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The Paleo Chocolate Cookbook: 37 Healthy and Delicious Recipes That Are So Easy Even A Modern Caveman Can Do It

Ben Hirshberg

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Awesome book, the pictures are beautiful and the recipes are all so simple and healthy. Thanks for rooting on Paleo!

Tiffany Blas

The Paleo Diet is approximated by many as more of a lifestyle change than an actual diet. And eating Paleo has helped many people with their health, there is no doubt about that. But there is also a side to Paleo which quite closely resembles that of many “mainstream” diets: restriction.

Of course, the foods restricted by most Paleo advocates truly are unhealthy…eating heavily processed junk is no good! But restricting your favorite foods is no fun either. My answer to this is creating healthy versions of my favorite foods. This eBook is my Paleo take on chocolate!

Made with nourishing ingredients, these recipes are the epitome of healthy treats! Flavors include Sea Salt, Raspberry Ribbon, Cool Mint, Sunflower Seed Butter, Goat Cheese, and yes…Bacon!

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Get the Gunk Out: Simple Healthy Habits, Life Changing Results

Shannon Kadlovski

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I was so blown away by Get The Gunk Out and finished it cover-to-cover in 2 days! GTGO is a complete and realistic guide to eating great and by default, feeling great. I was so interested and engaged in Shannon’s philosophy on food and leading a healthy lifestyle that I could not put it down. GTGO is NOT a fad diet book or a book on weight loss. Rather, Shannon provides guidance and knowledge about good food instead of a list of what you can or cannot eat. There is no rigid structure or a set of formal rules but instead the focus of GTGO is to educate. To teach readers to identify good food from food that won’t make you feel so good. The whole idea is that if you have knowledge about what you are eating you will want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and in the process feel confident and fabulous!
Shannon doesn’t just list good foods vs. bad foods. She explains why certain foods feel great and others not so much. GTGO narrows the list down to 21 food and lifestyle habits that everyone could benefit from and why they work. At the end of the book Shannon provides a simple and realistic guide to incorporating these habits into your life. One major point that I took away from the book is that leading a healthy lifestyle is not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of deal. The 21 habits that Shannon presents are suggestions but not a cure-all. However, she also feels (and I agree) that it is always worthwhile to try something once. If it works for you, awesome! And if it doesn’t then that’s okay too. That’s what I really loved about the 21 Day Gunk Free Guide Shannon provides, it allows you to try a whole bunch of different habits to see which ones work or don’t work for you.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with digestive or weight-loss issues. GTGO teaches you how to eat the right foods so that you don’t start craving that Kit-Kat bar or feel constantly gassy and bloated. She even provides over 30 recipes and a Gunk-Free Grocery List to help get you started. GTGO is a simple and practical approach to being the best YOU and after finishing this book and implementing Shannon’s strategies, I have no doubt Shannon has finally unlocked the key to feeling great!


A complete, realistic, and effective guide to eating great, looking great, and feeling great, with ease.

“There is truly something here for everyone looking to achieve optimal health.” – Bryce Wylde, Alternative Health Expert. BSc, DHMHS, Author of Wylde on Health.

“Using the facts, tips, and recipes in this book, I am able to make smart lifestyle choices that work for me.” – Julia Suppa, Television Host & Producer – Rogers TV.

In this book, Certified Nutritionist Shannon Kadlovski reveals secrets about twenty-one simple habits that will enable you to sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term. You will learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank, how to effectively eliminate the stress and confusion that is often associated with healthy living, and learn how to look and feel amazing without ever counting calories or grams of fat – even with a busy, hectic lifestyle.

As a former unhealthy, junk-a-holic, Shannon understands what it’s like to be overweight, tired, and fearful. Her personal struggles with debilitating anxiety, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel, leading up to her now healthy and vibrant life, is what drives Shannon to empower others to make positive changes in their own lives.

Complete with Shannon’s inspiring and lighthearted approach, “Get the Gunk Out” is exactly what you need to achieve your health goals. It’s not about being perfect or drastically changing your whole life in one day, but rather slowly introducing healthy diet and lifestyle habits into your routine. This book allows you to make choices that suit your specific needs.

