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Together: Devotions for Young Children and Families

Trudy Pettibone

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Teach your children to pray, to learn Scripture and to understand the word of God with these fun, easy-to-read family devotions. This devotional is designed to help parents and guardians take the lead role in “training up a child”, and is intended for home and family use. Contains 110 devotions covering both the Old and New Testaments. Each devotional includes a scripture passage (including a simplied version of each passage for children to remember), a verse or words for memory, a brief meditation, a children’s prayer, suggested discussion points, and suggested activities. Designed for families with children ages two to seven. Can also be used for older children to help them to better understand God and the Bible. Use this engaging devotional as a tool to enhance your family Bible study time.

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Sleepy Animals. A sleepy animals bedtime book

Gerald Hawksley

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Julie liked the story, very much. She gave it her rapt attention everytime we read the book, and seemed to love the pictures.
I did add the line, for each sleeping picture. ‘The (cow) is asleep.’ She’s young enough that I wasn’t certain that she would understand stars and closed eyes – she’s 7 months of age.
We enjoyed this so much that I purchased at least one other book by this author.

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Say goodnight to all the sleepy animals one by one. Simple rhyming text and cheerful pictures make this an ideal little bedtime book to share with your child.

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A Dog for Everyone

Katrina Streza

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It’s a rhyming adventure from start to finish with a goodly amount of the furry little guys depicted within. I can actually see it as a great way to introduce little ones to many of the breeds that exist when they start to show interest in having one of their own…or perhaps even before. As you move forward in the text, you learn a bit about what the types featured look like and more often than not, something specific to the breed. Each two page spread notes the facts, the fun, and provides you with a visual of the pup at hand. Some are sweet, some fluffy, some ready to jump off the page and play…but they are all great depictions of the little guys and will help to associate the breed with the actual dog when viewed in person.


Featuring full-color, full-screen images with Kindle tap-to-zoom text

“There is a dog for everyone, if only you will look…”

This rhyming look at different dogs brings out the best in each breed. Whether you’re considering a new family pet, or your child just can’t get enough of dogs and puppies, this is a fun book for toddlers through early readers.

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The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare

The Sign of the Beaver is a great YA novel that will especially appeal to adolescent boys. After settling on their new homestead, Matt’s father must return East to bring back his mother, sister, and newborn baby. He leaves thirteen-year-old Matt to care for the place while he is gone, a journey that shoud take less then two months, but ends up being twice that long. Matt has to tend the crops and the house as well as fend for himself when he runs out of supplies to make meals. Along the way, he learns some valuable–and very hard–lessons, such as locking the cabin door carefully and taking care of his Pa’s gun. When his luck has almost run out, Matt meets Attean and his grandfather, Indians who befriend him. Attean patiently teaches Matt the ways of the wilderness, and soon the cultural gap between them is bridged. The Sign of the Beaver is an excellent lesson in not only history and pioneer life, but also in the effects of racism and prejudice. This is a great YA novel and an excellent choice for readers of all ages.

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Although he faces responsibility bravely, thirteen-year-old Matt is more than a little apprehensive when his father leaves him alone to guard their new cabin in the wilderness. When a renegade white stranger steals his gun, Matt realizes he has no way to shoot game or to protect himself When Matt meets Attean, a boy in the Beaver clan, he begins to better understand their way of life and their growing problem in adapting to the white man and the changing frontier.
Elizabeth George Speare’s compelling survival story is filled with wonderful detail about living in the wilderness and the relationships that formed between settlers and natives in the 1700s. Now with an introduction by Joseph Bruchac.

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My Dad is a Superhero

Lily Lexington

As an educator and parent I like to read short books, interesting and educational for my children and my nephews.
I found this book suitable! The book explains clearly in simple words and beautiful illustrations the story content. It is important for children to learn from a young age to read interesting and positive things, while hearing when the parent reads it or first reading.
It is especially important today, when children spend time playing games and using the computer to read, and see the story on the Kindle or tablet, it adds an important skill that causes the child want to read more books.


Does your dad have x-ray vision or can he fly faster than a speeding bullet?

5 year old Sam is not like other boys, at least not with respect to his father, who is a superhero.

“My Dad is a Superhero” is a fun tale that explores Sam’s bond with his dad and his incredible super powers.

Told from the point of view of Sam, it is a fun story that ends on a warm fuzzy note that is just perfect for bedtime. Children will take delight in the amazing and varied super powers of Sam’s dad and parents will take delight in some of the humor placed throughout the tale.

This book is a bedtime story for ages 2-6.

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