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Saved Without A Doubt: Being Sure of Your Salvation (John MacArthur Study)

John MacArthur Jr.

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Yet another great book by John MacArthur! I am a “fan” of John MacArthur and have read many of his books and listen to his online sermons. I received this book about three months ago and am currently reading it for the third time. John MacArthur uses scripture to explain difficult passages in the Bible concerning salvation and security of it. He has eleven “Biblical tests” that help you decide for yourself where you stand. He is a solid, Biblical teacher and backs everything up with scripture. Definitely read this one!

Dorothy of Oz

For over 30 years trusted pastor and teacher John MacArthur has delivered practical, Biblical insights for helping Christians grow in their own journey of faith.

Now the very best of John MacArthur’s Christian living titles have been updated to feature a fresh look and study guides for both personal and group reflection.

Am I really saved? Am I going to heaven? How can I know for sure? Every believer has wrestled with these questions at some point in their journey. Saved Without A Doubt,/i examines Scripture to uncover the truth of salvation, while addressing tough questions that can hinder our faith. Readers will develop a Bible-based theology of salvation and be encouraged to securely rest in their personal relationship with Christ.

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Simplify Your Homeschool Day: Shorten Your Day, Sweeten Your Time

Tamara L. Chilver

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Quick! Grab this book, sit down and glean some easy ideas to Simplify your busy homeschool day. It’s short and sweet, but packed with inspiration and motivation. I was struggling from feeling over-whelmed and frustrated from my own self-inflicted day. I honestly felt, as I was reading this book, that Tamara was personally, sitting down with me, sharing her most treasured tidbits to make my day easier. I was immediately motivated to put these time-savers into place, especially once I realized how many chaotic time-zapping moments I had allowed to interfere with our day. She shares fabulous ideas to inspire and motivate you AND your children. We all know that motivated and happy children tend to transition through the day quicker than those who are unmotivated and frustrated. She also gives a personal glimpse of her own life, as she shares the importance of taking a little “me” time. With all those minutes you save, you are bound to find time to be reacquainted with yourself. GET THIS BOOK…YOU’RE WORTH IT! THANK YOU TAMARA CHILVER!!!!

MJ Harris

What if you and your children could have more time pursuing your passions?

As a former elementary teacher and tutor and a veteran home educator of 15 years, Tamara Chilver has discovered over 100 simple teaching tips that have dramatically shortened her children’s homeschool day. These tips have also directly impacted her teaching to make it a much more effective process. Now her family is able to spend more time focusing on their passions.

In Simplify Your Homeschool Day, you will learn:

*Practical tips that can save you hours of teaching, planning, and grading each week;
*Effective communication techniques that can eliminate frustration and dramatically impact your child’s learning;
*When you should enlist help;
*Creative learning strategies that can be applied on the go; and
*How to pursue your own passions.

These time-saving tips will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning by reducing the time it takes him to complete school work without decreased learning. Put some extra time back into your day right away!

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You Can Afford Grass-Fed Beef! – The ultimate guide to saving money by eating high-quality, local meat

Nicolas LaDieu

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As someone who is just getting into the world of buying bulk grass-fed beef and other farm products, this book was really helpful and informative. It covers everything you would ever need to know, from confusing terminology to how to know if you’re buying from a good farm, even tips on the best way to store and prepare your meat. I definitely feel ready to start buying locally now after reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start eating healthier and saving money!


Tired of paying $18 a pound for a grass fed steak? Wouldn’t you rather buy that same steak for $3 to $4 a pound?

Sound too good to be true?

Does this story sound familiar? You get fired up about trying the latest whole foods diet. The guru of your particular book or blog is telling you that you must shop at the local health food store and buy 100% USDA organic vegetables and meat. You become convinced that this is what you need to do to reclaim your health, but you get to the store and you start shopping around and realize that it’s just not adding up for your family’s budget. The guru basically tells you that you have to “suck it up” and deal with the high prices. Maybe they even give you a few “budget” tips and tell you that you can eat pasture raised meats as long as you only ever buy chicken thighs and ground beef. Maybe they will even point you to an internet source of overpriced meats and tell you to stock up there.

We are told that we must endure the extremely high cost of meats in order to get the benefit of the superior nutrition from pasture-raised animals. We are lead to believe that we must buy our meats at places like “Whole Foods” and, more often than not, are even pushed to online shopping as a way to buy meats.

You must break away from the pay as you go model! Run your pantry like a wholesaler and buy in bulk directly from the source!

