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Happily Ever After : Six Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Gary Chapman

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I recently read Happily Ever After by Gary Chapman. The book is by an author that I have enjoyed many titles from. I read this book looking forward to more good advice. I was not disappointed. I feel this book is a culmination of all his other great books. It had highlights from his other books along with more great new advice to benefit anyone no matter what season of marriage he or she is in.
The book is broken up into chapters that each deal with a different area of marriage and family. One can skip to the section that would be of most benefit at the time or can read the whole book to get oodles of good advice. I like how each chapter has a review of the concepts shared and also has action steps that one can start applying right away. I have taught marriage classes to a military ladies groups for the last 10 years and this will be a great book to teach in the near future because of how all inclusive it is in dealing with situations that all married couples face.
This book is a must for anyone. I think it would even be great to give as a wedding gift to a newly married couple. I will be purchasing a few copies to share. I have already purchased the audio version so I can share it with my hubby when we are riding in the car. The audio version has a pdf file with it that contains all the additional tools and resources that make the book so wonderful.

Haus Frau

“My husband and I can’t seem to agree on anything!”
“You spent how much!?!”
“My wife’s parents are driving me crazy!”
”You never listen to me!”

Let’s face it—even the best of marriages hit an occasional bump in the road now and then. The secret to marital bliss lies in how you and your spouse handle those bumps. In Happily Ever After, Gary Chapman, the man “who wrote the book” on how to communicate with your spouse, shows couples how to successfully navigate the six most common problems that couples face: fighting fair, negotiating change, managing money, getting along with your in-laws, raising kids, and maintaining a healthy sex life. Drawing on more than 30 years of counseling experience, Dr. Chapman provides real-world examples and practical, battle-tested advice that will help you and your spouse better understand and communicate with each other as well as grow as a couple for many years to come.

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Facts About ADHD Children – Tips For ADHD Parenting

Robert Locke

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This book is a fantastic resource on ADHD. It is jam packed with information, tips and resource suggestions – from a detailed explanation of what ADHD is, through the signs & symptoms, getting diagnosed, getting treatment, natural alternatives – to practical tips and guidance for parents of children with ADHD.
What was really refreshing is that there is no fluff or waffle in the book. Robert focuses on providing as much key information as possible on the topic, and never strays from it.

Mary Ruddy

Do you need a fast, easy to read book about ADHD children which gives you the answers, rather than raise even more questions? Are you tired of reading masses of information about this childhood disorder which has been so hyped up? Facts About ADHD Children will take you through the essentials you need to know. You will quickly find answers about the causes of ADHD and what to look out for in getting an ADHD test, the limitations of ADHD medications and the advantages of a more natural approach.

Even more challenging are those books on ADHD parenting which tell you how to go about getting behavior therapy which scares off a lot of parents. All you need are simple effective parenting skills. That is why the sub title of this book is Tips for ADHD Parenting. Follow the practical suggestions to start making simple effective changes to your family life without wasting time on expensive therapy or counselling. There are useful sections on helping to learn social skills and how to approach homework.

Learn how to enjoy family life again while giving your child the essential tools he or she needs. By following the steps in this straightforward guide, coping with life skills and acquiring social skills will become much easier for your child with ADHD.

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Recipes For Gourmet Food Gifts: Edible Handmade Gifts From Your Kitchen

Jill Swanson

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This book is perfect for a girl like me. I absolutely LOVE to cook and more than that I like gifting friends and family with items that I have made.
When I received the book the first thing I noticed was the attention to detail. There is not a step missed or a process overlooked. A lot of times in my gourmet cookbooks a recipe will call for an item that I have never heard of, let alone know where to purchase. Ms. Swanson has erased any concerns by having links included with each recipe. There are links to sites that you can purchase the containers to store the products in, and links on where to buy the hard to find items. I was really impressed.
I have yet to sample any of the products I have made, though I will be soon. I made some of the items today and am waiting the suggested amount of time before trying them. I made the Sweet and Hot Mustard Spread and some Strawberry Lemonade infused Vodka. The next item I am going to try is the Vanilla Extract.
The book has chapters for easy navigation to the recipe you want to try and like I said the directions are idiot proof. Step by Step, precise and detailed instructions that followed correctly guarantee success. I can’t wait to try the items already made and to make and gift many more.
The recipes are a fun and unique way to appreciate friends, family members, co-workers or your neighbors. I really enjoyed it!

