Ultimate Homemaking Bundle- Two More Favorites


I’ve been spending a lot of time reading since last Saturday when my baby was born. Every time I sit down to nurse, I open my trusty laptop and pull up the latest book. I’ve been focusing on the books from the Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle, and there are a ton of them, 97 to be exact.

Yesterday, I got through two more books, and I think when I tell you which ones, you’ll be able to guess what my focus is now that the baby is here.

The first book I read through was 100 Pound Loser: How I Ate What I Wanted, Had Four Babies, & Still Took Control Of My Weight – And You Can Too!


This was a great, motivational, quick read. It helped me get in the right mindset for losing a bunch of baby weight!

The second book that I just got finished reading was Embracing Beauty by Trina Holden.


This was a fantastic book and covered a lot of different aspects of what goes into a “put-together” look. Trina talks a lot about color, accessories, hair, and make-up, but the part that I enjoyed most was when she was talking about one specific garment that will allow you to pass gracefully through all the different transitions of childbearing years and still look cute and fashionable.

This book inspired me so much that I put on some makeup, a tiny bit of jewelry, dug up one of those magical garments that I just hinted about, and let me tell you, I feel BETTER!

I wish Trina had gone more in depth when she was talking about foundation garments. There is more to the foundation than just the bra. I’m a big fan of Spanx. Big fan. Really big fan.

Great job Trina!

With the Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle sale, you get both of these books, and 95 others, plus a ton of bonuses.

For the complete list of books and bonuses, click on over to my Monday post.

Remember, this sale only goes through May 4, and then it’s over! Don’t miss out!


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