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It’s Time to Reveal What God Longs to Heal: Naked and Not Ashamed

T.D. Jakes

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Jake’s writing is bold, potent and relative, convicting and powerful. The selected scripture passages under-gird the strong message of healing and of the God given opportunity for a second chance. There is an application for everyone, whether hurting, broken, or seeking a fresh touch from God. This book is for the layman, the pastor, or an inquiring seeker.

Richard R. Blake

Bishop Jakes calls for believers to strip away all layers of superficiality, religious reasonings, and pious pretendings. We need to be real to be honest before God and man. Our example, Jesus Christ Himself, ministered and died in total openness before us. How can the hurting around us receive help and healing unless we too are Naked and Not Ashamed.

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Economic Food Storage Strategies for Disaster Survival: Start Today and Have Enough Food Your Family Will Eat to Survive Any Disaster without Going Broke

Sandy Gee

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I was really impressed with this guide! If you think that disaster will never strike, think again! I remember as a child being stuck in our house with 7 children for 3 days due to a terrible snow storm. We ran out of everything! You dont have to be a fantic about it, but even following some of the tips in here could come in very handy.

Patricia T.

You’re in the middle of your hectic evening schedule, preparing dinner for the family when there’s a knock at the door and you’re informed by the authorities to evacuate. How soon could you go? What would you take? What would you leave behind?

Or maybe you’re advised to batten down the hatches and shelter in place. How long would your stores last?

Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes; they all happen. Burying your head in the sand and thinking it won’t happen near you is no survival strategy; it’s naivety.

You don’t have to be paranoid or buy into every conspiracy theory to see the sense in being prepared.

Of course, there’s more than food to think about. There’s clothes, medicine, emergency shelter, and a whole host of other survival skills you could learn. Although we’ll look briefly at these, they’re really beyond the scope of this book.

Here, we’re going to focus on how you can start today and have enough food your family will eat to survive any disaster, without going broke.

Do you worry what would happen to your family in an emergency?

* Discover how much is enough to survive – more or less than your think?
* Learn which foods store well, which you should avoid and why you shouldn’t follow someone else’s plan.
* Consider commercial versus home prepared food storage techniques and devise your own best strategy.
* Get to grips with the what, where when and how of food storage basics
* Understand food and water safety and how to cook with stored foods.
* Includes a section on transition foods to ensure your family stays well fed long after the pop hits the HVAC.

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My Mom My Hero: Alzheimer’s – A Mother and Daughter’s Bittersweet Journey

Lisa R. Hersch

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I just finished reading MY MOM MY HERO and I have to say it gave me the strength to “Step out of my Box” and really consider this disease. While we all know that it is devastating for the patient as well as the family, we tend to stop at that. What Ms. Hirsch brings to the surface is that it also forces family members (in this case a mother and daughter) to let down their guard and simply express the love they have always had for each other. Every reason why a mother and daughter at times lose tolerance for each other is suddenly incidental when Alzheimers strikes. Ms Hirsch is to be respected and admired for the way she admits this and is dealing with her mother’s illness. It takes a great amount of courage to face it for what it is and work within it’s framework. Bravo!


A Daughter’s Newfound Love

When Lisa Hirsch found out her mother, Ruth, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her love, appreciation, and caring for her mother was transformed. To Lisa’s surprise, it has brought her and Ruth closer together than they’ve ever been. My Mom My Hero tells the story of this mother-daughter relationship through a series of entries from Lisa’s internationally popular blog. Ultimately this is an uplifting and inspirational book for anyone who’s going through the difficult and often lonely ordeal of caring for a loved one who suffers from this devastating illness.

“My Mom My Hero is filled with love and a deep appreciation for the human spirit.”
—Laura Stein, best-selling author

“This book is a rare gift for anyone who reads it.”
—Holly Robinson, author of Sleeping Tigers and The Wishing Hill

“My Mom My Hero is a light of inspiration in a world that can be dark and frustrating.”
—Franz Wisner, New York Times best-selling author of Honeymoon With My Brother and How the World Makes Love

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It’s Only Natural: 200 natural cleaning product recipes to have a green, healthy and allergy free home and garden

Lorraine M. Harding

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If you are interested in cleaning things in and around your home with natural and non toxic materials, this book has ideas and the recipes for the cleaning solutions you’ll need. I was pleasantly surprised at how many choices there were for most of the chores. There could be more warnings on some of the solutions for things like the insect solutions… to be sure and keep things with borax away from children and pets. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this book.


