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Erin E.M. Hatton

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In the land that would one day be known as Scotland, three sisters embark on very different paths …

Aigneis, the eldest, has always been a dutiful daughter. An arranged marriage to the king is her ultimate test of obedience. In the midst of running a kingdom, Aigneis must learn to put aside duty for her heart, or let silence destroy her marriage.

Eithne, the youngest, has always been passionate and headstrong, as fiery in temper as her red hair. When she elopes with a handsome young smith, she discovers that real love is not the fairy tale she imagined. Two volatile natures collide, and Eithne must quiet her fire, or leave her life in ashes.

Ealasaid, the middle daughter, has always felt out of place. Her gift of prophecy makes her an outsider, and she was never made for a simple life as a wife, like her sisters. No one is surprised when she decides to become a nun at the monastery of Cill Linnhe. But when disaster strikes the sea-girt cloister, Ealasaid must cling to her faith and find the strength to forgive the unforgivable.

Against the backdrop of a land in its birth pains, these three diverse women discover the one thing that unites them: their faith in God.

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The Ultimate Gift

Jim Stovall

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I received this book as a gift shortly after watching the movie by the same name – I was greatly impressed with the movie and anxious to read the book (since everyone knows that the book is always better than the movie). This book is no exception to that rule – an outstanding read and it was as easy to read as the movie was to watch. This is a novel, a work of fiction that drives home some real life points! The premise of the book is about what’s really important in life – is it what we build with our hands or the money and worldly success we achieve, or is it something more than that, something that isn’t tangible and can’t be bought or sold for any amount of money? In his final will, a dying wealthy man tries to communicate from the grave the true meaning of life to a family member who up until this point hasn’t got a clue!
I would think that this book could probably be read to children in upper elementary school and could be read by 7th or 8th graders on their own. The book should be read by parents first so that they can engage their children in conversation along the way. While the book isn’t overtly Christian, you’ll find that the lessons taught in this novel are very similar to the wisdom shared in the Book of Proverbs and throughout Scripture. Stovall isn’t preaching, but he sure can drive a point home with this story; and these twelve “gifts” passed from one generation to the next are essential for each and every one of us to learn as well.
While some say that the movie isn’t as good as the book, I say that they are a pretty good compliment of each other. The movie takes various liberties with the book to get this message on screen, but you won’t be disappointed with either. The book is written to provoke thought and discussion and families should use them as tools to teach valuable life lessons to their children – Red Stevens would have wanted it that way!

Dan Panetti

What would you do to inherit a million dollars? Would you be willing to change your life? Jason Stevens is about to find out in Jim Stovall’s The Ultimate Gift.

Red Stevens has died, and the older members of his family receive their millions with greedy anticipation. But a different fate awaits young Jason, whom Stevens, his great-uncle, believes may be the last vestige of hope in the family.

“Although to date your life seems to be a sorry excuse for anything I would call promising, there does seem to be a spark of something in you that I hope we can fan into a flame. For that reason, I am not making you an instant millionaire.”

What Stevens does give Jason leads to The Ultimate Gift. Young and old will take this timeless tale to heart.

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