Whether you currently follow a healthy diet, or have bags of fast food wrappers trapped under the front seat of your car, this book will provide you with essential tools to living a happy, healthy, gunk-free life.

12 ways “Get the Gunk Out” can change your life:
– Decreased gas and bloating, decreased heartburn and abdominal pain, and proper bowel movements
– Improved immune function
– Increased energy
– Improved mood
– Weight loss
– Clearer skin
– Better sleep
– Reduced stress and anxiety
– Headache relief
– Decreased cholesterol
– Reduced inflammation
– Disease prevention and improved overall health and well-being

This book includes:
– Sample menus and meal options
– Grocery lists (including brand names)
– Delicious gunk-free recipes
– Tips for understanding product labels
– Tips for dining out
– Healthy alternatives to conventional foods
– A step-by-step guide to resetting your diet and your health in just 21 day

About the Author
Shannon Kadlovski is a Certified Nutritionist, well sought-after public speaker, and virtual health and wellness coach to clients worldwide. She is the nutrition expert and community producer for “Healthy Helpings” on Rogers TV, and is also a faculty member at Canada’s top nutrition school, the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she teaches Holistic Food Preparation. Join Shannon’s Gunk-Free Revolution. Follow her on twitter @ShannonKad #GetTheGunkOut

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How to Meal Plan: Quick and Easy Ways to Save Time and Money

Jayme Dougherty

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Meal planning is becoming more and more important for many busy families. Whether forced to save money on food by the loss of a job or the wish to provide a more healthy and balanced diet. Modern diets have become a constant barrage of fast food or highly processed portions. Intelligent meal planning is becoming a more common answer for busy families that want to take back control of the foods they eat. The book provides a quick guide to the nine steps you need to follow to provide healthy dinners that every family member will enjoy. It also focuses on full family participation so everyone knows the answer to the troubling question – What’s for dinner tonight?
Don’t expect a day by day menu, or even a recipe book – this is a book that will provide the foundation for creating the plan – how to deal with the little details when creating the lists and the meals themselves. Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of free recipe sites provided at the end of the book, so you can custom create your own personal daily meal plans. The book gives you resources for all the building blocks you need to use the recipe sites and planning tools mentioned.

Blue Ram

How to Meal Plan is a quick and easy guide to help you save money and time.

Are you always worrying about what you will eat for dinner?

Are you tired of always opting for fast foods simply because you do not know what to prepare?

Are you a busy mom, don’t think you have time to make great meals for your family. With this easy to use system anyone can plan our their meals for a day, a week or even the entire month.

Use this simple and easy to follow guide to getting you on track. Includes 23 sites where you can get tons of ideas and many different recipes. Also our special weekly meal planner blueprint can be quickly downloaded and used today.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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How To Build a Blog That Makes Money – The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting and Profiting From a Blog

Eric Allyn

Price: FREE

Really straight forward, full of information and with great examples. It’s all you need to make a great blog and money out of it. Because it starts with a fundamental point: “Create Value”. And as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that money comes easy when you focus on creating value.

Alex Yosef

Do you want to build your own blog that makes money but don’t know where to start?
This simple to follow tutorial will teach you how to start a blog on your own domain and get it making money!

Eric Allyn is a professional content publisher and has built more than 50 blogs since 2008. He has sold more than $500,000 worth of products and services, and generated thousands of leads for online companies using the blogs he has built from scratch. He teaches you what he has learned over the years to create a blog that generates income.

So skip all the crazy techniques out there and learn the right way to make money from a blog.
What’s Inside the Book:
Choosing a Topic for Your Blog
Learn how to turn your passions and interests into money in your pocket.

Getting a Domain Name and Hosting
Learn how to choose a good domain name and get the right hosting for your blog that is reliable and allows for simple installation of blog software.

Setting Up your Blog in Under 5 Minutes
The step-by-step procedure to install blogging software on your domain. It’s a lot easier than you think!

The EASIEST Way to Design your Blog Without Code
Finding the right design for your blog is an important step in the process. Eric gives you specifics on how to find and incorporate designs without touching a singe line of code!

How to Create Content for your Blog
Eric walks you through the different types of blog posts he uses on his own sites to attract social and search engine traffic. Learn how to create content that is shareable on the web!

