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You Can’t Lend a Friend

Tim Whitney

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Lovely book! I appreciate the moral behind it. The illustrations are child friendly as well. Great job. Thank you much.

Margarete Gray

Join Little Laura Lu Shrew as she learns the value of friendship in this classic rhyming tale. Laura Lu learns that friendship is as valuable as gold. This amazingly colorful book is sweet and perfect as an early reader and a bedtime story. Your children will want to read it over and over and the amazing artwork reveals more detail with each and every read. Lend to the book to others and perhaps you will find a new friend as well!

Fun Fact: Laura’s last name Lu is taken from the texting version of Love You (lu).

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5 Sight Word Books For Beginning Readers (Volume 1)

Cindy Bracken

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My son is learning to read in kindergarten and this is a perfect book for him to practice. It is also good for him to memorize his sight words. I would definitely recommend this to parents with beginning readers.


These 5 early readers each use words directly from the Dolch pre primer sight word list. Each book features bright, colorful illustrations and simple text with bold print. A word list is included at the end of each book for review. Your child will be on the road to reading success as they master these beginning sight words!

Created by bestselling author Cindy Bracken (a former Kindergarten teacher and elementary school librarian).

Titles Include:

I Can

In this beginning reader, your child will learn the sight words I, can, jump, run, go, help, look, see, and play. Illustrated with real photos of children doing the action that is presented in the simple text.

Is It Blue?

This beginning reader will teach your child the sight words is, it, yes, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, black and red. Simple text and bright, colorful illustrations make this one a winner!

One, Two, Three

In this sight word book, the words one, two, three, little, and big are presented through rhyming text and colorful illustrations. The words blue, green and yellow are also reinforced.

It Is My Birthday

In this fun sight word book, the words it, is, my, help, make, come, we, play, jump, up, down, funny and I are presented. The text and illustrations depict fun activities that happen at a typical birthday party.

Kitten’s Walk

Kitten comes into contact with different animals in this book, and finally finds someone to play with at the end. The words my, see, a, little, the, run, away, find, jump and play are presented. Kids love the cute and friendly animals in this sight word book.

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Leave your sleeve, Steve!

Yonit Werber

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Oh, how I loved the concept, the way the story was told and the honesty in describing Mom’s frustrations.
I liked the way the author transformed Mom’s paradigms and attitude, showing how it usually is all about us rather than about our kids. How clever kids can be when they are given options and the freedom to choose.
The tip for the parents at the end is also worth reading.


Steve was a sweet and smiley boy.
His mom loved him very much, But she had a problem –
Every evening, at dinner,
When Steve ate cheese, egg, or sandwich with jam or chocolate,
And some food was left at the corner of his mouth,
Steve would clean his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt.

Steve’s mom asked him over and over again “Leave your sleve, Steve!”
but nothing helped.

Until one day she had a brilliant idea…

This bed-time children’s story tells the tale of Steve and his mom
and shows a great and easy way to motivate kids
to stop cleaning their mouth with their sleeves.

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My First Book of ABC and 123: An Educational Picture Book for Young Children (Beginner Series: Book 1)

Lisl Fair

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I love the learning games in My First Book of ABC and 123. The 26 Fun Alphabet Listening Games are designed to be played by a parent and one or more children. They teach critical letter-sound and number recognition skills, sequencing and patterns, and so much more. Fun and easy to play, they require at most only a few items from around the house.
The book focuses on teaching the phonetic sounds of letters before emphasizing their letter names. This prepares children for early reading by making them confident of the sounds the letters make.
In the Alphabet section, each letter has a sentence that repeats the phonetic sound of the letter several times. The sentences are funny and memorable, but I feel that several of the words used are too advanced for most children in this age group. Nevertheless, this book is a powerful tool for parents to use every day with their children.


My First ABC and 123 (2nd Edition) with Listening Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers introduces the alphabet and counting from 1 to 10 in a superb way.

Colorful, high quality illustrations are combined with silly rhymes to reinforce learning the alphabet. The book contains 26 listening games for children from 6 months to 5 years of age.

Good listeners make good students and good friends who can understand and follow the rules in a classroom or during games. The number section includes a sequential memory game for preschool children to help them practice their memorizing skills while learning to count from 1 to 10.

The book can be used by parents, teachers and therapists to lay an early foundation for good listening skills. The book contains two supplementary books: Noah’s Ark Activity Book and Fun Day on the Farm Activity Book.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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