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Set Free to Live Free: Breaking through the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves

Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D.

Price: $1.99

Ever feel like you didn’t measure up somehow? Perhaps you might struggle with self esteem issues, or perhaps your the person that looks at life as an all or nothing deal, or if you have ever felt like your not good enough then this book is definitely for you. In Set Free to Live Free, Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith brings to light and shows us how to break free from the seven mental ties that often keep women from reaching their full potential, in essence robbing them of fulfillment and joy.
The seven lies are:
She uses short stories to share examples of the lies we either tell ourselves, or that have been told to us so often that we believe them. I like that fact that she says that freedom is a choice, and while faith and prayer is an element of change,teaching that for each lie that there is a Bible based promise to release us from that lie, she also encourages to really make a difference we must change ourselves to break free from the lies we have been bound by.
This book is written in a clear and concise manner, and is very easy to use. The eight week study guide included in the back would make this book perfect for women’s study groups, but it is also a great tool to use individually. I think all women would benefit greatly from this book.

Brenda Caso

Imagine life with unlimited possibility, where fear, misconceptions, and insecurities don’t have the power to rob us of our potential or our dreams. Many women have trouble seeing this vision because they are bound by mental ties that keep them from living free.

In Set Free to Live Free, Saundra Dalton-Smith shows women how to break free from seven mental ties that hold them back, including striving for perfection, comparing themselves to others, all-or-nothing attitudes, and more. Through case studies and inspirational writing, she encourages women to embrace spontaneity, be transparent, nurture their bodies, and cultivate a balanced life.

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Simple Sourdough: Make Your Own Starter Without Store-Bought Yeast and Bake the Best Bread in the World With This Simplest of Recipes for Making Sourdough

Mark Shepard

Price: $.01

If you want to make naturally leaven bread with wild yeast you can make in your kitchen, Simple Sourdough is the essay to read. I love the idea of making something from nothing, and the concepts I gleaned from this booklet grounded me in the basics of sourdough bread making.

Maria Franken


This booklet tells how to make the best bread in the world. And it’s made from only wheat, water, and salt! You’ll love this tasty, wholesome, easy-to-make bread from a tradition thousands of years old. In fact, it may spoil you for all other bread!

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Amy Carmichael: Selfless Servant of India (Heroes of the Faith)

Sam Wellman

Price: $3.82

As a homeschooling mom, I look for good christian role models for my children. My sixth grader had to write a book report on a biography and since she wants to be a missionary, I thought Amy Carmichael would not only be a person my daughter could look up too but the story line would be something that would keep her attention. The book was so well written that after my sixth grader read it, my fourth grader wanted to read it just for fun.


For challenge and encouragement in your Christian life, read the life stories of the Heroes of the Faith. The novelized biographies of this series are inspiring and easy-to-read, ideal for Christians of any age or background. In Amy Carmichael, you’ll get to know the great missionary who rescued many girls of India from horrible abuses—and served nearly six decades without a furlough. Appropriate for readers from junior high through adult, helpful for believers of any background, these biographies encourage greater Christian commitment through the example of heroes like Amy Carmichael.

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A Wealth Beyond Riches: 1 (Truly Yours Digital Editions)

Vickie McDonough

Price: 99 cents

This was a wonderful historical romance! I read this story in one day, I couldn’t put it down. The story of Sasah and Jim touched me. I thought it was wonderful that they were able to help so many people in the story. The author of this story truly knows how to write a clean sweet story, that you wont soon forget.

Jennifer Dieleman

On Sasha Di Carlo’s eighteenth birthday, her mother, a famous actress, abandons her for a new beau. So when Sasha discovers she has family in Indian Territory, she leaves the theater world behind. She travels west searching for family, a sense of belonging, and unconditional love. Jim Conners, former soldier and carpenter extraordinaire, finds himself wandering the West, also looking to define himself. Building a house for Dewey Hummingbird brings him satisfaction-until Sasha arrives, claiming to be Dewey’s niece. Jim finds himself torn between protecting the old man’s interests and growing attracted to this lovely young woman. When Dewey is threatened by unscrupulous men wanting his land, can Sasha and Jim work together, or will the deceptions surrounding them destroy their chance at love?

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