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Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough

Justin and Trisha Davis

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Beyond Ordinary is a very candid retelling of a couple’s journey through marriage. The “he said, she said memoir” style provides for a punchy read as you move in and out of snapshots of Justin and Trisha’s life. The personal stories range from familiar, to sitcom-esque, heartbreaking and ultimately redemptive. The personal stories serve as illustrations, laid alongside spiritual truths that provide marital wisdom in each chapter. This wisdom (learned the hard way) is applicable to any marriage longing to move beyond ordinary.
This book isn’t like any other marriage book I’ve read. I found the transparency to be refreshing. Their honesty cracks open the myths many have about marriage and their journey opens your eyes to potential pitfalls in your own marriage.
My wife and I have been reading this book together. We have enjoyed discussing the end of the chapter questions. Highly recommend reading with your spouse.


How safe is your marriage? The answer may surprise you. The biggest threat to any marriage isn’t infidelity or miscommunication. The greatest enemy is ordinary. Ordinary marriages lose hope. Ordinary marriages lack vision. Ordinary marriages give in to compromise. Ordinary is the belief that this is as good as it will ever get. And when we begin to settle for ordinary, it’s easy to move from “I do” to “I’m done.”

Justin and Trisha Davis know just how dangerous ordinary can be. In this beautifully written book, Justin and Trisha take us inside the slow fade that occurred in their own marriage—each telling the story from their own perspective. Together, they reveal the mistakes they made, the work they avoided, the thoughts and feelings that led to an affair and near divorce, and finally, the heart-change that had to occur in both of them before they could experience the hope, healing, and restoration of a truly extraordinary marriage.

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Understanding Why Babies Cry

Cleone Blackshaw

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This was a great little guide, and I’m glad I got hold of it. For one, Cleone Blackshaw obviously has a deep understanding and knowledge of the psychology of babies, not just through her own research, but through being a parent herself. I felt like I was in the hands of a confident and more experienced mother who was giving me her insight, something I badly needed at the time.
The advice on how to treat babies when they cry was important for me. I feel I can relate to my baby in a richer and more confident way now that I couldn’t before. I think this book will help you get the most out of those oh so important early months with your baby. Highly recommended.

Beryl Stafford

Understanding Why Babies Cry – A Quick Read Parenting Books for First time mum and first time dad

Why Do Babies Cry? Your new baby cries to communicate, not to manipulate you

We have all heard it and read about it from some parenting books – „Don`t spoil your newborn baby. It is crying to manipulate you.“

But is this true? Why do babies cry? Do babies cry to manipulate their parents?

From the research that I have done and of course from my own experience with my children, babies cry to communicate with their parents. In addition, a prominent child development expert says that children younger than the age of 18 months are not grown enough to be nasty and manipulative. You can train them, but be loving and try to understand their needs.

As a first time mum or a first time dad, you will find explanations on
– why babies cry
– what to do when your newborn baby starts to cry
– how to interpret the different sounds (cryings) that your baby will be making
– safety precaution in the nursery room
– co-sleeping or not with your newborn baby

This parenting book is a quick read for busy parents who want to know how to prevent excessive crying and want to know what to do when their lovely newborn baby starts to cry.

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Juicing With Kids: Your Guide to Family-Friendly Juicing

M.D. Evans

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As a parent with vegetarian adult children and a 3 year old granddaughter, my wife and I were looking for a great way to create healthy snacks that were “parent approved” when our little granddaughter was visiting. This little book was perfect. There’s great little nuggets of information in this book. From the benefits of juicing to how to introduce it to your child of any age (the book talks about from prior to 2 years old and older but emphasizing the importance of milk early on and your child’s other nutrition needs). It also has great tips like how to make juicing fun; like getting the children involved and common sense stuff like drinking water after a nice juice drink to rinse any residual sugar from their teeth. Honestly, we hadn’t really considered the great benefits or even that juicing was an option for children. There’s tons of great recipes also with kid friendly names, which for those alone this was well worth the price. We highly recommend this book for anyone considering or wondering about the benefits of juicing with kids.

Jared Akers

Amazon Bestselling Author and Nutrition Guru M.D. Evans brings you this fun and easy-to-follow guide. It includes everything you need to know to begin juicing with your kids!

The importance of child nutrition cannot be overstated. It’s vital for healthy development, energy, concentration and wellness. Yet it’s more difficult than ever to get our busy, picky children to eat the fruits and vegetables their bodies desperately need. Juicing provides an achievable solution for improved child nutrition that any parent can implement.

