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Running Free – Breaking Out From Locked-In Syndrome

Kate Allatt

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This book was amazing. The pain and agony that this woman had to go through was so tear-jerking! I feel for this woman in so many way because my mother was in the same situation at one point in her life. I can really see the deep emotion that penetrates through the author’s words. This book tells of a courageous story of a woman who overcame so many obstacles to get to where she was at the end of the book. At first, people did not believe that she would ever be the same after her travesty but slowly she overcame what everyone thought was impossible! A great book for all ages and all genders! I give this book 5 stars not because of the beautiful story but because of the beautiful writing! Great story I recommend this book to anyone!


One of the most moving and inspirational books I’ve ever read about a remarkable woman. — Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner

“Kate’s life was torn apart … her recovery has been amazing” Daily Mirror.

When this book arrived in the Lovereading office it was snapped up over 4 consecutive days by 4 different people. Each reader was moved to both tears and laughter and read it virtually in a sitting. Running Free is a moving and inspirational story of survival that celebrates life, friendship and sheer bloody-mindedness. Please do read it – Love Reading

Running Free is a life-affirming and upbeat true story. It proves miracles can happened if you have the determination, and love and support of your family and best friends.

Can you imagine being trapped in your own body? Able to see and hear everything going on around you but unable to move or speak – the blink of an eye your only way to communicate. Super-fit young mother-of-three Kate Allatt’s life was torn apart when she became locked in her own body after suffering a massive stroke caused by a blood clot to her brainstem. Left totally paralysed and unable to speak, her chances of survival were 50/50 and doctors said she would never walk or talk again. She wanted to die. But her family and best friends willed her to live and with their love and support she channelled her sense of fun and fighting spirit into making a miracle recovery that amazed medical experts. Using a letter chart Kate blinked the words “I will walk again”. Soon she was moving her thumb and communicating with the world via Facebook. Eight months later she said goodbye to nurses and walked out of hospital to return home and start training for her first run.

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8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change

MK Mueller

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I read 8 To Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change for the first time a little over a year ago and believe me, my life has never been the same! The concepts and material presented by MK Mueller are simple and easily applicable to any person’s life. Not only have I used the eight high – ways in my life, but I also have shared these with the students and athletes that I surround myself with throughout the year. Many lives have been changed for the good by just using the power pyramid and the FGH formula for positive attitude.
Thank you 8 To Great! Thank you MK for helping shift my life and the lives of many others across the United States! Now it’s your turn! Your life will never be the same.


In 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change, author MK Mueller presents 8 simple steps that the happiest, healthiest and most successful have in common. Each year, Mueller brings 8 to Great to Fortune 500 businesses, health care organizations, colleges, high schools, associations and community groups. In this book, she shares not only her inspirational insights and heart-hitting anecdotes, but those from over 1,000 8 to Great certified trainers and over 100,000 participants around the world.

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Organic Gardening Beginner’s Manual

Julie Turner

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This book is great! Easy to read, step by step instructions. It even tells you how to start your own compost, which is something I will definitely try now. I have gardened in the past but I never thought about the no dig method. I am going to give that a try too. I recommend this book to both beginners and those of us who think we know a thing or two about gardening! Two “Green” Thumbs Up!!


Here’s the ultimate “Take-You-By-The-Hand” beginner’s manual for creating and managing your own organic garden. Even if you know nothing about organic gardening…. so you can get back your health and energy and save a stack of money.

You’re going to learn that organic gardening can greatly improve your health and energy levels while really lowering your weekly food bills, and it only takes about half an hour per week.

If you’re like me you probably hate the idea of eating foods (and providing them for your family) that may have been grown with chemicals.

I want to share with you not only the joy of producing fresh, delicious food for your family, but also the health advantages…. spending time in the fresh air and sunshine, stress relief, and chemical free, vitamin filled, fresh, natural foods – what our bodies really crave for and need.

Now you can access the information you want quickly and easily, to make planning and growing your vegetable garden a breeze! Growing our own food makes us less reliant on commercially grown foods. Who knows how long produce might have been sitting around on a shelf, or in a cooler room?

Do you wonder just what chemicals have been sprayed on that perfect-looking tomato, that really is quite tasteless? Being able to walk out to your organic vegetable garden and pick your own food – now let’s see… how many food miles is that? – Oh, it’s none!

