing usually does. One of the best books i have read in a long time, and it will be one of the best books you’ve read too!

Chad Banks

They do, don’t they? If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count explains why your ideas count more than ever right now and why you have the responsibility of taking chances. In If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count you will meet people who have failed until they didn’t anymore; people like J.K. Rowling, Tony Hsieh, Mister Rogers, and Steve Jobs. If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count tells their inspirational stories and focuses on the success principles of their innovation and entrepreneurship that led them from being good to great.
Whether you are an artist, an executive, a teacher, or just someone with a passion for life, If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count will inspire you to launch your ideas, whether they are funding a startup, writing a bestseller, creating a campaign, or lifestyle design. If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count isn’t about the secret to success. The secret to success is that there are no secrets. If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count is about creativity, innovation, the power of habit, and facing the fear of uncertainty and failure. Perhaps there is one secret. It’s that failure isn’t actually a bad thing. Instead of being a termination of goals failure is confirmation that what you’re doing is meaningful and worthwhile. Failure doesn’t mean stop. It means keep going.
Are you afraid of failure actually failing? Then If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count is just the book for you.

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Free Beauty Samples – Revealing The World Of Freebies

Karri Bowen

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This book was so easy to follow and was written with the lay person in mind. I especially found the google tips helpful, not only for getting tons of free beauty samples, but to use for all my google needs. Also the how to avoid scam section put my mind to ease while using the internet and requesting freebies. Thanks!!


Join Karri As She Teaches You How To Fill Your Mailbox Everyday With Free Beauty Samples

Surprisingly, most people don’t know companies give out free beauty samples of their newest and hottest products as a way of promoting their product line; in essence allowing you to try before you buy. And the best part is these beauty samples are 100% FREE.

This easy to read and simple to follow ebook will teach you STEP-BY-STEP all the secrets you need to know!


Free tools to help you track the beauty samples you request
How to search Google for the type of freebies you want and desire
Tips to help protect your family and yourself from spammers and thieves
Pointers on how to avoid getting scammed

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How to be a Full-Time Tutor

Rebecca Allen

Price: FREE

I am always looking for ways to make more money and this book will enable me to start my own tutoring service. Highly recommend.

Avid Reader Reviews

This book was written for anyone who is interested in tutoring- both the business and teaching sides of it. The author is a full-time self-employed private tutor.

This book gives suggestions for

Finding Students
Getting Business Licenses
Tutoring Online
Keeping Records
Deciding what to Charge
Deciding what Subjects to Teach

It also has a few tips for teaching, and some information about what kinds of hours to expect and demand throughout the year.

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The Absorbent Mind

Maria Montessori

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Montessori methods are great, especially with small children. This is a great read for all parents and educators – start young.


In response to the crisis in American education, more than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching, of which this book is the cornerstone. Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired Italian doctor coined to characterize the child’s most crucial developmental stage: the first six years.

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Best Ever Fruit Cobbler & Crisp Recipes

Lori Burke

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I love cobblers, crumbles, crisps, buckles and grunts – and I’m not referring to characters from the Hobbit! At this time of year, I like nothing better than popping to our local fruit and veg market and getting a few pounds of whatever fruit is in season (and therefore the tastiest and cheapest!) and turning them into a lovely hot pud for the family. Lori must do exactly the same, and she shares over thirty of her delicious recipes in this must have collection, with the added bonus of five delectable cream topping recipes too! I usually go for traditional custard or ice cream with mine, but now I have tried her Brandy Cream sauce I have a new favourite!

DC Wiggs

Fruit cobblers and crisps are a wonderful dessert to serve during the cold winter months. Served warm with ice cream or flavored whipped cream they are sure to chase away the winter blahs. Homemade cobblers and crisps go back to Colonial America and were originally served for breakfast or as a main course. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that cobblers, crisps and related dishes were considered desserts.

In Best Ever Fruit Cobbler & Crisp Recipes, Lori Burke brings you a collection of 30 Cobbler and Crisp recipes and 5 flavored whipped cream topping recipes. These are home-made, bake from scratch recipes using fresh fruit, spices and other natural ingredients. The recipes are all kitchen-tested.

Lori always shares recipes that are delicious, quick, easy and fun to bake,

These are the recipes included in this book:

Apple Cobbler
Apricot Cobbler
Berry Berry Cobbler
Black Raspberry Cobbler
Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry-Peach Cobbler
Caramel Apple Raisin Cobbler
Cranberry Apple Cobbler
Mango Cobbler
Old Fashioned Cherry Cobbler
Peach Cobbler
Peach Cobbler II
Pear Brandy Cobbler
Raspberry Cobbler
Strawberry Cobbler
Apple Crisp
Apple Cranberry Pear Crisp
Apple Pecan Crisp
Apple Raspberry Crisp
Blueberry Crisp
Blueberry Apple Crisp
Blueberry Peach Crisp
Cherry Crisp
Cherry Pistachio Crisp
Crunchy Apple Oatmeal Crisp
Peach Crisp
Peach Raisin Crisp
Pear Crisp
Raspberry Crisp
Raspberry Almond Crisp
Almond Whipped Cream
Brandy Whipped Cream
Lemon Whipped Cream
Rum Whipped Cream
Sweetened Whipped Cream

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