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Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms

Kelly Sheehy Degroot

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I downloaded this on my Kindle and read it to both of my children before bed, and they loved it. The illustrations are so colorful and just adorable, and the story is sweet and kind. We hope for more from this author and illustrator!

Erin Miller

Princess Charleston is a caring little girl who loves all of her friends in the land, air and sea. Sing with her as she helps to bring animals of the Isle of Palms to shelter during a scary thunderstorm.

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The Story of a Hero, The Story of a Father

Imagine Brothers

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Wow, when I bought this book, I never expected to be touched so deeply as I was when I read it. This is a masterpiece of Inspirational Art! I will admit, it brought tears to my eyes as this seemly simple story became so moving has it was unfolding page by page. This book should serve as a reminder of why we are here on this earth. It should be engrained into our thoughts on a daily basis.

Doctor Dee

If you are a parent, uncle, aunt,
grandparent, or anyone else who has a child within your influence, you can become their hero starting today. I highly recommend Imagine Brothers’ book, “The Story of a Hero, the Story of a Father,” for the inspiration to jump start your hero journey.
– Mark Mills, Indie Book Examiner

In this book’s brevity, I became inspired to be the hero that helps my children live into their dreams as well as to appreciate my father for the many ways he has helped me realize mine. I can’t praise this book enough. I hope that it can make the difference that it can and should make on the relationships between fathers and sons everywhere. Powerful, inspiring in a small package!
– The discriminating reviewer

I want to thank the author for reminding me the real reason and the true purpose of life.
– Doctor Dee (Top 1000 Reviewer)

Children and parents alike are sure to get joy and a reminder in what’s really important when reading this book.
– J. Hollister (Top 1000 Reviewer)

Short, sweet, and to the point. It sends a strong message to parents and children alike.
– Brittany

The author did a great job of sharing the value of a parent bonding with their child.
– paulat

This was an excellent story of a father and his son and the dreams they make a reality.
– Brooke D.

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Welcome Home

Billi Tiner

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Welcome Home by Dr. Tiner is a well-written novel with a little of everything; Perseverance, Hope, Sadness, and Joy. When Jake attains his dream, this old guy shed a tear or two. His adventures during his search for his envisioned home and owner are at times humorous, and at times a little sad. One of the heroes of this novel just happens to be a lady veterinarian who is both knowledgable and compassionate, as I believe the author must be.
I would recommend this book for any age. I will loan it to the local library and then save it for my youngest grandson to read when he is able to do so.
Dr. Tiner has produced an excellent first novel and I look forward to her next.


Welcome Home is the story of Jake, a black Labrador Retriever mix. For as long as Jake can remember, he has been having the same dream. In his dream, he lives with a wonderful man in a beautiful home. He has never seen the face of the man in the dream, but he knows his voice and is certain that they are meant to be together. When the day comes for Jake to be given away to his new home, he believes that he will finally get to meet the man from his dreams. However, when he is chosen, it is definitely not by the man from his dream! He is taken to a home where he is terribly mistreated. After suffering years of abuse, Jake finally escapes and is able to begin the search for the man he has been dreaming of his entire life. Along the way, Jake meets some interesting characters, survives amazing adventures, and forms life-long friendships. Join Jake on his incredible journey home.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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