8 Ways to Make Money from your Blog
There are a number of ways to make money from a blog. Eric tells you which ones work better than others and recommends specific ways to make money with your own blog.

4 Ways to Promote your Blog
Creating the blog is easy, getting visitors is the hard part. This book will guide you through the best ways to get your blog noticed even the most competitive niches.

How to Get Subscribers to your Blog
Want more subscribers? In this portion of the book, Eric talks about ways you can increase your subscribers and get people coming back to see your content on a consistent basis.

Growing Your Blog to a FULL-TIME INCOME
Want make more money with your blog? Eric explains how to grow your blog into something that can replace your current income!

If you want to make some extra money from home, a blog is a great way to do that! Eric guides you through everything you need to know in order to make money from a blog.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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35 Homemade Bread Recipes – Fresh Out Of The Oven, Buttered and Gone (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks)

Hillbilly Housewife

Price: FREE

You will find plenty of quick and yeast recipes in the cookbook 35 Homemade Bread Recipes by Susanne Myers. Myers is known as the Hillbilly Housewife and operates a frugal living website of the same name. Myers has compiled numerous bread recipes and recipes using your homemade bread. Some of the recipes that caught my fancy include:
Easy No Knead Bread
Amish Bread
Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread
Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding


There’s nothing more scrumptious than a warm piece of homemade bread fresh out of the oven. And with these 35 recipes, you’ll have more than just the basic bread to delight your taste buds. From chocolate chip pumpkin to banana to potato, there’s a wide variety of flavorful recipes to choose from.

Use them as a tasty breakfast treat or turn a simple soup or stew into a tasty and filling dinner with the addition of baked goods still warm from the oven.

Homemade bread is a staple in my frugal household and I’m sure it will become one in your as well.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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How to Double Your EBay Profits

Dale Calvert

Price: FREE

I don’t write that many reviews because there are a lot of products out there that are just not worth the time. “How To Double Your eBay Profits” is worthy of the very best recommendation I can give it because you can IMMEDIATELY put into practice what it teaches to earn profits. I’ve been a seller on eBay for over a decade, proudly hitting “power seller” several times. This book gave me ideas that I had never even dreamed of to more than double my profits. My only regret is that I didn’t have this information when I got started. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned eBayer, this book will make you more money, period!

Ron Henley

“Implementing these 2 Awesome Ideas will Immediately
Increase any Ebay Sellers Income” THANKS SO
MUCH! Lisa Davenport

This book is for experienced eBay sellers that want to
increase their profits. This information is designed for people
that already know the mechanics of successful eBay selling.

This book is not about increasing the number of items
you sell on eBay. In this short concise report you will learn
two inside Internet Marketing methods that will increase your eBay
profits 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% or more.

If you are ready to increase your profits, without
increasing your work load or the number of items you sell, this book
is for you!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Container Gardening Season by Season (The Weekend Gardener Series)

Gloria Daniels

Price: FREE

Wonderful book! I love the layout. The author makes gardening look simple and takes the beginner through all of the steps that will not only make a beautiful garden,but all of the preparation and proper clean-up after the season is over. Very useful book with a gift to make it easier at the end! Thanks!

P.A. Postak

This container gardening book will help keep your containers fresh all year

Do you love container gardening, but have a difficult time keeping everything looking great?
Do you often wonder what you should be doing when, so that everything is on schedule and all parts are working together to create a beautiful picture?
Do you envy people in your neighborhood that always seem to have their garden containers looking their professional best?

Then this is the book for you

Container gardening is gardening at its most versatile. One of its main advantages is its mobility. Plants not doing well? Maybe they prefer shade.

Having a party? Move some garden containers onto the patio or deck for instant color. Tired of the view and want a change? Move your garden containers around to provide a fresh new look to your outdoor living area.

Whether you are growing plants in hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes or other containers this hobby is immensely gratifying. If you are new to container gardening and buy your containers pre-planted, you get a sense of instant gratification and fulfillment. It won’t be long however, before you are hit with the gardening virus and you’ll find yourself expanding to one more pot and then again, one more container. Before you know it, the urge to plant and nurture will take over. At this point, you need a garden plan for your container garden.
Use this monthly container gardening checklist to keep your containers at peak performance.

