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Great Kids In History

Michael Williams

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Short but informative book about, well, great kids in history. If you ever wanted to know who invented the popsicle, television, trampoline, and even how the traditional turkey pardon originated, this is the book for you. While I am an adult, I could see myself reading this to my daughter. I believe there is even enough material for a full length book as the author only touched on a small number of extraordinary children- a few I’ve honestly never heard of. Children may be small but they are mighty when they put their mind to it.


Great Kids in History is a collection of 22 amazing stories of incredible kids who have accomplished many great feats. Throughout history children have played a significant role in key events. As incredible as it may seem it was a 14-year-old boy that invented television and it was a child that discovered the legendary Lost Sea. Read about the child that invented a frozen treat that changed summer forever. Learn the amazing tale of the incredible Sybil Luddington, the teenage girl that rode more than 40 miles to rally soldiers to defend two towns during the American Revolution.
Read the tale of amazing Jackie Mitchell who struck out the two greatest baseball players in history. Learn of the courageous kids that organized the greatest labor strike in U.S. history. Read the story of the young girl that named a planet, and learn of the boy with learning disabilities who invented more than 1,000 inventions.
Marvel at the exploits of the Heroine of Lime Rock. Read about Joe Nuxhall, the youngest major leaguer who played professional baseball and stepped up on the pitcher’s mound at the age of 15.
Read about the precocious Tad Lincoln whose plea for mercy for a doomed animal started a holiday tradition.
These and other stories will inspire and entertain and amuse readers of all ages.

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Children’s Bible Comic Book Kings and Prophets

Tony Matas

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My boys loved this book. They learned a lot and it is close to The Bible. It was easy to read and they enjoyed the stories.

Amanda Nicole

Children’s Bible is a collection of comic books telling the stories of the Old and New Testament.

Kindle users will enjoy the comic books in a carefully optimized black and white version. Those who use Kindel for PC, Mac or iPhone will enjoy a complete full color version.

Who is Children’s Bible aimed at?
• Kids
• Families
• Catechists
• Teachers
• Everyone who wishes to approach Sacred History as a cultural fact
• People coming from other cultures and religions
• Believers of any age

The main features of this publication are:
• The comic book’s script is a faithful transcription of the biblical texts. No script elements alien to the original text have been added.
• We have used the Good News Bible.
• Every episode takes up one or two double pages. They can be read and used separately or consecutively.

• The realist drawings follow the tradition of the French Belgian clear-line school made popular by Hergé, creator of Tintin.
• The drawings are the result of an exhaustive work of graphical research, not only with regard to the landscapes of Israel, but also as for the characters’ attire (fabrics, colors, etc.), everyday objects (objects, food, etc.) and the architecture of the moment.
• As for the characters’ faces, we have worked with drawings from life.

Kings and prophets album includes this list of episodes:

• Joshua
• Samson
• Samuel
• Elijah
• Jeremiah
• Jonah
• Goliath
• David
• Solomon
• Job
• Isaiah

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Children’s book: Messy Mason (Happy Motivated children’s books Collection)

Yonit Werber

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My sons really loved this book, especially the last part where Mason finds his motivation to clean his room. We read it several times before they went to bed and then we’ve talked about their own reason to clean their room. Finally I could talk about this subject without being angry at them.

Brian Benson

Mason was messy.
He was very messy!
He didn’t like to clean anything, especially his own room.

His mom tried all possible way to convince him to clean his room,
But Messy didn’t want to.

Until one day, something unexpected happened that motivated Mason
to do it by himself.

This bed-time children’s story tells the tale of Mason and his mom and a fun
and easy way to motivate kids to clean their room by themselves,
without shouting,
nor threatening
nor promising all kind of gifts…

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You Can Get Organized! A Winning Skills Book

Joy Berry

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Such a great book for kids and adults to read together!! Joy Berry has a wonderful way of bringing things to a kids level to help them understand things better. Sometimes as an adult we forget kids see and process the world differently than us.
Beautifully illustrated to help kids pay attention while learning valuable life lessons! The Winning Skills books are great for preteens and parents who need to learn how to talk to them.
This series is wonderful for any home or classroom! I want them for he community center where I work!! I am also thrilled they are being made available as ebooks!!


You Can Get Organized is a highly entertaining, easy-to-read, cartoon-illustrated book from Joy Berry’s best-selling WINNING SKILLS series of books for young people.

It’s a fact—you can be more productive and happier if you get yourself organized. To become organized there are certain principles you must understand and some practical steps you need to follow.

In this book Joy will show you how you can get organized by learning
• the difference between organized and disorganized,
• how to organize your possessions,
• how to organize your space, and
• how to organize your time.

Every page contains a cartoon that will both drive home the point and capture the reader’s attention.

Teaching these vital skills to young people has never been so easy and so much fun!

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