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Pictures of Farm Animals

Amy Rogers

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The lovely, imaginative cover invites your young ones and you on a gentle adventure with animals. The author describes 20 animals, some wild and most domestic, in words and photographs. A parent herself, it’s obvious that Amy Rogers knows how to pique the interest of her pint-sized consumers.
Each photo is enriched with the author’s description of the animal, whether baby or adult. Most often, the sound that the animal makes is pronounced. Among other things, the young audience may be informed how the animal benefits people or how the animal should be treated. Children learn what these creatures eat or what nourishment they may provide to people.
All of this is done in a way that makes it easy to engage the child’s imagination and interest. The simplicity of this book allows you to take the children on a different exploration each time you read it to them. It will expand their horizons and provide hours of reading pleasure as it deepens their knowledge of the animal kingdom.


“A parent herself, it’s obvious that Amy Rogers knows how to pique the interest of her pint-sized consumers.” – Fran Gail”

I recommend this book for anyone with young children who are working
on increasing their vocabulary and learning about animals. The kids
will love it!” – Irene

Pictures of farm animals have been loved by tots and young children for generations. This book of stunning photos of farm animals brings the farmyard right into your child’s bedroom. The high quality of these images show the animals in their natural settings.

With the wide availability of children’s picture books online, providing your tots with the kind of books they deserve is easier than ever before.

All of the farm animals illustrated in this book are accompanied by age appropriate comments to increase your child’s knowledge in a subtle way.

If you are passionate about stimulating your children’s curiosity and increasing their knowledge in a fun and interesting way then my “Pictures of Farm Animals” is the right ‘picture book for you.

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Lily and the Tarantula

John Murnieks

Price: FREE

As a former preschool teacher I always looked for picture books that held my students attention. I found that both the story and the illustration are important to making a book a child will want to read over and over again. Author, John Murnieks has hit the nail on the head with Lily and the Tarantula. Aside from a tightly told story about a spider and this charming girl, Dori Murniek’s illustrations were fantastic. With work like this more parents (and teachers) will be searching the epublishers for books. Not only is this book a good read for preschool children, beginner readers will love to read it too.

Margaret C. Arvanitis

“Cute story with beautiful illustrations. This story kept my 5 year old twins attention and when it was over they both said “read it again”. Great way to teach children to be respectful of all living creatures.”

Lily finds a surprise while looking for toys in the garage. It’s a tarantula spider! Though at first she is frightened, her father calms her and explains why she shouldn’t be afraid. After a short adventure and a dream, Lily learns to respect all creatures – no matter how big and scary!!!

The beautiful illustrations in this children’s book are sure to captivate young readers, and parents too!. Based on a true life experience, the story will help children learn respect for the environment. For ages 3 and up. Pre-readers will love the pictures, and new readers will also enjoy reading this bedtime story.

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Incredible Manatees: Fun Animal Ebooks for Adults & Kids 7 and Up With Facts & Incredible Photos

Mark Smith

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Cute and informative book for all ages. I’ve been lucky enough to see these wonderful creatures several times and it was nice to learn a bit more about them.

C. Willard

Animal books for kids can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the many creatures that call our planet home. In this fully illustrated book, best selling children’s book author Mark Smith teaches children what makes manatees so incredible. They will find out what manatees eat, where manatees live, and what makes them different from every other animal on our incredible planet

It is all about exploration and learning in a fun way.

Your children will love the full color photographs that spring to life on every model of the Kindle. Children will consider themselves experts on manatees when they finish reading this fun filled manatee book for kids.

NOTE: Kindle Fire users can double tap the high definition images and zoom in to get a closer look!

Here is what is inside.
Incredible Manatees
Table of Contents
A Message From the Author
What Is A Manatee?
What Do Manatees Eat?
Where Do Manatees Live?
Manatee Babies
Are Manatees Important?
Amazing Manatee Facts
Are There Different Types of Manatee?
An Incredible Manatee Experience!
More Books

Each manatee also features a full color world map that shows children where these creatures are located.

Not only is this book filled with manatee facts, but there are also stories of real life manatee encounters by the author himself.

This book has been designed with younger children in mind, but older kids will love the great pictures and fact filled information too. Parents will need to help their children read some of this book.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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