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Love in the House

Chris and Wendy Jeub

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I just finished the Jeub book Love in the House and was so encouraged/convicted. It is totally not what I expected. I guess I expected more of a “How to raise great kids” book and this it is not. I would classify it more of a “Why you should rear great children (and lots of them if the Lord blesses you in that regard)” book as well as “How we messed up with our eldest and how you can avoid the heartache” book. It was encouraging as well as convicting. I read it in a few hours last night after the kids (and husband) were asleep. I LOVED it! It pierced my heart when they talked about their separation/reconciliation with their eldest. It is so easy to fall short of truly loving our children as we get so busy trying to keep it all together. And all the while what is really important is falling apart under the quest for perfection.

Hoosier Mom

When the TLC camera crew ventured into the Jeub home for nearly two weeks of filming, they were forced to explain why they chose to have so many children, how they manage our household, and what they do that seems to create so much love in the house. TLC captured over 50 hours of footage but cut it down to a mere 44 minutes. Needless to say, most of what the Jeubs shared ended up on the editing floor. Numerous questions for their family hung in the air after the debut of the “Kids by the Dozen” episode:

How do they keep their grocery bill below $600/month?
What other creative ideas besides the Birthday Bash do they do?
What ever became of their estranged relationship with their oldest daughter?
Wendy looks like she’s a teenager. What keeps her looking so good after 13 (in 2007) kids?
Their lifestyle scares the daylights out of me. Why not them?

Families of all sizes will appreciate the Jeubs’ creative solutions to raising children and managing a home. More importantly, Chris and Wendy honestly tell their life story—trials and blessings alike—that will inspire its readers to a renewed vision for family life.

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How to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free

Harj Gill

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I found this book “How To Own Your Home Years Sooner” very clear and easy to read. While reading about numbers can be very dry I found Mr. Gill’s humor added a lot of fun and a few laughs. The concept on how to own your home sooner is brilliant and simple really if you’re willing to keep your focus on your goal. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is paying a mortgage and let each person decide for themselves if it’s right for them. I personally bought two copies and gave them to my children who are both paying on mortgages. Happy reading.

Judy Holsinger

If You Are the Kind of Person Who Wants to BREAK FREE from your mortgage and finally get ahead financially in Life, then there is a solution that will set you FREE!

I feel your pain. You’ve been to “Wealth Creation” seminars and workshops. You’ve listed to financial gurus on TV. You’ve scoured the shelves in bookstores for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years; “Why do I still owe so much on my mortgage after so many years and NOT where I want to be financially?” You’ve done everything that you can . . . but there’s still something holding you back.

What is it?

For years, countless homeowners all over the world, just like you, have
asked this very same question.

So what is the answer?

The answer lies in cutting through all the smoke. And cutting through all the smoke is the hard part. In fact, if you’re fed up with your never decreasing mortgage balance and not where you want to be financially, it likely has nothing to do with you because lenders DO NOT want you to learn the powerful Mortgage Acceleration SECRET in this book. But all that’s about to change. It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke and make things as simple as possible for you to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt FREE!

Leading Financial Experts and publications including; “Personal Investment Magazine” and “The Sunday Times” have given Mr. Gill’s Speed Equity Mortgage Acceleration System, as described in this book, rave reviews.

To date, the Speed Equity Mortgage Acceleration System has been used by over 500,000 homeowners in eight different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, South Africa and the United States. He has been extensively interviewed on radio and television including being featured on NBC’s – Saving You Money.

If you are serious about Owning Your Home Years Sooner and Retiring Debt Free then you must get this book.

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Pinterest Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Creative and Money Making Ideas with Pinterest!

Maddie Alexander

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Know that the information given by this book is pretty simple but it’s a useful guide if you’re just getting started in Pinterest. A good read through the book will let you see what Pinterest is about, what it’s potential is, and what you can get from using (or leveraging) it.

Benny Phan

Pinterest and the Pinterest App.. Use them to ignite your creative thinking and creative inspiration!

Are you someone that is always looking for ways to be more creative and take your creativity to a new level? Do you like doing DIY projects, pictures, photos, and crafts? If so, this ultimate Pinterest guide is a MUST for you!

1.36 million users on average visit Pinterest, with over 10.4 million registered users. These users are sharing content at a unprecedented rate, and you for sure don’t want to miss out on this! Whether it’s Pinterest for beginners, Pinterest for businesses, or Pinterest marketing, we all must be unique and creative!

In seven, well laid out sections, you will be inspired to take your creativity to a new level! This book will empower you to use the popular social media site Pinterest to ignite your creativity!

Some of the goodies you can expect in this book:

* Understanding of how Pinterest relates to your creativity!
* A complete overview of Pinterest: get signed up, learn the lingo, and GO!
* Get inspiration from what others are doing!
* Undergo “The Pinterest Challenge!”
* Be inspired to be creative with your ideas to create!

This book will provide you with countless opportunities to create something like you never have before! Do the “creative you” a favor, pick up a copy of this book, and see for yourself as to why hundreds of others just like YOU are being overwhelmed with new, refreshing, and creative ideas!

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The Parables of Jesus Made Simple

Matthew Payne

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Anyone who is trying to understand just who is calling them to holiness and how they are being called should read this book. Anyone who has read the Bible, and in particular the New Testament parables, and has been confused by their reading should read this book.

Russell D. James

With heart-challenging explanations of the parables of Jesus, Matthew Robert Payne shares pieces of his life in the framework of the 54 parables of Jesus covered in The Parables of Jesus made simple. This collection of essays reads like a scholarly, yet genuine conversation with a good friend and is written with honesty, transparency and vigor. Matthew invites you to read the lessons of Christ, often times pleading with the reader to take hold of the weight of the words, then stepping back and offering no-nonsense applications for life. Each chapter is only four pages long, if not less,
which allows the reader to stop and reflect on the revelation shared in each chapter. This book is definitely worth bringing into your library and your life.

