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Who Brings Forth the Wind

Lori Wick

Price: 99 cents

Who Brings Forth The Wind is a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it as Lori Wick so vividly took me into Stacy’s world. I felt so much joy and pain and sadness and happiness just as she did, but now that the book is over I am even overcome by ever more emotions. The story consists of a torn marriage that is brought back together midst the struggles of Stacy and Tanner. The love between them eventually grows more deeply and the end of the book is very much God-centered as she committed her life to Christ. I throughouly enjoyed reading this and recomend this book to anyone with a desire to see God move through tragic situations. Well done, Lori Wick!


Tanner Richardson, the volatile duke of Cambridge,sees his wife with another man. Misinterpreting the situation, he erupts into rage and throws her and their unborn baby out. Tanner’s anger smolders—until the night he is shot….

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Like Dandelion Dust

Karen Kingsbury

Price: $2.99

Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury is a fabulously written story. Jack and Molly Campbell have the perfect life with their adopted son Joey. Until Joey’s biological father Rip decides he wants his son back, and the courts agree with him. How far will Jack and Molly go to protect their son from his abusive father? I hadn’t read anything by Kingsbury before, and I now sincerely regret that decision. She knows how to craft a story filled with emotion and drama without going into melodrama or stereotypical characters. Her descriptions of characters’ actions make each scene come alive in a way few authors can. I was moved to tears at least twice during the book. And while the book has a Christian message, it’s never pounded down the reader’s throat, but the way God affects each person by the end of the story is profound. This is a deep emotional novel with the message that God is in control, and we need to have the faith of a child to trust him.

Christina Lockstein

Kingsbury delivers a powerful new novel about two parents’ love for their child and the surprising lengths they will go to keep their family together when a judge rules that their adopted son must be returned to his biological father.

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How to Hear the Voice of God

Tanya Guerrier

Price: 99 cents

This book gave me a better insight on ways to listen for God’s voice. I really enjoyed reading it. I could not stop reading the book until I finished it.

Theresa Rice

Do you believe that God speaks?
Do you desire to hear God’s voice?

If so, this special e-report was written especially for you! This is a quick and easy read that you are sure to enjoy.

This report discusses:

• Who is God?
• How to listen to God
• The creative ways in which God speaks
• The power of prayer
• How to pray effectively
• The benefits of hearing God’s voice
• How to develop your intuition
• How to turn your focus inward and reap amazing rewards
• And much more!

Spiritual guidance and practical techniques will be offered to enhance your communication skills with your creator. Hear God’s voice today!

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