When do I plant spring bulbs in containers?
When do I perk up my annual plantings with some new varieties?
What do I do with container plants I want to save over winter?

These and many other questions are answered in this container gardening book. At the beginning of the month, check out the tasks and tips on the schedule. You may find items you never thought of and may also learn techniques used by professional gardeners and landscapers that will make your container gardens the envy of the neighborhood.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Secrets of Quick Decluttering, Selling and Organizing the Home Area: Essential Step by Step Methods to Clutter-Free Lifestyle at Home & Earn Money through Selling Cluttered Items On eBay & Amazon

R. Kishore

Price: FREE

Obviously, in our case, as author R. Kishore notes, organization is the key to decluttering. It doesn’t just happen – it has to be planned. The book gives some good ideas for making a plan, recommending that you start small and simple, recognizing that you will be getting rid of some things, moving some things, and rearranging other things. For a plan to work, everyone in the home must be onboard with the plan. For things that are not to be recycled, sold, or trashed, determine who it can be donated to. Special pointers for organizing and optimizing the space in specific rooms are included, particularly a home office, the kitchen, and bathrooms. Organizing the garage is covered, also. There are some helpful ideas for selling your unwanted things at sellers’ sites like Craigslist, Etsy, eBay, and others, even including Amazon.

J. Chambers

How to Organize Your Home in Just 7 days and Maintain a Quick, Clutter-free Lifestyle?

To become more organized and less cluttered in our home and work environments can increase our happiness, reduce stress, and enable us to spend our time more wisely and in more enjoyable ways rather than constantly searching for lost items or digging through mounds of stuff or even sifting through the ever increasing number of unfinished projects.

Reducing Clutter, Organizing, and Selling don’t Just Happen – They Need to be Planned! Here’s How You can Achieve All Three.

• How to Visualize of the Change in Looks and Function?

• What to Tell others and Getting their Support and/or Help?

• How to Getting rid of Somethings, Moving them, or Rearranging them?

• Secrets of Obtaining Organizational Supplies.

• Action Steps for Organize and Decluttering your Kitchen.

• Follow Easy Tips to Get rid of Clutter in Your Bathroom.

• Quick Steps to Decluttering and Organizing Your Living Room Spaces.

• Secrets Living Room Decoration Tips.

• Fast and Easy way for Decluttring your Bedroom.

• The Best Way to Organizing your Home Office.

• How to Arrange Your Garage Systemically?

• Some More Places for Declutter and Organize:

– Closet

– Wardrobe

– Desk

– DVD and music system.

– Toys storage

• How to decide on a places where you can sell, donate, or dispose of excess items?

Get Rid Of Clutter & Make Money At The Same Time

• List of Clutter item

• Top Sites to Sell the Cluttered item: From Clutter to Cash

• How to Sell Your Cluttered Items On eBay ( Step by Step )

• How to Sell Your Cluttered Items On Amazon ( Step by Step )

• Amazon Selling Vs ebay Selling ( Benefits)

FREE BONUS:Top 20 Natural Cleaning Product Recipes For Your Home! For Limited Time!

• The Laundry Room
(Itchy Clothing, Stiff Clothing, Clothing Stains)

• The Kitchen
( Oven Smoke, Dirty Oven, Sticky Counter Tops, Plugged Drain,
Smelly Hands, Crusty Microwave, Spotty Stainless Steel Sinks,
Dirty Dishes)

• Living Room
( Dusty, Cracked Wood Furniture, Water Damage on Wood,
Spotty Windows, Soiled, Smelly Carpets, Stained Carpets,
Air You’d Rather Not Smell, Rusty Metal )

• The Bathroom
( Dirty Toilets, Soap Scum / Mildew )

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Walden on Wheels: On the Open Road from Debt to Freedom

Ken Ilgunas

I hesitated to get this book, as a feared that I would not like the author, and thus not relate to the story. I was thinking he was just another of those people who want attention for being rebellious or “weird”. Instead, I found a young man who does rebel against blindly following society’s “norms”, but does so in large part because of what he believes, not just to rebel for the sake of rebelling I found much of what he wrote to be well thought out. He does indeed remind me of Thoreau, and is a worthy successor.

