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Pibbin the Small: A Tale of Friendship Bog

Gloria Repp

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Pibbin the treefrog’s adventures are exciting for a child as he travels through Bullfrog Bog to find Sweetberry leaves to help heal his hurt friend. The descriptions are picturesque and will capture a 4-7 years old’s imagination. But they are realistic too giving an appropriate idea of boggs and the area. There is even a hint of mystery as everyone wondered who picked the large leaves Pibbin needs. The book is charming with a message–a friend will do whatever is necessary to help a friend in need. Pibbin was a true friend. The illustrations are beautiful and the color pictures a lesson in themselves. Excellent chidren’s book.

Karen Rose Smith

OVERVIEW: Book 1, Tales of Friendship Bog

His friend is hurt and the doctor lives far away.
He might run into snakes. Or that giant bullfrog. Or Black Snapping Crabs!
Is Pibbin too small to be brave?

Illustrated in black-and-white. E-book includes color reference photos of frogs.
An exciting chapter book for ages 7 and up.


“This beginning adventure of Pibbin, a Pine Barrens tree frog, is written with plenty of action to satisfy any young reader . . . The engaging story, accurate details, and charming illustrations keep this book high on our family’s reading list!” ~bookbabe

“Your young reader will catch the busyness of the delightful creatures of friendship bog . . . Join Pibbin’s whole-hearted effort and rewarding adventure and feel what it’s like to be a caring friend. . . I loved the illustrations!” ~Lowly heart

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The History of Veggies (An Ed the Dragon Book)

Mary Lee

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The History of Veggies by Mary Lee is the most adorable children’s book I have read in a long time. The illustration is precious. Two adorable looking dragons going off on an adventure is sure to appeal to young boys as well as girls. Parents can utilize this fun book to entice their children to eat their vegetables. I recommend parents of young children to add this book to their selection of tools. I’m sure The History of Veggies will become their children’s favorite book.


Have you ever wondered where Vegetables came from? Ed the dragon knows, and he can’t wait to tell the amazing story. Follow the adventure as Ed and his sister, Squish, travel over vast distances to find their treasure.

This book is a fun and engaging way to teach children about veggies and healthy eating. Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations, and parents will approve of the positive message.

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The Wonder Book of Bible Stories

Logan Marshall

What a great way to introduce the younger ones to the Bible. It is easy for my daughter to read to herself or share with others.


It is with the desire of aiding parents and teachers in telling these stories, and aiding children to understand them, also in the hope that they may be read in many schools, that a few among the many interesting stories in the Bible have been chosen, brought together and as far as necessary simplified to meet the minds of the young. This edition includes the best stories of The Bible. It includes about 40 stories simplified for children and illustrated with about 66 illustrations. These great stories are retold here for children of all ages. Parents and children will enjoy this beautiful story book. It is a pleasure to publish this new, high quality, and affordable edition.

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