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Domestic: Wifely Ideas for Real Life

Aubrey Bethe

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A short, easy discussion of tried and tested ideas for getting things done at home from a Christian perspective, this book cuts out the fluff and gives you real information that is actually useful. A great read for both newlyweds and seasoned wives who need a new, crisp way of thinking about the home.
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Food Scrap Gardening: How To Grow Food from Scraps, Reduce Waste and Feed the World (Gardening Guidebooks)

Will Cook

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I bought the book, because I was curious. It contains some excellent information – the composting section in the back is very thorough. Some of the growing ideas were familiar, while others were new to me. It was a very helpful and informative book.


I Believe Everyone Can Grow Great Gardens at Home Using Food Scraps and Reducing Waste

You could be just months away from a harvest of delicious, fresh organic food from your food scrap garden. In this book, you will learn how to:

Grow A Great Food Scrap Garden That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Whether you have a tiny yard or a lot of space, you can grow delicious, healthy, organic vegetables and foods for you and your family.

Grow Vegetables And Fresh Food From Table Scraps

Did you know that over half of our food in the United States is thrown out as trash? What if instead of throwing out wasted food, we could grow gardens to feed future generations with healthier, organic, local food? Learn how to turn trash and waste into nutritious food for you, your family and your community.

If you’re looking for gardening books on kindle and you’re ready to start a food scrap garden, this is the book for you!

Ready to start gardening? Let’s go!

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If God Had A Fridge, Your Picture Would Be On It – Self-Image: How Seeing Yourself As God Sees You Changes Everything

Glyn Norman

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When Jesus asked His disciples—“Who do you say that I am?”—only one, Peter, knew the answer. Sadly, many of us don’t know who we are either. From the time we are born we are bombarded with messages, verbal or otherwise, about our self-worth, our place in this world and our value as a human being. And all too often our self-image ends up battered, bruised and broken. In this book, Glyn Norman compassionately, captivatingly and scripturally takes the reader on a restorative journey towards emotional healing and a renewed self-image based on God’s passionate love for us. After reading this book you will more clearly understand that if God had a refrigerator, your picture would indeed be on it.

Richard Chip Kirk
International Minister, Operation Mobilization

Our self-image is shaped by a number of sources: our family, society, what we have done, what has been done to us. It is much like being in a carnival house of mirrors: at every turn we are presented with a distorted image of ourselves.

This book, by Pastor Glyn Norman, examines these sources of self-image and compares them to what God says about us and who we are. By looking at relevant Bible texts, you will gain a fresh perspective on the value God places on you and your potential.

From the Author:
“How many of us suffer in our relationships, in our view of ourselves and our potential, because we have been presented with a distorted image?

Maybe a parent made you feel unloved and unwanted
Maybe a teacher convinced you that you would never amount to anything
Perhaps a boss let you know how little he thought of you
Maybe you have been abused and sinned against, and you feel dirty and ashamed
Perhaps a spouse has chipped away at your self-belief and you feel like a failure
Perhaps the weight of your own mistakes and poor choices weighs on you daily
Maybe you became persuaded that if you were just a little prettier, a little smarter, a little less socially awkward, then you would be acceptable

Over the years I have been a pastor, through hundreds of counseling appointments and pastoral conversations, I have seen the same issues surface again and again, with a common root cause: we look to the wrong places for our self-image.

Only when we understand how God sees us will we experience freedom. Understanding how we appear to God changes everything. Only when we appreciate to the depths of our being, how precious and loved we are by our Creator and Savior, can we truly move into the abundant life that he promised us.

In this book, I examine the different sources of our self-image and will show you that you have a unique value to God, and a special place in his plan. As the title says, “If God had a fridge, your picture would be on it!”
For anyone who has ever struggled with self-image, or self-esteem, this book will be a wonderful encouragement and provide emotional healing, as you learn to see yourself as God sees you. If God had a fridge, your picture would be on it!
Contents Include:
Chapter 1: Does Anybody Even Want Me Here?
Chapter 2: What Does Jesus Have to Teach Us About Self-Image?
Chapter 3: Am I a Cosmic Accident?
Chapter 4: How Did My Family Affect My Self-Image?
Chapter 5: Who Does Society Say I Am?
Chapter 6: Sinned Against: What Have They Done To Me?
Chapter 7: Sinner: What Have I Done (to Myself and Others)?
Chapter 8: What Am I Really Worth?

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Cheap Healthy Meals – Easy Vegetarian Recipes On a Budget (Vegetarian Cookbook and Vegetarian Recipes Collection)

Pamela Kazmierczak

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The author does a great job of walking us through the shopping experience until the food gets on the table. This is not simply a cookbook; it can become a healthy and inexpensive way of life. I learned so much from this book as the author explains proper nutrition and what our body needs at different periods in our life. There is a section on protein-based products that give that taste and feel of meat. This is a great tool for introducing a vegetarian diet to your kids, or any family members. Now when we have potluck at work, I always have an interesting and tasty dish that everyone eats. When it comes to kids, there is a section on Pizza, snacks, and sandwiches that are fun to eat and economical.
The information in this book is so versatile, you can fix fancy creative dinners to impress your guests, or you can make quick snacks, or create a whole 4th of July feast of casual foods. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will discover great ideas in this collection.

