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Letters In The Attic

Talea Botha

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Serena finds a box of love letters in the attic of an old house she bought to renovate. The letters seem to be quite recent in which a man pours out his soul to a loved one, only to be turned down. Feeling a connection to the writer, she sets out to find him, feeling that this man could be the one for her. It’s as simple as calling the ruggedly handsome (but snobbish) real estate agent and ask for his help. How difficult can that be?

Ian is in financial trouble, and his brother Will is not making things any easier. In fact, he makes it worse when he gets involved in theft, and his solution fails. When Serena phones him to help her find out the house’s history and past owners, he’s even willing to trick an innocent artist.

Together, Ian and Serena goes on a mission to find the author of the letters, and along the way they find the definition of love and loss, and how to deal with them. When things take an unexpected twist, they both risk losing the very thing they fought for and they need to revise their priorities.

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Aimee’s Gift

Kathleen Sprout

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This book was chosen by one of our Christian Fiction book club members, and I’m SOOOO glad! I was hooked from the 1st page and couldn’t put it down. I read it in two sittings. I loved all the characters, and was able to connect emotionally with each one right away. A great story of love, forgiveness, and redemption. A must read! I can’t wait to discuss it at our book club meeting!


Aimee McPherson is seemingly abandoned by God and estranged from her only living relative. Overpowered by guilt, she has become a recluse. When bad things begin happening to the small Hispanic community nearby, she has to choose . . . Keep on hiding? Or save the people she’d come to love like a family. +She enlists help from handsome Luke Forsythe, a man she only knows by reputation. Romantic sparks fly between them, but how long can she hide her secret from him, while still helping her friends?

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Clueless Cowboy (Truly Yours Digital Editions)

Mary Connealy

Price: 99 cents

Cute, fast paced read that had me ROFL! Love the sparks, spunk and sass between our H/h. Mary Connealy just can’t beat for a thoroughly entertaining read!From start to finish, I found myself completely swept up in this great little LOVE story and the comedic narrative between our two main characters. So cute how one minute they want to kill each other and the next they’re trying not to kiss. I don’t usually read modern day books, I prefer historical, however since it was written by Mary Connealy I gave it a whirl and I couldn’t have been more pleased. It was a delight just like the rest of her books and left me with a chuckle & a smile on my face when I had finished. Hat’s off to Mary Connealy for making me eat my hat and proving that a contemporary setting in the proper author’s pen can transport me from the daily grind of life and still be clean, hilarious, action-packed, sweet, sparks a flying everywhere and uplifting!!!!!


Jake can’t live this way any longer.
Burned out, exhausted, and disillusioned, Jake Hanson hits the road. He empties his bank accounts and cuts all ties with everyone he knows. Searching for meaning, he buys a deserted Victorian mansion ten miles from civilization in South Dakota and determines to live off the land.

Emily isn’t looking for a man, and she certainly isn’t looking for more responsibility. Since her parents died, she’s been running the family ranch and raising her younger sister alone. She has plenty to keep her busy. So when she finds a stranger hiding out in the house next door, why can’t she just let him be?

When their worlds collide, will their inexplicable attraction draw Jake and Emily together or will their circumstances force them apart forever?

“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.” Ephesians 3:16

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Little Wild Flower, Book 1 (Little Wild Flower, An Amish Christian Romance)

Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Price: 99 cents

Another great series by Samantha Jillian Bayarr. I read this book and immediately went on line and purchased the other 3 books. I must say i wasn’t disappointed. I love that the price was reasonable on all the books because i can’t afford to spend alot of money on books at this time. I will be buying more books by this author as the go on sale or free!!

Becky Brown

Jane Abigail Reeves is Little Wild Flower. Raised as a city girl; her father moves fifteen-year-old Jane and her entire family to a farmhouse in a rural Amish community in Indiana as a respite for her alcoholic mother. Finding farm life more complicated than city life; Jane shuns herself from family and neighbors, until she stumbles upon sixteen-year-old Elijah, the Amish boy next door. As she slowly ventures out of her comfort zone, she begins to mimic her family’s acceptance of Amish living, realizing it’s a practical solution for squelching the dysfunction of her family’s past. Set in the 1970’s, Jane’s story is full of cultural obstacles she must overcome in order to survive in the community in which she and her family reside. Can a hippie-chick like Jane find friendship with a sixteen-year-old Amish boy, despite their cultural differences? Will their feelings for each other change as they grow up?

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Grow Old With Me (The Quilt Trail Series)

Melinda Evaul

Price: 99 cents

Grow Old With Me is such a wonderful book, heartwarming, uplifting and touching. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it will be one of my top ten for 2011. I felt like I was staying at this special Inn. The name of the Inn is just fantastic, it’s called Mosey Inn. Also all of the rooms in the Inn have names of quilts, and the description of the Inn and surrounding areas were so well done. The characters feel like old friends now and I hated to finish the book and leave my friends behind.
I always love book covers and titles of books and this one by Melinda Evaul is just perfect. You can just imagine the inside of the Inn after seeing what it looks like on the outside.
Benjamin and Sarah are an older couple who at first didn’t have any thoughts of doing anything but just living and surviving life. They didn’t have an easy life and didn’t expect things to change, but change they did.
It seemed like one disaster or hardship just got worked out and another popped up, but it wasn’t to much. You will never be bored with the happenings in this book. I just loved all of the sweet, loving people of this town, but you will also find a couple of mean-spirited people.
I really love stories about older couples and Grow Old With Me is about the best I’ve read.
I really recommend this book. It is one that you will love to read over and over again.

Trinity Rose

A modern day Beauty and the Beast meet in their fifties when a disfigured carpenter becomes a guest at a bed and breakfast in the western-style tourist town of Love Valley, NC.
Benjamin Pruitt plans to repair the town’s buildings before retiring to a solitary life. Sarah Campbell longs for freedom since her long task as caregiver has ended.
Can Benjamin and Sarah piece the tattered remnants of their lives into a beautiful design to warm their waning years?

Melinda Evaul and her husband enjoy traveling the back roads of North Carolina and Tennessee where rural culture and history are preserved through a unique art form—Quilt Barn Squares.
Come follow her adventures along the Quilt Trails of America in this series of novels.

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