The beef I get locally is such high quality, and so affordable, that I have convinced a number of people to get in on beef purchases just based on these 2 attributes alone. These are people who aren’t aware about the environmental impact of factory farming and don’t want to hear my lecture on fatty acid ratios. They started buying local, grass-fed beef because it was a higher quality product for a more affordable price. It really is that simple!

If you follow “The Paleo Diet”, “The Primal Blueprint”, “The Virgin Diet”, “Weston A Price”, “The Zone”, “South Beach”, “Atkins”, just want to eat more whole foods or just really want to save money on your groceries, then this is the eBook for you.


Chapter 1: What to expect from this eBook

Chapter 2: The Reasons Why You Think You Can’t Buy Grass-Fed Beef

Chapter 3: What about organic?

Chapter 4: Preparing yourself for a bulk meat purchase (The Gear Chapter)

Chapter 5: What you need to know before you shop for your beef

Chapter 6: Where’s the beef? – Find your farmer

Chapter 7 – Buying Power – Team up for more savings

Chapter 8 – A few of my favorite meals

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated

Jenny Dean

Price: FREE

This is an awesome book. A must have for anyone couponing. I have been couponing for about a year and I still learned so much from this book. All the links and websites she has in this book are really helpful. All the information you need in one place to save you money. It’s worth every penny and pays for itself if you put all the information to use.


You’ve seen the shows on TV and maybe even stood behind someone in line that was handing over tons of coupons to pay for their purchases. And so it’s time that you learn how to save money like them, right? Right! Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated will help you understand the ins and outs of couponing and answer a lot of the questions you’ve always had without the intimidation of asking that someone in front of you. You will even learn how to organize and prepare for your first couponing trip to the store – to start saving immediately!

The purpose of the Couponing For The Beginner: A Guide To Couponing For The Uninitiated is to teach you HOW TO use coupons to boost your bottom line. You’ll learn what coupons are, how to use them effectively, how to bring home your first real deal and about websites that do coupon matchups for specific deals and more.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside:
Chapter 1: What Are Coupons? – Manufacturer and Store Coupons
Chapter 2: Coupon Language
Chapter 3: Coupon Rules and Policies
Chapter 4: Why Coupons Exist
Chapter 5: Where to Get Coupons
Chapter 6: Where to Buy Coupons – Is It Illegal to Buy or Sell Coupons?
Chapter 7: How to Organize Your Coupons
Chapter 8: Where to Use Coupons
Chapter 9: Rewards Programs
Chapter 10: Weekly/BiWeekly/Monthly Sales Flyers
Chapter 11: Refunds, Try Me Free, Rebates, Money Back Guarantees
Chapter 12: How to Stack Coupons and Maximize Your Savings
Chapter 13: Your First Trip to Store

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Soap Making: A Quick Soap Making Book, Including Homemade Soap Recipes, Soap Making Supplies, Lye, Process and More!

Kelly Kohn

Price: FREE

This is an excellent book for beginners and experienced soap makers alike. It is very informative with lots of info. There are lots of sources for buying soap supplies and using common every day supplies in making your soap. It has a lot of detail and info on using essential oils, herbs and other beneficial things. I would highly recommend this book! It is well worth the money!


Are you or your family member looking for homemade soap making tips? Want to start a DIY soap making business but don’t know how?

Well, if your answers are ‘Yes’, then this is the book for you. In “Soap Making: A Quick Soap Making Book, Including Homemade Soap Recipes, Soap Making Supplies, Lye, Process and More!”, you’ll not only uncover the information you need to successfully make your own soaps but also to possibly turn this hobby into a profitable business.

– The Squeaky Clean Truth about Soaps
– Every Soap Maker Should Have This Equipment Used In Making Soap
– What Are the Ingredients You Need For Soap Making?
– Basic Techniques You Need In Making Your Soap Bar or Liquid Soap
– Adding Your Dyes, Botanicals, Essences And Fragrances For Your Soaps
– Easy and Simple Soap Recipes
– The Dos and Don’ts of Soap Making
– Trouble Shooting In Soap Making
– Selling Your Beautiful Handmade Soaps

And much more…

The purpose of the this ebook is to provide a wealth of information about the process of making soap. Not only will the reader obtain knowledge about how to make soap, the history and scientific basis of soap making is also covered. Several recipes for soaps made using a variety of procedures are provided. For people who become truly inspired to make soap, they can also learn about turning their hobby into a profitable home-based business. The information provided is in-depth, comprehensive, and entertaining.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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These discounted books by Beau Henderson are all on sale for 99 cents. We featured Beau’s full length book, 10 Investments for True Wealth yesterday for $1.99, it is still on sale.


