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Past Forward- A Serial Novel: Episode 25

Chautona Havig

Price: FREE

I love this series and this episode did not disappoint. I love the way this series flows, moving slowly but rarely gets boring. This one is not as dramatic as some of the others but it is still very good. Willow and Chad are an awesome couple and have a wonderful family. Can’t wait for the next one. I discovered this series and have read all 25 episodes in the past four days. Once I began reading, I couldn’t put it down.
Chautona Havig is an excellent author and on her website she gives the correct order in which to read her books. As best as I can tell, there are many series that are linked with other ones. Tomorrow I will begin a new series. Yay!

Melody Cox

Past Forward is a serial novel released weekly on Kindle.

Alone without friends or family to comfort her after the death of her mother, Willow Finley’s idyllic life is over—and just beginning.

When Willow Finley awakes on a hot summer morning, she is unprepared for the grief that awaits her. Jerked from a life of isolation with her mother, Willow learns what alone really means when she finds her mother still in her bed, never to awaken again in this life.

From the moment Willow arrives in the police station with her startling announcement, Chad Tesdall fights the friendship he knows he can’t avoid.

In this Episode,a man from the past a man in the present both become enamored–almost obsessed–with Walden Farm. Wedding preparations are in earnest and from three sides. Willow continues to adapt to life as the mother of three, and Chad turns on his over-protective side. Look out for an ending that gives a hint of Episode 26 away!

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Leaving Lancaster: A Novel (Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy)

Kate Lloyd

Price: FREE

This book is a bit different from many “Amish Fiction” stories. It lets us inside the heads of some who have not lived Amish for years and some who never even know what it is to live Amish. A very enjoyable read, with a dash of twists, turns and romance thrown in for good measure. I was a bit frustrated to not find out all the answers, I hope they will come in more books from Kate Lloyd.

D. Moore

Can a splintered Amish family reconcile?

More than anything else, thirty-something Holly Fisher longs for family. Growing up in Seattle without a dad or grandparents, she wonders what it would be like to have a heritage, a place of belonging. Holly is furious when her mother, Esther, reveals a long-kept secret: Holly’s grandmother and uncles are still alive and begging Esther to return. And Holly is shocked when she learns that the family she’s never known lives on a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, farm—as part of an Amish community her mother once abandoned.
Guilt-ridden Esther, terrified to see her mother and siblings, begs Holly to accompany her on a visit to Esther’s mother before she dies. But can their journey to a conflicting world heal their emotional wounds and finally bring them home?
Set in the heart of contemporary Lancaster County, Leaving Lancaster explores the power of forgiveness, family reconciliation, and love where least expected.

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The Way of Grace (Miller’s Creek Novels)

Cathy Bryant

Price: FREE

Life’s journey often takes down a pathway that doesn’t always go the way we plan. Circumstances take us above and beyond what we can do under our human power, but when we allow our faith to carry us let God control we find His mercy and grace the greatest gift of all.

Sue Walter

In pursuit of justice, in need of grace . . .

A justice-seeking perfectionist pursues her dream of a perfect life in her hometown of Miller’s Creek, Texas. Sidetracked by a desire to be a prosecuting attorney, Grace Soldano launches into uncharted waters, making herself over to please her boss and mentor.

Then a disheveled free spirit turns her perfectly ordered world upside down, challenging the concept of personal goodness. A fall from perfection leaves Grace teetering between vengeance and grace, caught in a deadly crossfire that leaves her dreams in a heap of ashes.

Can she learn to joyfully accept the life God has given her–far from perfect–but completely immersed in His grace?

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All For Anna (Letting Go)

Nicole Deese

Price: FREE

What a powerful story. Deese spoke through her truth, her experiences, yet she did it in such a way as to transcend barriers into my truth and into the truth of anyone lucky enough to choose to read this masterpiece. This book engaged me in a way that very few have ever done and I applaud the author’s successful endeavors. The characters and the story stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.
From one eternally grateful reader, many thanks Nicole Deese. Many thanks to you and to your family for allowing the time to create such a beautiful piece of fictional truth.
And, yes, the story has a very satisifying, gratifying, happy ending!

M.C. Walls

If guilt is a prison; Victoria Sales has given herself a life sentence.
Held captive by regret, 23 year-old trauma RN, Tori Sales, has seen the reality of many nightmares. But there is one nightmare she will never wake from—her last memory of Anna.
Her efforts to save the little girl were not enough; she was not enough.
After a year of living alone, Tori is forced to return home—a place where heartache, loss, and broken relationships lurk around every corner. Isolation is her only solace; running is her only escape.
But she cannot outrun the truth forever.
When a handsome, compassionate stranger enters her world, Tori is inspired to deal with her past and focus on the future—one she never believed possible. But before her quest for closure is complete, a new revelation surfaces, tainting her world yet again.
Will she accept the recovery she so desperately needs? Or will she choose the escape she knows best…

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Manuscript for Murder (The Hartfield Mysteries)

Chautona Havig

Price: $2.99

Downloaded at 11 pm, read until 4:17 am. Not finished….You really want to read all the way, holds your interest, mystery, who did it, the pain inflicted by family, friends, Christians….Justice…God’s Justice…Truth…Please take the time to read, reflect, soul searching. This book will if you are open minded, make you think and hopefully be more understanding.


Alexa Hartfield. Author, local celebrity, fashion connoisseur. She chose Fairbury for its close proximity to Rockland, its small town atmosphere, and its low crime rate.

Then someone made her life a literary cliché. A mysterious accident with a light bulb sparked an interesting idea for her latest novel—and for Fairbury’s new serial killer. The first replication infuriated her. The second left an even worse taste in her mouth. The third blasted more than her self-confidence, and the fourth beat her down so far she’s considering giving up writing completely.

Who is killing Fairbury’s citizens, and furthermore, why and how are they using her novels to do it?

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A Silent Terror

Lynette Eason

Price: $3.79 (Kindle) $4.20 (NOOK)

I am not given to reading suspense but our book club was reading this selection. I am very pleased I did. Though page-turning, this isn’t all out gore and forensic evidence that leaves one sick to their stomach. I applaud the author for that……making my heart race with the terror while not grossing me out to nausea.

Gayla M. Collins

When Marianna Santino’s roommate is killed, Detective Ethan O’Hara can’t fathom the motive. Then he realizes the deaf teacher was the intended target. Marianna must have something the murderer desperately wants. But what? Digging for the truth, the guarded cop tries to learn everything he can about Marianna. Her world. Her family. Her beauty, faith and fierce independence. In spite of himself, Ethan finds that he can’t keep his feelings at bay. Soon, he’s willing to risk everything–including his heart–to lay the silent terror stalking Marianna to rest.

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The Thing About Beauty (Truly Yours Digital Editions)

Donna Robinson

Price: 99 cents

Tonya Brandt wants to marry a man who will complement her own beauty. But she’s dated every good-looking guy in town without finding someone who loves her for her mind and talents.
When a secret admirer begins sending Tonya gifts and letters, her heart melts. But who is this mystery man? She loves his personality, but what does he look like? When Tonya finally discovers her secret admirer’s identity, will she reject him? Or will she learn that true beauty is more than skin deep?

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