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Simple and Sold

Sissy Lapin

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Sissy Lappin comes from a Real Estate background. Now with the economy in the pits she sets out to help her fellow citizens to save unnecessary expenses in selling a home, save on the outlay for engaging a real estate agent, pocket the real estate broker’s commission, and sell your own home the easy way. In her introduction she quotes the man who first hired her as a real estate agent as follows: `In this business, real estate agents mess things up more that they facilitate anything.’ She was hired, was successful for 28 years, and now spreads the inside news about the business of being a Real Estate Broker to the reader. This start leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth: in a time when everyone needs jobs, why strike down the business that supported her for years – except as a possible way to sell a book now that the market has changed?
What Lappin does, and does well in this book, is layout all of the factors that enter in when selling a house on your own. No one can deny that she shells out some valuable hints and directions – using the internet to research your area to find comps, the use of photographs and signs and videos to stimulate interest in your home, how to price and how not to overprice, how to present your home to the potential buyer, what conversations to have and what not to say, how to find and cope with the paperwork and business of creating a legal transfer of deed, etc. With this book, given the time it takes to accomplish all of this and the restrictions on your family life as you mire through all of this, it IS possible to sell your own home and pocket the commission. Whether or not you want to go through all of this on your own is a question only the homeowner looking to sell can answer. Yes, the outlines and careful instructions are here and Lappin writes it out all very professionally. She makes her points well. It comes down to the end with the question, do you have friends who are real estate agents who you wish to see out of jobs? Oh, and on the front cover is an ad for a `Free Webinar and Online Resources over $149 value’. Pros and Cons, but a well designed and written manual is now available to do it yourself.

Grady Harp

Simple and Sold — Utilize the Web: Sell your Home Yourself and Pocket the Commission

Real Estate Solutions That Save You Money
With a little training, you can do a far better job selling their home than a real estate agent ever could.

Think about it—who knows your home better? Who’s more invested in making the transaction work?

If you are selling your home, the Simple & Sold method isn’t just a “should,” it’s a “must.” It will teach you how to sell your home yourself and save the real estate commission, which means saving thousands of dollars and a huge percentage of your equity. Veteran real estate broker Sissy Lappin has created this start-to-finish program to give homeowners practical, relevant advice from a neutral, objective and experienced perspective. Following the steps in Simple & Sold, you’ll have all the help you need to make smart decisions for selling your home.

Sissy knows that home sales don’t have to be nearly as complicated as most real estate agents would make you think. If you handle the process correctly, it’s a breeze. All you need to effectively sell a home by yourself is the willingness to learn and follow a system that will put you in control.

Simple & Sold gives you the proven tools and the effective strategies used by the best real estate insiders. Sissy walks you through the step-by-step process from start to finish, helping you identify and prevent problems before they start. You’ll find that this program will result in your knowing the business better than many agents out there.

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Cutting Edge Couponing: Using the Web and Mobile Apps to Save Time and Money

Gloria Daniels

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I had heard of “extreme couponing” but the thought of sitting there cutting out coupons just never appealed to me. I picked up this book because I had heard several friends talk about how much money they saved – not with just traditional coupon cutting, but what has now become a part of big time consumer shopping for savvy shoppers. So, I decided to educate myself and this little book was just perfect! Very organized and easy to follow if you are looking to save money without pulling your hair out with apps, websites and many other forms of couponing ideas. Well worth the buy and the time to read!


Why You Need To Read This Book About Couponing

“This book is perfect to get into the high tech couponing area, and I
will definitely leave this on my Kindle as a valuable resource.

“If you want to save some money (as well as time on shopping), this book is definitely worth downloading!”

“Wow! I had NO IDEA there was so much to the world of online couponing,(and, wow, have I probably spent a lot of money I didn’t need to).”
Learn the basics of online and mobile apps couponing

Digital and online coupon use continues to grow dramatically. In this book find answers to all your questions about online couponing.

Discover the best websites for finding coupons you can use for your lifestyle, how to load and use coupons using your iphone, how to save money with coupons online, and where to get the best up to date advice on what coupons are currently available.

Learn how to keep your electronic coupons organized and get a free plugin that will automatically find any available coupon for you when you shop anywhere online.

This book is full of resources you can use in your search for coupons you can use that match your lifestyle.

Save time and money with coupons by keeping this book handy on your phone or desktop rather than wasting time searching the web for up to date information on cutting edge couponing.

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The Romance of Grace

Jim McNeely III

Price: FREE

What you’ll encounter here is grace unmeasured, vast and free. It will frighten you and free you at the same time.

Tullian Tchividjian, Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and author of Jesus + Nothing = Everything

What if God sees us the way a man sees a woman he is infatuated with, and His main question is not how to make us moral but rather how to get us to fall in love with Him?

In The Romance of Grace, Jim McNeely explores Bible passages that tell us what God really wants for us and what His love means. This is the love of a God who chose to give His life for ours, even carefully retaining His scars into the throne room of heaven and telling us in His very body, “I have gone to great lengths and great costs to say that I forsook all comforts for the love of you.”

Join Jim in his exploration of life in God’s unconditional, redeeming, amazing grace.

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THE COOLEST ICED COFFEE BEVERAGES! : How To Make The 10 Most Delicious Iced-Coffee Beverages For Special Occasions And Everyday Fun!