Cherise Everhard

Whether you are an experienced or beginner cook, Recipes for Gourmet Food Gifts is the ideal guide for great food gift ideas, recipes, and step-by-step directions to help you give the perfect and most original gift to your loved ones! Gourmet homemade food gifts are guaranteed to be unique, thoughtful, and frugal. You’ll also have a great story to tell when you give your gift!

• Give a jar of Home Cured Olives as a gift for fathers who have everything and really don’t need another pair of socks.
• A jar of Homemade Bitters fits the bill for making the perfect cocktail to celebrate a promotion.
• Sweet and Hot Homemade Mustard is perfect when you need a hostess gift for Christmas.
• Give a pound of Home Roasted Coffee Beans for your coffee-loving friend’s birthday.
• Homemade Chocolate Truffles recipe is great for mothers or sweethearts with a sweet tooth.
• Zesty Marinated Goat Cheese adds zest to any housewarming or holiday party.

Recipes for Gourmet Food Gifts has 15 recipes, each of which include: lead time (from 20-minute Perfect Vinaigrette to 2 months for Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract), hands-on preparation time, materials and ingredients needed, and clear step-by-step instructions.

What makes this book especially useful is the convenience of its extensive links for top recommended sources of the harder to find ingredients. Never heard of “wild cherry bark”? Don’t worry, that’s what the links are there for! Just a few clicks and you’ll have everything you need. This way you can spend your time on the fun part: making the gifts. There are also links for attractive packaging (read: cute jars, boxes, gift tags, and labels) to finish your handmade gift with style.

This book your perfect next step to becoming a renowned gourmet gift giver!

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Secrets from a Recruiter: How to Find a Job, Write a Resume, Land the Interview, and Get Hired

Christian Ward

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This book was a big help to me. Getting your foot in the door is only the first step but standing out with a powerful resume is something entirely different. I had no idea how many people used LinkedIn. It has been a fantastic resource for my job hunt.

Chris Dreyer

Are you fed up with being unemployed or not having the job you deserve? This book is exactly what you’re looking for! Get great tips and best practices for the modern job seeker STRAIGHT FROM A RECRUITING INSIDER with years of experience at one of the largest professional recruiting companies in the world.

The job market today is a rough place. If you’ve looked for a job in the past, you’ll notice that a lot has changed! There are new job boards, social media, and networking techniques that no one has told you about. You need a simple guide that lays out how to write a resume that STANDS OUT and tells you how to get it into the hands of people that can OFFER YOU A JOB.

Whether you’re unemployed or just want to get a better job, this guide gives you a PLAN that you can start TODAY! Including:

– How to get today’s Recruiters to find and love your resume
– A complete Resume Checklist to GET YOU NOTICED
– The secret to getting staffing agencies to bust their tail to find you a job
– How to maximize the Social Media site on which you MUST be active. And it’s totally free!
– The most effective way to Network, even if you’re not a social butterfly

Today is the day you can start building a more prosperous future. Order your copy and GET STARTED NOW!

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Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!

Lee Mellott

Price: $2.99

The content of this book is primarily to reveal companies that hire on-line and from-home workers for both full and part-part time jobs. Ms. Mellot details in each chapter the kind of work and pay that can be expected in each industry. She also points out the necessary skills, home office and attitude you need to succeed in each job. This is a jobs book – she has not included building on-line businesses and affiliate marketing opportunities. I think the book is stronger for that ommission. There is plenty written elsewhere on on the topic of how to grow your own business on the internet. I originally found Ms. Mellott’s writing through her excellent Article Traffic Jackpot product, which details how to promote articles that your write for social media and revenue-sharting websites. Her Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + Bonus List Building 101 is high on my Kindle reading list. I think that “Work from Home Jobs” is stronger for not including that type of work but sticking mostly to employee jobs.

Paul and Emily Ross

Want to Work from Home?

Are you ready to escape the rat race, spend more time with your family and save money on work clothes and gas?

In “Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!” Lee Mellott, work at home expert and author of several best selling work from home books, shares 101+ companies where you can get a job that pays you to work from the comfort of your home.