Just Me

In this frank and witty memoir, Ken Ilgunas lays bare the existential terror of graduating from the University of Buffalo with $32,000 of student debt. Ilgunas set himself an ambitious mission: get out of debt as quickly as possible. Inspired by the frugality and philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, Ilgunas undertook a 3-year transcontinental jour¬ney, working in Alaska as a tour guide, garbage picker, and night cook to pay off his student loans before hitchhiking home to New York.

Debt-free, Ilgunas then enrolled in a master’s program at Duke University, determined not to borrow against his future again. He used the last of his savings to buy himself a used Econoline van and outfitted it as his new dorm. The van, stationed in a campus parking lot, would be more than an adventure—it would be his very own “Walden on Wheels.”

Freezing winters, near-discovery by campus police, and the constant challenge of living in a confined space would test Ilgunas’s limits and resolve in the two years that fol¬lowed. What had begun as a simple mission would become an enlightening and life-changing social experiment. Walden on Wheels offers a spirited and pointed perspective on the dilemma faced by those who seek an education but who also want to, as Thoreau wrote, “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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What We Ate With Mickey (Everything Our Family of Five Ate On Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan)

Dana White

I am a Disney fanatic and my family has been numerous times. We have never done the dining plan and I was curious where it could be used. It gives some great ideas but never lists all the places one could eat in each park…which would have been helpful.


Are you heading to Disney and can’t decide which Walt Disney World Dining Plan you should choose?

Are you considering Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan?

Do you wonder if you’ll be able to have variety in your meals eating “amusement park food” for an entire week?

I was worried too! In fact, I was downright paranoid. After I did my research and chose the Quick Service plan, a crazy little idea came to me. I decided I would take pictures of everything our family of five ate on a 7 day/6 night Disney World Vacation. That way, I could provide others with the (visual) information I wished I could find!

And that’s what this e-book is! It’s a pictorial food diary for our trip. You can see for yourself what one totally normal (ish) family ate on their Disney vacation.

I also include our thoughts on the food, how we sort-of-randomly-sort-of-not-randomly chose where we would eat each day, and tips for your trip to Disney.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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The RichLife – Ten Investments For True Wealth

Beau Henderson

Beau Henderson’s magnificent and life-changing book, “The RichLife: Ten Investments For True Wealth” goes far beyond the typical “how to get and stay wealthy” manual. Instead of giving the shopworn platitudes about things like budgeting and investing, Henderson has taken a more holistic approach. Henderson states at the beginning that in order to achieve true wealth and contentment, one must nurture their riches from several points of view, including the emotional, rational and, perhaps most importantly, spiritual. “The RichLife” is a clarion call at a time of national crisis for a principled approach to wealth creation; a step-by-step guide to the basic principles or “investments” which will bring true financial peace of mind, as well as a healthier society.
Henderson, a seasoned financial planner and founder of RichLife Advisors, warns the reader early in his book that they are in for some shocking insights and then proceeds to make a clear and concise case for changing the way we think about wealth. He begins with the story of his own personal epiphany after meeting a highly successful multi-millionaire. Henderson explains this man had just had a “massive heart attack” and appeared to be in failing health. And despite a beautiful household of expensive possessions, the multi-millionaire sadly held out his empty hands to the author and said, “This is what it comes down to.” Henderson says that was the night that “a switch went off inside of him” and he understood that many of the things that he believed, many core values, were simply false.

John J. Kelly

Do you have enough money? Are you taking care of your family? Do you know what to do with the money you have? Are you rich?

The truth about money might surprise you. The answers to these questions will challenge you. Financial Advisor and Certified Success Coach Beau Henderson has a fresh new approach to wealth creation and investing. He will tell you things about money that no one else will – what it is, who it serves, and the effect it has on all areas of your life, including health, relationships, and business.

It doesn’t matter where you are with regards to your finances. You can make the 10 Investments and apply the one Master Principle outlined in this book to raise your financial IQ and get on track towards building a blueprint for true wealth that will leave a legacy for future generations. And … BEST of all … it is NOT as hard or as complicated as everyone else out there would like you to believe!

What if you too could learn the secrets to a RichLife, create a Rock Solid game plan for living and leaving a Legacy, and be more fulfilled than you ever believed was possible…. What kind of a difference would that make for you and your loved ones?

