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Pirate Mouse Adventures

Jay J Weaver

Price: FREE

This is such a wonderful book written to develop a child’s imagination while portraying pirates and bugs as good helpers of society.
When I read a book I want to connect with the characters, be excited while reading it, and be excited to get to the conclusion.
This book does all of this.
In addition it is easy to follow and very playful.
A definite addition to a child’s library.

Lady Baker

Manny, the Mantis and Sandi, the Caterpillar had just loaded the catbubs into the cannons when the birds starting singing wwwiiifffllleee-wwwiiifffllleee while starting their dive towards the pirate ship.

Captain Monroe, the Pirate Mouse ordered all hands to fire at will and as each catbub bubble sailed through the air with the face of an…

A 1500+ word children’s book about a pirate mouse and crew who sail on a river through the Mindu Valley in their pirate ship, the Tisbig, having one adventure after another while helping those in need.

Book #1 in the Pirate Mouse Adventures series

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Up, Up and Away: The Adventures of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper

Carla Chadwick

Price: FREE

I got to read an advanced copy of this story from the author. I really enjoyed reading this to my boys! It has such a great positive message and the pictures are so colorful and cute. My boys are both day dreamers so they enjoyed reading about Mrs. Hiffen Hoppers dream she had. This is a great story for any child.

Jennifer Zuna

This fairy tale story has frogs, princesses and all the elements of classic animal tales, but with a modern message.

Join Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper in one of the best new children’s books for Kindle as she takes to the sky on an adventure that helps show her children the power of dreaming big. This inspirational book for kids teaches them that they should never fear having big dreams, because they can lead to big rewards! It also shows them how sharing can enrich their lives and the lives of others.

Illustrated in bright, fun colors; Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper the frog, her children, and her forest friends Randa and Mrs. Deerfield, are warm companions that your children will come to love.

This book has a matching set of printable cupcake toppers with likenesses of four of the main characters: Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper, Randa, Princess Stephanie and Princess Melinda. They can also be used as finger puppets! The link to download them is inside the book.

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Children’s Ebook: It’s Time to Sleep

Michele Yu

Price: 99 cents

Our daughter loves this book! She tries to stay awake every time but sometimes sleep catches her! We will soon read this to her brother when he fights sleep. This is a book to share with all little people struggling at bedtime. Well done and thank you for sharing with our family!

Dana Albert Goodan

It’s time to go to sleep, but Matty doesn’t want to. If he were a wolf pup instead of a little boy, he would be out howling out the moon. If he were an alien, he could explore the planets beyond in his own spaceship. But, according to his daddy, everyone needs to sleep.

Follow along on this sweet bedtime story about a daddy getting his son to go to sleep.

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Fruit Ninja – Ultimate Special Edition (Game Guide, Cheats, Strategies)

Brainchild Games

Price: $2.99

I now have a grasp on all the fruit ninja modes; classic, Zen and Arcade. Using the guide I have accumulated 24 out of the 30 achievements so far…. I’m only left with 6 and I will be a master ninja. Recommended guide!


“New Guide Shows How to Master Fruit Ninja”

If you want to play Fruit Ninja and
master the game, then this guide will show you how.

This is a detailed guide for the Fruit Ninja game. It contains an overview of the Fruit Ninja game, the characters and how to play the game. Apart from that you will also get to know the various milestones that the game has and what strategies you can use to get them accomplished.

This guide also contains various cheats, hacks and tricks that a player can use to become a top scoring Fruit Ninja Player. This guide will help you on your way to becoming a master fruit ninja!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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