By using natural cleaning products, not only will you be saving potentially hundreds of dollars each year but it is also an environmentally sound alternative to toxic, allergy producing house hold cleaning products. These cleaning recipes will not only leave your home and garden chemical free but are safe for children, pets, friendly for those who suffer from chemical allergies and ideal for those who just want to be more environmentally conscious.

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How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms

Crystal VanTassel

Price: 99 cents

This ebook was such a great resource for me! With a family of 7, I’m ALWAYS looking for dinner ideas and knowing Crystal has a family similar in size to my own, I love seeing what recipes work for her own family. The printables are fantastic and ones I can see myself using again and again. Crystal breaks it down for the beginning meal planner and I can see this ebook as a resource I will refer to again and again. The ebook is easy to read and even with my busy lifestyle, I was able to read through this in one evening.

Jamie Roubinek

This eBook will teach you how to meal plan, while saving you money and saving you time – in 5 easy steps.If you struggle with getting dinner on the table, this is a must read.

How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms includes:
* how to meal plan in 5 easy steps
* a list of 20 sites to find recipes on
* how to create a grocery list (with 10 resources and tools)
* 12 ideas for displaying your menu
* pointers for implementing your plan
* tips to follow when road blocks arrive
* 5 free printable worksheets that have been custom-made for this eBook
* 14 easy recipes for two weeks of dinner ideas
* an awesome list of 10+ mommy resources for other struggles

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Luscious Berry Desserts

Lori Longbotham

Price: $2.99

Lori has done it again! I had to rush out to the farm stand and buy all the berries I could find. The fresh light blueberry pie is so perfect with a touch of lemon and my favorite cinnamon. It’s not cloying or glue-y, a real classic. The 2-ingredient biscuit is my favorite new discovery. Worth buying the book for! As for the elegant and glistening terrine, any hostess will want this one in her repertoire. Thank you Lori for another class act. Well written and beautiful to boot.

Suburban Foodie

This delightful cookbook from the author of Luscious Lemon Desserts and Luscious Chocolate Desserts is for anyone who has ever snuck just the plumpest, ripest strawberry straight from the basket; believed raspberries should have their own special food group; and never met a blueberry they didn’t like. Each recipe is bursting with ideas for buying and trying every wonderful variety, be it sticky-sweet heart-shaped strawberries, deep purple boysenberries, or juicy ripe blackberries. Whether it’s creamy layers of brightly colored raspberry curd that transform a classic lemon cake into a visual masterpiece almost too gorgeous to eat (almost), a simple spoonful of cool and custardy blueberry pudding (with the added bonus of those healthy antioxidants), or a traditional and irresistible strawberry shortcake topped with a scoop of strawberry-orange sorbet, this is the ultimate ode to the berry. Tips, tricks, and other techniques of the trade, such as pureeing berries and cutting out biscuits, ensure that the pound cake, tart, sauce, or ice cream comes out perfectly every time. For desserts at the berry top of their game, look no further than Luscious Berry Desserts.

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Working It Out: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Hope

Abby Rike

Price: $2.99

I sat and read the entire thing in one sitting, glued to her story. There are parts of this book that I simply couldn’t read through without having to stop and wipe my eyes. I have to admit to openly crying when she talked about the difficult task of having to clean up her daughter’s bedroom after she passed away. As a parent, her story is heart-wrenching and made me give each of my daughters an extra kiss tonight when I put them to bed. As a husband, the letters that she shared between her and Rick, her late-husband, have inspired me to have a greater appreciation for my wife.

Brian A. Clark

In 2006, Abby Rike lost the life she knew and loved when her husband and two young children were killed in a car accident. Devastated and numb, she shut down. For nearly three years she walked through life like a spectre, present in body only. As she descended, so did her health.
Fortunately, Abby was not alone. She had loving parents, supportive friends, and a faith that continued to sustain her. Little by little she found the courage to return to life. Joining The Biggest Loser proved a catalyst for the physical and emotional changes she needed to make. In fact, against all odds Abby gained strength, courage, wisdom, and continued her steadfast relationship with God. Instead of anger, she found herself slowly but steadily healing. She lost a hundred pounds but gained hope.
In this riveting book, Abby tells her story–from her joyous life before the accident to the unbearable pain that followed it and her eventual emergence as a woman reinvigorated by her faith in God. Today Abby’s resilience and positivity are a testament to the power and importance of faith in the darkest hours.

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