Here’s what you’ll learn within the covers of this life-changing book…

Wise Stewardship and creating favorable conditions for success.
How to master Your Money Map to be in the top 5%.
How to live your unique definition of a RichLife.
The connection between money and relationships.
How to quit repeating the same mistakes once and for all.
How to build a portfolio to ensure True Wealth.
Thieves that can take you out of the game and steal your RichLife.
The #1 Investment for you right now.
How to easily uncover your purpose.
The connection between money and health.
The one discipline that guarantees success.
How to increase your energy.
The importance of clarity.
Giving back and getting more.
How to invest in unique experiences.
Attaining the priceless asset – Peace of Mind.
Have you ever felt like there is supposed to be a whole lot more to life than you’re experiencing? A life that is more than just going to work to pay the bills, a life with plenty of time to do the things you really want to do … actually have time to spend with the people that you love, a life that makes a difference? A life FILLED with PEACE of MIND?

You are not alone! After working with over 3,000 financial planning clients and coaching hundreds of financial advisors, Beau discovered that those are the kinds of questions that keep people up at night … even people with millions of dollars in the bank! A Rich Life truly is about more than having a bank account full of money! People today, more than ever, want to find meaning and purpose in their lives. They want to have happy, loving relationships. They want to enjoy outstanding physical health for as long as they live. They want to be able – mentally, physically, spiritually, financially able – to make a difference, to make a contribution to the world we live in.

People all over the world want to know how to create and live satisfying, happy, healthy, wealthy, fulfilled lives …

That is what “The RichLife – 10 Investments For True Wealth”
teaches people how to do!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques, A Barbecue Bible! Cookbook

Steven Raichlen

At first I almost called this a great basic grilling book. To be honest, I think this book has changed the definition of a “basic grilling book”, simply because while it shows the burgers, etc. that most experienced grill cooks know, it also shows other foods that really are a natural for the grill – expanding the envelope of what really is basic. Many different foods are shown, but nothing is redundant and every subtlety in preparation is explained – giving each recipe a reason for belonging. (ie there aren’t seperate recipes for hot dog, cheese dog, and chili dog because there aren’t 3 different techniques involved).

The layout and format are simply outstanding – done, again, in what seems to be a “basic grilling book” format. Tons of color pictures showing various techniques. You want to know how to grill chicken breasts? Bam! It’s right there. Bone-in chicken? Whole chicken? Chicken sate? Chicken wings? All there.

Matthew Hanley

Without a doubt the most interesting, comprehensive, and well-thought-out book on grilling ever and it’s destined to be in the kitchens and backyards of both professionals and home cooks. Every detail is made clear and easy in a concise and inspirational way. Spark it up! (Mario Batali, Molto Mario (The Food Network), Mario Batali’s Simple Italian Food)

The definitive how-to guide for anyone passionate about grilling, from the newest beginner to the most sophisticated chef. (Tom Colicchio, Think like a Chef)

Master the techniques that make barbecue great with this indispensable show-and-tell by Steven Raichlen. Using more than 1,000 full-color, step-by-step photographs, How to Grill covers it all, from how to build an ingenious three-zone fire to the secrets of grilling a porterhouse, prime rib, fish steak, kebab, or chicken breast. Plus the perfect burger. Includes 100 recipes – one to illustrate each technique – with memorably delicious results!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Slow Cooker Recipes 10 Ingredients or Less And Gluten-Free

Hope Comerford

I have made several of Hope’s dishes. Her instructions are easy and the meals are delicious. Can’t say enough wonderful things about the meals in this book! Thanks for sharing your recipes with us, Hope!


Preparing hot, delicious, healthy and gluten-free meals for your family, or yourself, just got a whole lot easier!
With all of these 10 Ingredient or Less recipes, you’ll have a no muss, no fuss dinner on the table each night with very little effort and very few ingredients involved. Author and blogger extraordinaire Hope Comerford of A Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker Adventures will help you through each recipe, with detailed step-by-step instructions. And if you’re gluten-free or have a member of your household that is, every recipe is either naturally gluten-free, or has slight adaptations to make it gluten-free.
You’ll feel like a ROCK STAR in the kitchen as you begin impressing your family and company with these extraordinarily simple and mouthwatering recipes.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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