You’ll instantly discover…

Your very best area to grow your vegetables
How to build up healthy, fertile soil without costing a fortune
How to feed your soil – the organic ways
How to create an easy, ‘no-dig’ veggie plot
Massive savings by learning how to grow from seeds
9 Essential tips to successfully transplanting your seedlings
Tips for the most effective watering
Why mulching is a must in every organic garden
5 easy ways to keep your garden weed free
How to slash your food bill in half
The 7 crucial ingredients to making great compost
What never to put into your compost
How to make your own organic liquid fertilizers, saving $$’s
Natural ways to protect your plants from pests and disease
Top 10 easiest veggies to grow
Secrets to growing lush, healthy herbs
Why to include perennial vegetables
What you must do to grow your food if space is limited
How much to plant for your family’s needs

And that’s just a small glimpse of what’s included. This gardening guide was created to give you simple, concise steps to easily create the right organic food garden for your family. I’ve gathered this information from both my own experience and from many different resources over the past 20 years.

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living….

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Tweeting Church: How Christians Can Use Twitter to Spread the Gospel and Connect Communities

Paul Clifford

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Tweeting Church, puts twitter in a whole new light, showing not just pastors and church goers how to better use the social networking of constant updates. There are so many different ways to use the medium, and to get the message of the Good Lord out into the world. AS well as updating on other things that might interest you that you can be a help to those who may need it an don’t think they do. Specially since Twitter is a medium where you follow people and get updates daily. I have learned so much from this book, and I really cant explain the things that I learned without writing the book here. I hightly recommend this to anyone who has thought Twitter was just a place to put your daily routine every five minutes. It is so much more than that.


We live in a time marked by change. Electronic communications enable any message to reach virtually any person in virtually any part of the world. In this world, how can something originally written so long ago compete? Is the message that was originally called “Good News” still as relevant in the age of electrons as it was in the time of papyrus? How will you use this new technology in ministry?

In the follow-up to his successful book Podcasting Church, Paul Alan Clifford seeks to answer these questions and more:

What is Twitter?
What kind of account should you have?
How can you regularly tweet without repeating yourself?
How do you keep spammers at bay?
How can you reach people that need to hear Christ’s message?

This is a book for every Christian interested in spreading Christ’s message of hope and forgiveness, in an age increasingly marked by distraction and background noise, needs to read. This is an opportunity that the Church can’t pass up to communicate its message.

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Favorite Cakes, Cupcakes & Frostings: 200+ Cake, Frosting and Cupcake Recipes from Club, Church & Community Cookbooks

Betty Belden

Price: 99 cents

I bought this for the chocolate recipes but there’s lots more here. No pictures, but reasonably simple recipes for every kind of cake you can imagine. Plus the formatting was much better than others I’ve bought. Lots of bang for the buck!

Sebastian Walker

Cakes and cupcakes are everywhere – on TV, in high end bakeries, in cupcake stores coming to a town near you. If you’re tired of boxed cake mixes or not inclined to spend top dollar for a bakery cake for your next party, it’s time to break out the mixing bowl. Here are more than 200 favorite cake, cupcake and frosting recipes sure to delight. Mouth watering chocolate cakes (chocoholics take note – there are more than 40 chocolate cake recipes), bundt cakes, melt in your mouth cheesecake, cupcakes, sponge cake, red velvet cake, layer cakes, roll cakes and many more.

We’ve selected the best cake, frosting and cupcake recipes from community cookbooks published across the country. You won’t find many recipes using boxed cake mixes – these are made-from-scratch cakes and cupcakes. Cakes in all their splendid variety – you’ll get cravings just reading these recipes.