In this guide, you’ll get tips for SAFE and EFFECTIVE juicing specific to children’s needs. Learn precautions every parent should know about juicing, and get tried and true methods for helping your children to fall in love with juicing too! You’ll also get our 20 favorite juice recipes for kids, and healing juice recipes “Dr. Mom” will appreciate.

– How to find the best family-friendly juicer
– How to pick the perfect produce for your kids
– The money-saving secret for clean juicing for your kids
– The Six Simple Steps for making juice with your kids

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The CVS Drugstore Game: Strategies to Turn Pocket Change into Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Products

Amanda Grossman

Price: FREE

This ebook is great if you’re serious about saving 80%+ on your CVS purchases. Normal people using CVS ExtraCare bucks to save $2 on a future purchase, but after reading the ebook you’ll find out how a single $5 purchase can turn into $20 worth of products you use daily.


This is the Book CVS Prefers You Wouldn’t Read

For less than the cost of one razor (which you will score for free over and over again using the tactics in this book), learn how to legally walk out of CVS with lots of free products using their own currency: the ExtraCare® Buck.

You need to read this book because:

Several years ago I stopped paying for shampoo, razors, and toothpaste. If I don’t have to pay, why should you?

Watch as I take a brand new CVS ExtraCare® card and score $43.45 worth of merchandise for $13.64 (includes 8.25% sales tax)…and walk out of the store with $4 in ExtraCare® Bucks ECBs to spend in a future transaction.

I provide full transparency with receipts and explanations.

Learn an easy, revolutionized coupon system that opened my eyes two years ago. Hint: there are no binders, no folders, and very little clipping involved.

Bonus Chapters: advanced drugstore game strategies, common CVS issues and how to nip them in the bud, and how to supplement your CVS Drugstore Game with free gift cards.

I have been playing the drugstore game for the last four and a half years, saving my two-person household over $2500 with free and severely discounted products. The great news for you is that this is not some sort of fluke. What I do is called the drugstore game, and people have been playing it for years. Don’t you want to learn?

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Everyday Talk: Talking about God with Your Children

Jay Younts

Price: $1.99

This book gives great hope and encouragement to us. It is amazingly practical and refreshingly biblical. By God’s grace we plan on implementing Everyday Talk today!” —- Lance and Beth Quinn, Pastor & Wife, The Bible Church of Little Rock “Everyday Talk is a masterful book. It provides valuable talking points for conversations about everything from weather, to sex, to music. The two essential features of biblical parenting are properly aligned in this book: penetrating insight into the heart and the centrality of the gospel, not only for salvation, but for life.

Tedd Tripp

God first gave specific instructions for being a parent in Deuteronomy 6. He instructs parents to talk to their children everyday about God and His ways. Everyday Talk offers practical, creative ways to do that. Learn how to use ordinary conversations to show your kids the goodness and wisdom of God. With clear biblical teaching, John Younts illustrates how to lead your children into a greater awareness of the presence and glory of God.

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The Insanity of Unbelief: A Journalist’s Journey from Belief to Skepticism to Deep Faith

Max Davis

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Davis writes with clarity and passion to encourage believers and those whom God is drawing to Himself. “The Insanity of Unbelief: A Journalist’s Journey from Belief to Skepticism to Deep Faith” is moving and scholarly, thought provoking, and compassionate addressing the uncertainties of exceptionally intelligent people with doubts about their own beliefs. Davis delivers an important message to a politically correct, culturally relevant, media driven society.

Richard R. Blake

“One day one of my professors asked me if it was true that I was a Bible-believing Christian. When I answered yes, his polite, upbeat attitude instantly turned rude and arrogant. In front of my peers, he insulted my intelligence, belittled my faith, and discredited the Bible. To him there was absolutely no doubt that science and academia had shown the pure ‘insanity of such belief,’” writes author Max Davis.

Written from his journalistic point of view, The Insanity of Unbelief is a result of the author’s 30-year walk from childlike belief, to skepticism, and finally deep, secure faith. The contents are based on his expert and thorough research of solid facts versus what many atheists, agnostics, and even some believers tout.

Different from other apologetic books is the addition of true, documented, supernatural experiences and miracles making a compelling—and exciting—argument for the reality and power of God!

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Get Wisdom!

