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Ruth Gutteridge

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Listen was not an easy read. The gossip was annoying–especially since I saw myself in some of the characters and their actions. “Harmless” gossip damages not only the people you talk about, but it desensitizes us to how we should feel and care about people around us. I recommend this book as a way to spotlight what happens when we don’t “tame our tongues.”
By the way, it’s a great mystery, too!

M.E. McFaddon

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Marlo . . . until the residents begin seeing their private conversations posted online for everyone to read. Then it’s neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, as paranoia and violence escalate. The police scramble to identify the person responsible for the posts and pull the plug on the Website before it destroys the town. But what responsibility do the people of the town have for the words they say when they think no one is listening? Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

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The Deposit Slip

Todd M. Johnson

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This involving, well-written debut novel is a character-driven legal thriller…a page-turner worth reading.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

This Gripping Legal Thriller Is a Perfect Summer Read

When Jared Neaton grew tired of the shady ethics of his big law firm and left to go out on his own, he never expected the wheels to fly off so quickly. One big case collapsing on him has pushed him to the brink and it’s all he can do to scrape by. He can’t risk another bad loss.

Erin Larson is running out of options. In the wake of her father’s death, she found a slim piece of paper–a deposit slip–with an unbelievable amount on it. Ten million dollars. Only the bank claims it has no record of the deposit and stonewalls her attempts to find out more. This lawsuit, her last chance, has brought only intimidation and threats. Now she needs to convince Jared to take a risk, to help her because the money is real. And both need to watch their backs as digging deeper unleashes something far more dangerous than just threats.

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Faith, Hope & Love

Kimberly Rae Jordan

I Haven’t got enough words to say or to express my feelings about this book. It touched me from the very first paragraph. Missionaries who lay down their life to serve our Lord.Being held prisoner’s and the struggles they have to battle. This book will leave a mark on your heart. This book deserves more then 5 stars. I believe the Lord was with you Kim while you wrote this wonderful story. This is a must read.

D.L. Montgomery

Six years after Colombian rebels took her missionary husband hostage, Cassie MacIntyre gets word that Quinn has been released and is on his way home. While initially excited to have her husband back, it isn’t long before joy turns to heartache as Cassie realizes that his time in captivity have robbed Quinn of his faith in God and apparently, his love for her. The man who has come back to her is a stranger. Cassie struggles to keep alive the hope that there is a future for their marriage, their family and the love they once shared.

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Dining with Joy (A Lowcountry Romance)

Rachel Houck

Let me say right off that I LOVED this book! It will certainly not be the last one I read by the fantastic story teller, Rachel Hauck.
The characters of Joy and Luke (along with the minors) are filled with depth and flaws, humor and charm that stand to life on the page. The story is well told with word pictures abounding in a manner sure to grab your attention and refuse to let go. This is the kind of book that when you have to put it down, you want to go back to it immediately.


“Chef” Joy Ballard longs for a simpler life. But when a good-looking outsider arrives and spices things up, life becomes deliciously complicated.

Host of a regionally syndicated cooking show, Joy Ballard has a little secret: she can’t cook. But when her show is picked up by a major network and given a prime time slot, her world heats up faster than a lowcountry boil.

Enter Luke Redmond: handsome, creative, and jobless after having to declare bankruptcy of his Manhatten restaurant. When her producers ask him to co-host the show, Joy sees Luke as her way out. But Luke sees much more than just a co-host in Joy.

Their relationship begins to simmer on and off set. Until Joy’s secret is revealed and her reputation is ruined on national television by her rival, Wenda Devine.

But could Devine’s cruelty be a divine gift? Losing Luke–and her sister–forces Joy to consider where her worth really comes from. Could God be cooking up an even bigger adventure from the mess? And will Joy hang on long enough to find out?

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