Favorite Cakes, Cupcakes and Frosting has been carefully organized and formatted for the Kindle. An index in the front of the book links to the chapters and there are links to each recipe in the category on the chapter page. Chapters include:

Apple and Applesauce Cakes
Chocolate Cakes
Cakes With Fruit or Vegetables – But No Fruitcake
Pound Cake
Spice Cakes and Gingerbread
Cakes With Candy, Cookies, Soda or Booze
Sponge, Layer, Chiffon, Butter, Angel Food Cakes and More
Icing, Frosting and Fillings

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Mud, Sweat, and Tears: The Autobiography

Bear Grylls

Price: $1.99

I don’t expect to read a celebrity autobiography and come out hating the guy, but what struck me about this book is how Bear Grylls seems to be a regular guy, not in the sense that we could all join the SAS and climb Everest, but in his utter devotion to his family and his faith, coupled with a drive to live a good life as a husband, father and adventurer. It almost seems as though he was born a couple hundred years too late, given his British colonial sense of exploration (but not exploitation).
This book is fast-paced and well-written, with short chapters that keep reeling you in through his story. When I downloaded it last night, I couldn’t put it down. Bear is a good example of what can be accomplished with hard work and focus. He doesn’t try to gloss over his shortcomings, he seems to embrace them as a springboard to make himself a better man. I could never accomplish what he has from a physical standpoint, but this book does a great job of transmitting this sense of wonder and adventure to the reader. In the end, it’s almost as if you have shared his adventures. It is a terrific book.

D. Buxman

“Bear Grylls is a veritable superhero….The former UK Special Forces paratrooper has braved the world’s harshest environments.”
—Hampton Sides, Outside Magazine

“Bear Grylls is one tough, crazy dude.”
—Washington Post

Already a #1 London Sunday Times Bestseller, Mud, Sweat, and Tears is the adrenaline-fueled autobiography of the mega-popular star of the hit survival series Man Vs. Wild, adventurer Bear Grylls. A former British Special Forces commando, a man who has always sought the ultimate in dangerous challenges, Bear’s true story reads like an outdoors action and adventure novel. But Bear’s story is true—full of breathtaking escapes and remarkable exploits that would make any Jack London or H. Ryder Haggard hero proud.

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Love is a Verb: Stories of What Happens When Love Comes Alive

Gary Chapman

Price: $1.99

Have you ever picked up a book just because of the title? This is such a book for me. I was intrigued by the thought of “love being a verb” so I began to peruse the book. I loved the short chapters with meaningful stories. I enjoyed the scripture verses and author’s comments at the end of each chapter. This book was easily read but putting into application all of these thoughts will take time, my time.
Each chapter was written by everyday people with their everyday struggles and challenges but with endings that encourage and uplift the reader.
The final question is how will this book change your life? Love IS a Verb. Do it!

Dawn Ewing

Dr. Gary Chapman has spent his life helping people communicate love more effectively and in turn build more satisfying and lasting relationships. His book The Five Love Languages is a regular on the New York Times Best Sellers list–even after being in print for fifteen years–and has made the term “love language” a part of everyday speech.

Love Is a Verb takes his teaching to the next level. Rather than a typical marriage self-help book filled with lengthy explanations of principles and techniques, it is a compilation of true stories displaying love in action. These stories–written by everyday people–go straight to the hearts of readers, who often say that illustrations are the most effective parts of a book. Gary Chapman adds a “Love Lesson” to each story, showing readers how they can apply the same principles to their own relationships.

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Gluten-Free Slow Cooker: Easy Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet

Amelia Simons

Price: 99 cents

I purchased this book a few days ago Last Night My wife and I cooked Up the Authors recipe for Spicy Turkey Chili It was Delicious! The Recipes are very easy to follow fantastic for the whole family interested in living a healthier lifestyle FIVE STARS!

Mike Coleman

Take note: Amelia Simons has done it again! Now you can have slow cooker meals that are delicious, easy, and gluten-free!

When you are striving to eat a gluten-free diet, time is precious. Learning to eat differently takes time–time you don’t want to spend laboring in the kitchen over a hot stove.

Whether you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, have gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, have a wheat allergy, or are simply searching for a healthier way to eat, Gluten-Free Slow Cooker: Easy Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet can help you tremendously.

Inside this gluten-free cookbook you will find:

What it means to eat gluten-free
Some helpful slow cooker tips
Recipes for brunch
Meat, poultry, pork, and seafood dishes for your entrees
Soups and stews
Meat-free ideas and side dishes
How to cook gluten-free breads in your slow cooker

With tasty and healthy main dishes, soups and stews, side dishes, and quick breads you can cook in your slow cooker, this cookbook by Amelia Simons will once again make you glad you purchased her slow cooker cookbook.

And for only 99 cents, it will be like giving yourself a present every time you use it!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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