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Walking to Lose Weight [A 12 Week Walking Workout Plan] – The Exact Plan for Losing Weight One Step at a Time

Susan J Campbell

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Just read through the walking workout plan. Susan Campbell outlines a very clear cut plan. The book is helpful to those who are starting at square one but also those who are already up and moving. I know what I need to do to get started tomorrow! I am looking forward to seeing the progress in how I look and feel.

Christine Warmus Murphy

Want to Use Walking to Lose Weight with a Done-For-You, Step By Step, Walking Workout Plan?

Are you currently sedentary or have a low activity level and want to learn how to gradually increase your health and fitness levels while losing weight one step at a time? Want to start losing weight quickly starting today using the easiest and most convenient form of exercise?

Walking is the very foundation of life, health, and fitness. It’s natural and primal and it’s the easiest thing on the planet to do. It’s also the most overlooked component of fitness and I feel that’s a huge reason why so many people are so overweight these days.

Weight loss seems like a difficult process. Perhaps even one that requires deprivation and discomfort. Fortunately, that’s not the reality at all.

There’s definitely a truth to losing weight – it does require some action on your part. But the things you do on your weight loss journey don’t have to be painful. The process of losing weight can actually be fun and enjoyable.

In the guide “Walking to Lose Weight [A 12 Week Walking Workout Plan]”, you will learn an exact, 12 week walking workout plan that you can use to lose weight starting today. Each step you take on this plan above and beyond your current activity will move you that much closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

You won’t just get a walking workout plan to lose weight. You’ll also get a solid fitness foundation for creating life-long health. This will become an asset you can depend on for years to come.

Walking to Lose Weight

When you start increasing the amount of walking you do each day you absolutely will lose weight and be well on your way to meeting your weight loss goals.

I personally use use walking to lose weight and as the foundation of my fitness program. I also do a few other things during the week, such as yoga, but attribute my good health, solid fitness level, and trim waistline to the amount of walking I do each day.

And I’m going to teach you how to get the same results.

Furthermore, this is the walking workout plan I use with my weight loss clients who are either sedentary or have a low activity level. It not only helps them lose weight, but builds their fitness levels to be able to accommodate other fitness activities should they so choose.

I use it because it works – every time.

12 Week Walking Workout Plan – Step By Step

“Walking to Lose Weight [A 12 Week Walking Weight Loss Plan]” provides you with the 3 exact steps you need to take to complete this walking plan, as well as provides you with a list of items you need to be successful using the program, to start losing unwanted body fat as long as you decide to.

Also included in this guide as a bonus is a Advanced Walking Plan for you to use when you transition from the 12 Week Walking Workout Plan or if you’re at an advanced fitness level and want more of a challenge.

Would You Like To Start the 12 Week Walking Workout Plan?

Please download this guide now and start losing weight quickly, starting today.

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By Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Susan J. Campbell, MS

I’ve been helping people to lose weight, increase their fitness levels, and improve their health using the latest scientifically proven exercise and nutrition methods since 1998.

Since obtaining both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology I’ve helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals by using the tactics I share in this guide.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer: Learning Just for the Fun of it!

Lee Binz

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Some really helpful and practical advice for homeschool parents of middle school, high school/college bound kids. Includes a suggested reading list for college bound students, activities for summertime learning and a reminder to take a break and relax for a time! I really love the idea of using the summer to read the kids upcoming literature for the following school year. Great idea.


Guilt Free Summer Homeschooling!
This Summer Do Your Learning Just for the FUN of it!

Summer is the best Season ever! It’s the time that priorities turn to camping, vacation, snuggling young children, relaxing in a hammock, and reading
great books.
But what does homeschooling look like in the summer?

Should you take a break from academics?
How about summer school options?
Surely your teens should be reading good books during the summer, right?!

In “Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer: Learning Just for the Fun of it!” homeschool author and speaker Lee Binz shares valuable secrets to homeschooling during the summer, without making you feel guilty or stressed!
˃˃˃ What are “Coffee Break Books”?

“Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer” is the seventh book in The HomeScholar’s series, Coffee Break Books. Designed especially for parents who don’t want to spend hours and hours reading a 400-page book on homeschooling high school, each book combines Lee’s practical and friendly approach with detailed, but easy-to-digest information, perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop!

Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable, each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time.
˃˃˃ Who is Lee Binz and Why Should You Listen to her?

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are fully prepared for college and for life. Lee’s practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of homeschool parents muster the courage to complete their homeschooling journey. She is both reassuring and empowering, and will give you the knowledge you need to successfully graduate your high school student, and have confidence that they are ready to take on the world.

A firm believer that homeschooling provides the best possible learning environment, and that parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children, Lee’s mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school.

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Lunch in a Flash (Fast Food From Home)

Amy Clark

Price: FREE

Received this just a few days ago amd have already tried several of the recipes out on my picky kid and hubby. Amazingly, my family enjoyed everything I have made so far! If the are happy so am I. Great little cookbook!

Amanda D.

One of the reasons we love to spend our money on greasy fast food is because of how quickly we can get it. We don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing food when we can swing by a drive through and immediately have an entire meal brought out for us. Unfortunately, when done too often, constantly purchasing fast food can take a big chunk out of our pockets and our health.

Lunch in a Flash is the perfect alternative to buying your lunch every day. It offers a way to save your wallet, your health, and your taste buds (because the same lunch menu everyday does get a bit repetitive). The book offers a wide variety of ways to create your own healthy lunch, so you’ll be able to look forward to trying out your new lunch whether you’re at home or stuck in the office.

Of course, our schedules change from day to day. One day, you may have plenty of time to sit down and create a large lunch that you can pack away from the next few days. Other times, you’ll barely be able to gather enough time to scrape out a meager quick lunch or sandwich. That’s why the book offers lunch ideas with a variety of preparation times, so you’ll be able to make a great tasting lunch for yourself (or others) no matter how long you have.

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My Time With Mel

Paul Gold

Price: $2.99

A short true story about a grandfather and grandsons bond that was pushed to the limits when tragedy struck. At such a young age, the grandson learned a valuable lesson of life. Life was just perfect but in the blink of an eye there worlds how they knew it were turned upside down when his Grandfather was diagnosed with the devastating disease of ALS, (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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