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The Wonders of Kale: “Green it Up” with New and Unique Recipes!

Meigyn Gabryelle

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A great book on Kale. The recipes are quick and easy, with prep and cook times listed. This book has a number of good salad recipes, but also includes smoothies and a slaw dish. Great for the novice… as I try to eat and live better. Highly recommended!


Sweet, earthy KALE is one of the most popular greens being served these days. The recipes you find in this report will put your dishes right in the middle of this popularity, whether you serve it to your family or to many of your friends at a pot-luck gathering. Rest assured, there is something here for everyone.

If someone didn’t love the taste of this wonderful green before, they will after tasting some of these absolutely scrumptious dishes – from a smoothie to a casserole, you’ll find them within these pages.

Kale is one of the new “superfoods,” recognized for its nutritional value and for keeping the body healthy and happy from the inside out. What that means is that the nutrient density of kale (the number of nutrients per calorie) is one of the highest found in any leafy green – it is also loaded with vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Plus, there are 2 grams of protein in every cup. Kale works its wonders on the inside of our body, improves and protects our eyesight and keeps us glowing on the outside at the same time. It is also believed to be very effective in reducing inflammation and deterring cancer, because there is an abundance of beta-carotene in its curly green leaves. What a superfood kale is!

So, read on, try a few and GREEN it up!

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81 BBQ Chicken Recipes: My Best Barbeque & Grilled Chicken Cookbook – Golden Recipe Collection

Sharon Ray

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As a resident of Austin, Texas, people really take their BBQ seriously here. This is exactly the kind of book I can use and share with my friends, since BBQ is a weekend ritual here. This book gives you 81 different recipes on how to prepare and cook BBQ chicken, which is my personal favorite. I’m not a big beef or sausage person, so chicken is always my first choice simply because it’s healthier and better for you. At some point, I’m sure I’ll try all of these recipes, but right now I’m trying Honey-Orange Chicken Barbecue. It’s great.

K. Berglund

BBQ Chicken! Over 80 great BBQ Chicken recipes from a famous New York’s grill restaurant chef Sharon Ray.

In the first 5 days it hit Kindle’s bestsellers list and became No. 1 in the outdoor cooking category.

This book is definitely different and let me tell you why you should get it right now.

This is my first book in Golden Recipe Collection series and it’s dedicated to chicken.
Perfectly crisp, beautifully marinated, yet low in fat and thumb sucking succulent.
BBQ chicken is perfect for every day and every season…

Finally, my complete BBQ chicken guide for all tastes is here – even the one (you know who): “BBQ Chicken – Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” – 81 amazing recipes for your entire BBQ season.

* A lifetime’s worth of secret recipes – host truly great BBQs
* Delicious, quick, simple and naturally low in fat – tasty chicken BBQ meals
* Family and friends will beg to fire up that grill – and let me tell you why.

Working as a head chef in one of New York Steak restaurants for last 25 years, I have created what I call “GOLDEN RECIPE COLLECTION”. Here is the first published book – the ultimate barbecue chicken guide:
“BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes”

As a THANK YOU for purchasing my book I will give you another cookbook “Chicken Leftover Recipes” – as a BONUS absolutely FREE.

* The recipes are protein packed and naturally healthy (but too tasty for anyone to tell).
* For your convenience I have listed the ingredients from the most important to the herbs, spices and oils.
* Each recipe has simple, easy to follow directions.
* You will always know how many servings you will create.
* Planning is made easy. Preparation and cooking times top each recipe and most will take less than 30 minutes.
* I’m also very proud of the variety I managed to pack into this book. It will keep your guests (and you) guessing and wanting more for years to come.

With 81 unique recipes, there really is a winning BBQ Chicken recipe here for everyone. The list of recipes you will find at the end of this description

And yes, there will be plenty of meal ideas for you know who – the fussy, hard to please loved one we all struggle to satisfy.

Click that button and get your copy of “BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” which includes:

1. Eleven sections: Burger Delights – Tongue Burners (hot and spicy) – Flavor Garden (herbs and spices) – Chicken Wings BBQ – Fruit-Based Recipes – Appetizers and Soda/Beer Concoctions to name but a few.
2. 81, yes 81, original recipes not found anywhere else: recipes to suit all tastes, moods and any occasion.
3. Directions for each recipe – which are super easy to follow.
4. Portion advice for each recipe – you’ll know exactly how many people each recipe will serve.
5. Cooking and prep times for each recipe – save time for the important stuff; entertaining and enjoying your food.
6. A handy table of measures – converts everything from pan-sizes to temperatures – a fantastic time-saving resource.
7. BONUS 1: another cookbook “Chicken Leftover Recipes” – not available to purchase, only as a BONUS to my books.
8. BONUS 2: Jealous neighbors – or happy ones if you invite them over.

It’s all there, all you need. I even included a few pictures, although… we all know what BBQ Chicken looks like, right?

So, to become the next great barbecue master…
Click BUY NOW for instant access to your copy of “BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” and “Chicken Leftover Recipes” for FREE!

Happy Barbecuing!

Sharon Ray

Here are a few recipes you will find inside this book:
Barbecue Chicken Burgers with Tomato and Honey Sauce
Healthy BBQ Chicken Tortilla Burgers
Barbecued Chicken Burgers with Slaw
BBQ Chicken Breast in Lemon & Soy Sauce
Cilantro Grilled Chicken Breasts
BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wings
Basil BBQ Chicken Classic
BBQ Chicken Moroccan Spices

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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