Some of these work at home jobs offer benefits such as medical, dental and vision insurance, education and training, paid time off, life and disability plans, retirement and or other benefits.

A full list of companies, many of which are hiring right now is at your fingertips in “Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!”

Included in the book are companies that hire part and full time paid employees, freelance positions and more places to look for a job. Plus, you will discover how to avoid work at home scams and much more!
You will find the latest information on work from home jobs. You will discover:

The truth about working from home – is it right for you?
Work from home scams and how to avoid them.
Huge list of companies, many are hiring right now!
Call center, online tutor, mystery shopper, virtual assistant and more jobs.
Over 101+ company listings with links.
Qualifications needed to get hired.
Average rate of pay.
and much more!

It’s all here. The information you need to get a work from home job is right here in this jam packed book!

If you are ready to work from home, then get your copy of “Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!”

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Forever, Erma: Best-Loved Writing From America’s Favorite Humorist

Erma Bombeck

Price: $2.99

I loved Erma Bombeck from the beginning. Her ability to make you laugh without being mean or crude, to see the humor in any situation, to be dignified and tolerant without being forceful about it. These make her a unique person.

This is a collection of some of her best columns. She knew the world could be mean, cruel, bitter, and unfair, yet she never was any of these things. She was a great writer and a great person.

I love the tribute section of this book, though the story from her husband made me cry. It was April 22, 1996 and the ride was over.

Annie Xmas

An anthology of Erma Bombeck’s best writing, and a tribute to one of America’s sharpest wits

When she began writing her regular newspaper column in 1965, Erma Bombeck’s goal was to make housewives laugh. Thirty years later, she had published more than four thousand columns, and earned countless laughs—from housewives, presidents, and everyone in between. With grace, good humor, and razor-sharp prose, she gently skewered every aspect of the American family. This collection holds the best of her columns—not just her famous quips, but also the heartbreaking observations that gave her writing such weight.

In 1969, Erma wrote: “screaming kids, unpaid bills, green leftovers, husbands behind newspapers, basketballs in the bathroom. They’re real . . . they’re warm . . . they’re the only bit of normalcy left in this cockeyed world, and I’m going to cling to it like life itself.” Three decades later, Bombeck’s writing remains a timeless examination of the still-cockeyed world.

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Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp

Tess Whitehurst

Price: 99 cents

I first found Tess Whitehurst through her book “Magical Housekeeping”. She is an incredible author. She has completely changed my way of thinking and made me an all around happier person. Anyway when I found out she had a new book out for the kindle I was so excited! “Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp” is perfect for anyone trying to get rid of their clutter. She writes in a very relatable way. No matter who you are, I know for sure you will be able to relate to this book. It contains three different sections. The first is “Meet Your Clutter” where you learn the different kinds of clutter and how to handle them. The second is “Get Your Buts’ in Gear” where she goes over every possible “but” you could have concerning your clutter and how to overcome it. The third is “Ready, Set, Clear” , in this final section you start clearing your clutter! This book tackles clutter and teaches you how to manage it in a fun way! The whole time I was reading this book I was on the edge of my seat, I just couldn’t wait to start going through all of my clutter. I must warn you, however, once you start reading “Magical Clutter Clearing Bootcamp” you will not be able to put it down. Happy reading everyone!


Clearing clutter is magical! It not only creates a beautiful vibe in your home, it also clears the decks for health, wealth, romance, success, harmony, and every kind of positive change.

Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp presents fun, motivational, and eminently doable clutter clearing strategies for getting started, keeping at it, getting the good mojo flowing, and having fun in the process. Infused with popular author Tess Whitehurst’s signature balance of whimsy and practicality, its sections include:

* Clear the Decks – a reminder that everything is connected, and that clearing clutter from your home creates the space for positive change in your life,
* Meet Your Clutter – a concise orientation to clutter varieties and how they affect your holistic well-being, along with advice on how to discern what is clutter and what isn’t,
* Get Your “Buts” in Gear – a list of common excuses, how to override them, and why they don’t really add up, and finally,
* Ready, Set, Clear – unique strategies to get started and keep moving.

A lovely follow-up to the beloved home improvement bestseller Magical Housekeeping, the succinct Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp is a great companion when you’re ready to change your energetic momentum and start living the magical life you’ve always dreamed about.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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