Ruth Younts

Price: $1.99

I purchased this book at a conference at my church and my only regret was that I hadn’t found it when my son was a bit younger – I think it would be great to do with a 4 to 6 year old…my son was 7 when I found it and he’s ready for more, but that’s just where he’s at. At any rate, I highly recommend this book – it has short, simple, straightforward lessons as well as attractive pages and places for the kids to write. Love it!

Stacey W. Abdalla

Question: What do our kids need? Answer: They need wisdom. “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom…” Proverbs 4:7
Designed for parents or teachers to use with children from K-5-through Grade 4, twenty-three lessons illustrate qualities of wisdom and godliness. Each lesson is presented in a simple format with illustrations to capture the attention of the child, and supplemented at the back of the book with suggestions for teaching the lesson. Every child of God both adults and children should work hard to show these traits more and more, because we love Jesus and want to be like him. That s easier said than done, isn’t it? We struggle with sin every day, and we will fail. The lessons remind us that when we do, we will find forgiveness and the grace to continue to get wisdom at the foot of the Cross.

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Pray Like It Matters

Steve Gaines

Price: 99 cents

Steve Gaines has lived out the truth of his new book “Pray Like It Matters”! In his personal life and in his ministry to God’s church he has walked through the fires of challenge always on his knees through prayer. These pages will be an immeasurable blessing to you and will become a significant tool for your Christian maturity in prayer and in your walk with the Lord.

Jimmy Draper

From the Introduction:
When I read the Book of Acts, I am embarrassed. Why does our brand of Christianity look so insipid compared to the be-lievers of the First Century? Where has the power gone? Has God changed, or have we? We’ve all heard the cop out that says, “The Book of Acts represents a different dispensation.” What a sad, self-serving attempt to excuse our current state of spiritual impotence!

When we read Acts, we should yearn to experience a return to their brand of Christianity. Yet, instead of copying them, we seem content with copying other modern churches that are “growing.” But why copy a copy, when you can copy the original (the Book of Acts)? In Acts, God was saving people every day.
Communities were transformed. People were healed. Demons were cast out. Miracles were commonplace. Churches sprouted up across the Roman Empire. Persecution was faced and overcome. What made them so different?

Some say they preached a purer Gospel. I disagree. Modern Evangelicals preach the same Gospel that was proclaimed in the First Century. We preach that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died an atoning death, and rose bodily from the grave. We preach that man is a sinner and stands guilty before God in need of salvation. We preach that God offers salvation by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ alone, and the moment anyone repents of his sin, puts his faith in Jesus, and calls upon His name, that person is born again.
That’s the Gospel they preached, and the Gospel we preach.

Our lack of spiritual power in Christianity today is not due to the sermons we preach or the songs we sing. Rather, it is due to our lack of prayer. We do not pray like it matters. Jesus and His earliest followers prayed like it was important. We pray like it is inconvenient or inconsequential. Prayer was their priority. It is our postscript. We plan more than we pray. They prayed more than they planned. We gather to minister to one another. They gathered to minister to the Lord in prayer and fasting. Our focus is earthly, horizontal. Theirs was heavenly, vertical. They were wise enough to “pray the price.”

All of this is why I have written this 12-week Bible Study en-titled, “Pray Like It Matters.” I want to demonstrate from Scripture that every prayer we pray is significant. Through our prayers, God changes things. One life dedicated to prayer can do more good than any life dedicated to other so-called “noble,” worldly causes. An individual follower of Jesus who is committed to prayer is a fountain of life in a world of death. Likewise, the local church that becomes a house of prayer will be a spiritual powerhouse from which God’s mighty miracles will flow exponentially. PRAYER is what modern Christians and churches are missing – frequent, fervent, faithful prayer!

Most Christians want to pray but don’t know how. They are unable to carry on a simple, sustained, satisfying conversation with God. Thus, after a few minutes in prayer, they run out of things to say, get frustrated, and give up. Sound familiar?

Just as infants must be taught to talk, Christians must be taught to pray. Once you know how, prayer will be fulfilling, refreshing, and even fun.

A growing number of Christians today are aware that some-thing must be wrong. They know there has to be “more” to the Christian life than what they have experienced. That “more” is found through the discipline of prayer. These les-sons are a wakeup call for each individual, family, and church to become a “house of prayer.” When we begin to pray like Jesus and His early followers,
then we will witness the power they experienced.

Today, we embark on what could be the greatest adventure of your life. Before we start, let’s pray the prayer of the early disciples: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

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