Linda Beveridge

Price: FREE

A very short book intended for coffee lovers who don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy drinks at coffee shops. Recipes range from really easy to mildly time consuming.



Lucious Linda’s Beverage Series: 2

Lucious Linda has once again
shocked the world with her amazing
kitchen magic discoveries that you
can create at home!

Uncovered inside are 10 of the
most delicious iced coffee beverage
recipes almost everyone can enjoy!

Whether you’re a long time coffee
lover or just looking for a drink
with an unusual kick, these cool recipes
are sure to satisfy!

You can create amazing drinks that will
crush the competition and have your family
and friends eating out of your hands!

Get awesome, easy and delicious
results from this enjoyable, easy
to read & easy to follow format.

All the mouth watering secrets
are inside!

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Amanda Hamwey

Price: FREE

What the author presents is a great way to stop the cycle with your own child. Instead of battling with them to get off the game, you get real techniques to remove it from their system. It is like any addiction, it takes time, it takes effort but you can end it with a little hope and will power towards the end goal. This is a short and sweet guide but carries all the information you need to end the addiction and have your child start living like a kid again. Kudos to the author!

Rose Lynn


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Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Is your beloved little boy or girl or even teenager stuck all day in front of a screen? Well, Amanda’s (author) little brother was that way for a long time until she finally put an end in all of that. Hear the real story from someone who has been through the beginning and the end of a child’s video game addiction.

It took Amanda’s countless sleepless nights to figure out how to help her little brother overcome his video game addiction and become less violent. She did all the research and the work so you don’t have to. Everything you need to stop your child’s violent video game behavior and addiction is included in this short and to the point book. All backed up by real scientific researches and life experiences.

Is your child wasting his time and energy playing video games for hours?
Did he become more violent and aggressive?
Is he having trouble concentrate?

That’s just a short list of some of the symptoms that develop during your child’s video game addiction. If you answered YES to any of the above there is a big chance that your child might need your help.

Read the story of a family with the same problem as yours and equip yourself with the right knowledge to help your child overcome his video game addiction today!

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Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides)

Mark Coker

Price: FREE

After attending Mark’s workshop at the RWA National Convention, I decided to read this book and learn even more about E-Book Publishing. I’m really glad I did, because I’ve picked up on some great suggestions to make things a whole lot easier. Let’s face it, for many of us there’s so much to learn that it’s overwhelming. For an author who’s been in the game for a while, it’s a good way to reinforce already learned secrets. But for the newbie writer, this book is a one-stop shop!
An important point Mr. Coker made time and time again – so I want to reiterate – selling e-books won’t happen overnight. It’s takes time to build your career. But on the virtual bookshelves today, we really do have the time.

Mimi Barbour

“This book actually made me cry at the end and that is unusual for a non-fiction book. It just gave me the validation as a writer that I’ve never had before. Seldom do I run across other writers in person and so reading Mark’s book really was a confidence booster. I recommend this book to all writers especially those who are new. It’s the added boost we all need to see our little “babies” rise from the literary crib to adulthood.”
~ 5-star Review by: Kathleen Morris on Sep. 27, 2012 at Smashwords

Learn the 29 best practices of the bestselling self-published ebook authors.

This updated 2013 edition of The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success has already helped tens of thousands of self-published ebook authors publish more professionally.

This ebook is a must-read for every writer, author, publisher and literary agent. Whether you’re considering publishing a book for the first time, or you’re a long-time veteran, this book will help you take your self-publishing to the next level.

Includes a comprehensive glossary of e-publishing terms. No technical experience necessary!

A great companion to Mark Coker’s other popular e-publishing guides, The Smashwords Style Guide (how to format and publish an ebook) and The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (how to market any book for free).

Share the secrets. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

The Secrets
Secret 1: Write a great book
Secret 2: Pinch your pennies
Secret 3: Create a great ebook cover
Secret 4: Practice metadata magic
Secret 5: Write another great book
Secret 6: Build reader trust
Secret 7: Embrace your obscurity
Secret 8: Spend your time wisely
Secret 9: Maximize distribution
Secret 10: Avoid exclusivity
Secret 11: Give (some of) your books away for FREE
Secret 12: Understand the algorithm
Secret 13: How retailers select titles for feature promotion
Secret 14: Patience pays
Secret 15: How books develop (the four behaviors)
Secret 16: Trust your customers and supply chain partners
Secret 17: Platform building starts yesterday
Secret 18: Architect for virality
Secret 19: Tweak your viral catalysts
Secret 20: Optimize discovery touch points
Secret 21: Practice the never-ending book launch
Secret 22: Think globally
Secret 23: Study the bestsellers
Secret 24: Develop a thick skin
Secret 25: Think beyond price
Secret 26: Pricing Strategy: Unit volume is a lever for success
Secret 27: Ebook publishing is easy, writing is difficult
Secret 28: Define your own success
Secret 29: Share your secrets

Free E-Publishing Resources by Mark Coker
Other titles by Mark Coker
About the Author
Appendix I – Glossary of E-Publishing Terms
Appendix II – Special acknowledgements for beta readers
Appendix III – Credits
Appendix IV – Reproduction rights (how to distribute this book freely)

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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