Harper Lavelle

Are you looking for cheap healthy meals?

Have you considered investing in a good vegetarian cookbook? It is easy to find vegetarian recipes that are both cheap and healthy. I know that there is a very popular misconception out there that it is too expensive to eat a healthy meal, but this is just not accurate!

Sure there are some healthy foods that are expensive, but that is true with non healthy foods that are loaded with additives, fat and lots of calories as well. Adding healthy foods such as fruits and veggies to your daily meals will not only help you save money, but it will make you feel healthier and better in the long run as well.

Adding Natural Foods To Your Diet

Natural foods, foods that you find in nature, not just in a store, are becoming more and more sought out. The reason is because there are so many benefits to these types of foods. Having a vegetarian diet containing fruits and vegetables will help you maintain your health, lose weight, stay hydrated as well as the possibility of cutting your personal risk of contracting chronic diseases such as some cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

The Importance of Healthy Eating

Of course most people know the importance of consuming a healthy diet, but people always see drawbacks. Some people believe it is too expensive, there is not enough variety in the meals or that they need the extra sugar, meat and other items they may cut out of their diet.

First of all, let me assure you that there are many easy vegetarian recipes that are also cheap in nature. You do not have to spend extra money in order to eat a healthier and more balanced diet. In fact, by cutting out the expense of buying meat, you might actually spend less money than before.

Variety is also another key factor to why people avoid natural foods in their diet. Many people mistakenly believe that having a vegetarian diet means that they will eat the same thing day in and day out and it all tastes bland. Of course this is a myth as well. There are many tasty options to choose from, some of which you will find in this vegetarian cookbook.

People who eat healthy also tend to have more energy, as it is better for the body and easily for the body to work. Because of this you will not miss cutting out extra sugar and extra caffeine, if that is what you are relying upon for energy.

Other Benefits

Besides saving food on your grocery bill, you might also be able to cut out the cost of a multivitamin or supplement from your budget. Most people who take additional supplements do so because they do not get what they need in their daily diet. However, everything you need can be found in nature.

If you are looking for low fat recipes or low calorie recipes, vegetarian cookbooks are a great place to start. Since the ingredients are natural, there are no additives, extra fat or calories. In general, vegetarian meals are not only healthy and delicious, but they will help you lose weight as well.
So if you are searching for cheap recipes or healthy recipes, I think you have found the right book for you.

Some of the recipes inside include:
Quick Mushroom Quiche
Ranch Potato Salad
Garlic Broccoli Soup
Spicy Vegetarian Stew
BBQ Veggie Sliders
Veggie Stir Fry
Easy Empanadas
…And More

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Organic Homemade Cleaning Recipes: Your Guide to Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Money-Saving Recipes

Kelly T. Hudson

I am really impressed with this little book. I didn’t expect to find it so comprehensive. The ingredients to make all these cleansers are already here in my house. All I had to do was buy a few containers and spray bottles and I was off and running! I can clean everything from my toilet to my wood floors naturally and without toxic chemicals. The bonus is that I KNOW my house is really clean now and it smells wonderful!

Linda Tel

If you are looking for exclusive homemade products that can resolve your cleaning problems, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t want to look through the cleaning aisle at the supermarket? Continue reading this eBook to get the best recipes for the perfect homemade cleaners. This eBook is all about simple, convenient, and economical solutions to your cleaning problems.
Want to protect your home from toxins present in cleaning products that are bought from stores? Make vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice your new best friends who will remain loyal to you and help you achieve your daily cleaning tasks.
Start reading this helpful guide to create safe and non-toxic cleaning products to enjoy a clean, hygienic, and spotless home!

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Looking Up When Life Gets You Down

Warren W. Wiersbe

I pre-ordered this book from Amazon because I thought it would be a good read and one that I could use to encourage others. The day it came in the mail I had surgery for a broken ankle… not what I planned for this summer. God’s timing was perfect. I recommend this book for everyone, whether you are “up or down”!

Bobbi Combs

When life falls apart, where is God? Does he care? Can he fix things? Does he really love us? In an uncertain world, people need to know that God is still in control, that he still cares for us and even suffers with us, and that he has a plan that cannot be defeated.

In his compassionate and caring style, Warren W. Wiersbe offers beaten-down readers a positive treatment of suffering that reveals the Bible’s authoritative and comforting answers to their big questions. His faith-bolstering insight will show readers that, with God as their source of comfort, strength, and hope, they can weather the storms of life–and come out on top.

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Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller, renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author, explores the relationship of Jesus to the Holy Spirit in The Two Advocates, the seventh installment in his Encounters with Jesus eBook series.

The Last Supper is known for the breaking of the bread and pouring of the wine. Yet in the seventh installment of his Encounters with Jesus series, Timothy Keller, pastor of New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church and New York Times bestselling author of The Reason for God, explores the central point of Jesus’ final discourse with his disciples during their last meal. Keller reveals how Jesus describes himself and the Holy Spirit as our advocates before God and why their advocacy can secure our peace.

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