The RichLife Stewardship Principle – How To Increase Wealth In All Areas Of Your Life (Conversations For A Rich Life)

Beau Henderson

Price: 99 cents

After working with over 3,000 financial planning clients, Beau Henderson has come to a new definition of the word rich because he believes that money alone isn’t enough. He wants everyone to have a complete wealth package that includes money AND strong relationships, physical health, and a fulfilled life.

This is what he calls a RichLife, and it begins with the principle of wise stewardship.

This book gives you the steps to come up with a better plan to manage your assets – all of them – physical, financial, and human. Nothing important is left out. All you have to add is the work.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Masterful Communication – For Success In Business and Life (Conversations For A Rich Life)

Dr. Bill Lampton, Beau Henderson

Price: 99 cents

It’s no accident that most of the significant revolutions and movements throughout history have been led by powerful communicators, people such as Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. In today’s business world, the people who are at top of their professions in industry, civic work, and social relations are the people who are strong communicators.

As an entrepreneur dedicated to a holistic approach to financial planning, the power of communication comes into play with everything I do, whether I am speaking in person with a client over a cup of coffee, or leading a seminar in front of hundreds. Communication is the cornerstone of life, both business and professional, and as such is a skill that begs constant honing.

Learning how to communicate better, either in person, using social media strategies, or through writing, will strengthen your relationships–both business and personal. These skills can also give you more options to choose from when leveraging opportunities.

• Do you think you could do a better job of communicating what you want?
• Are you up-to-date on the best follow-up practices for client interviews?
• Does the fear of public speaking or leading group discussion prevent you from career advancement?

I am proud to present our newest collaborative publication, Masterful Communication, with my friend and trusted colleague, Dr. Bill Lampton.

With a Ph.D. in Communication from Ohio University, Dr. Bill’s background includes teaching Speech Communication as a faculty member at the University of Georgia, and twenty-three years in management, serving as vice president for three colleges and a medical center. His responsibilities there were primarily fundraising.

“You cannot get any communicating act that is more challenging than fundraising,” says Bill. “It’s really the ultimate test!”

This book came together out of a conversation Bill and I had about the need for a resource people could turn to when they wanted to make improvements in the area of communication. These issues might be as small as a personal matter, or as large as a company-wide communication gap.

As a resource, this book will cover all the areas of expertise in Bill’s wheelhouse, from the big to the small, including:

• solving communication problems within an organization
• using modern technology to improve communication
• leveraging your own personality type to help you get what you want.

You’ll also find stories throughout the book based on Bill’s twenty-three years of coaching experience. These personal insights are followed by resources, steps, or checklists geared toward giving you the information you need to communicate with what Bill calls “the three P’s”: power, poise, and persuasion.

May this conversation help you move one step closer toward building and maintaining the relationships in your life, central to achieving the RichLife you deserve.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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5 Easy Steps To A Successful Retirement

Beau Henderson, Joshua Jarvis

Price: 99 cents

You’re no dummy and your personal finance is not something to take lightly. However, without knowing where you are (as it relates to your retirement) then how do you know how to get where you want to go (living a truly rich life).

If you have read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover or any other consumer advocate book relating to finance you may have found yourself wondering, “what’s next.” This book lays the foundational thinking that helps you get past the baby steps of managing your debt and budget and move toward thinking about the future.

It’s not all talk, there are actions and workpages at the end of each page.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Healing Infidelity – A Step-By-Step Guide For Marriage Recovery (Conversations For A Rich Life)

Randy and Monica Zachary

Price: 99 cents

After ten years in Christian youth ministry, Randy and Monica Zachary found themselves at a crossroads. The couple was well known and respected among their peers and in the community where they lived. Randy was a youth pastor who made people laugh, and his wife played the piano. Things looked great from the outside, but inside, they were faking it. They weren’t happy, and they weren’t connecting to one another because truthfully, they didn’t know how.

Often in the church world, there is an image management issue. We tend to hide from the behaviors we are ashamed of, which is one of the biggest reasons Monica and Randy Zachary feel compelled to share their story.

Infidelity happens. Most people hide from the issue. There is no model for how to go through this, or how to talk about it in a brave and authentic way.

Randy and Monica’s story about coming back from the brink is a powerful offer of hope for anyone who is going through similar circumstances.

It’s been said that the place of our greatest pain can become the source of our greatest victory. The curriculum of Life School gave Monica and Zachary a great lesson. They experienced firsthand a failing marriage, and the pain of an affair. This lesson allowed them to discover the resources and tools necessary to heal both their individual wounds, and their marriage. It also gave them the credibility they needed to help others. Together, they have stepped up after figuring out a process, a journey toward healing and renewal, and they have made it their mission to share this healing knowledge with you.

This book is here to help.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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