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Pie-Rits: A Pirate Adventure

Julie Dweck

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A colourful children’s book, told in rhyme and with good humour, with some great illustrations that are eye catching and some wonderful imaginative characters that will appeal to children. Pie-Rits is ideal for early readers and will be a story that young children will want read to them again and again.

Nikki Bywater

Set sail for a daring pirate adventure like no other. Can a cherry cupcake, a French bread and a flaky croissant battle a crew of assorted pie-rits? Children will delight in the humor, word play, and action of this rhyming pirate adventure that will keep readers laughing from beginning to end. Pirates have never been so deliciously nasty.

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Louie & Lilly’s Nap Time

David Scott

Price: FREE

I bought this book for my grandchildren because of the dogs on the cover. It turned out to be a great little bedtime story book. The illustrations are outstanding and the kids loved them while the story was cute and heartwarming given we have two dogs and know all so well how they act and how happy they are when we arrive home. For the price, it’s a great read for small children.

Jeff Baker

Adorable yorkie puppies Louie and Lilly are very sleepy after playing all morning, so they set out on a quest to find the best places to nap. With sweet illustrations and a fun, alternating rhyme scheme, this is a perfect children’s book to read aloud for naptime, bedtime or any time. Formatted for easy reading on all Kindle models and free Kindle reading apps, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Android devices.

After eating breakfast,
and playing in the sun,
chasing balls and bunnies,
just having so much fun . . .

Louie and Lilly
leapt off their lush lawn,
headed for shelter,
and started to yawn.

With soft sleepy eyes,
some barking and yaps,
they stretched out their paws
all ready for naps.

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Peter Pan

Roberto Piumini

Price: FREE

This is a clever and charming re-telling of the classic story, with delightful illustrations by the great Nicoletta Costa. It has a lighter touch, which is appropriate for young children, yet it includes all the important events of the original. And the imaginative and colorful illustrations add to the enjoyment of the story. Children are sure to love this book!

Laurie Jean

Adapted for Kids: Award winning teacher-turned-author, Roberto Piumini retells this famous classic in an engaging way for young readers.

Visually Captivating: Vivid, eye-catching illustrations by award-winning illustrator Nicoletta Costa.

Global Bestseller: Part of a special classics series selling 1 million copies sold worldwide.

*A KiteReaders Classic Favorites Title

Rediscover this classic tale about the boy who doesn’t want to grow up and his adventures with Wendy Darling and her two brothers. Retold by award-winning Italian author, Roberto Piumini, this beloved fairy tale comes to life through the bright and colorful illustrations of award-winning illustrator Nicoletta Costa. Part of a special classic series that has sold over 1 million copies around the world, this specially-designed ebook for your tablet is sure to become a new favorite among families with young readers.

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Aunt Martha’s Bun

Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

Price: FREE

Bought this book for my Grand-daughter…from the place I work, it was displayed and drew me in…it is a really cute book. My Grand-daughter is now 2 and this is the book she chooses to have read to her over all the others. The illustration are wonderful, the story is heart warming…

Ellen Palmer

Aunt Martha faces a dilemma when Mother Nature steps in and alters something of great pride and joy. This sudden and unexpected situation finds her pensive, undaunted and steadfast in resolving this unforeseen quandary.

This book offers a simple, yet essential lesson, regarding self control, self confidence and creative thinking to resolve a problem. Aunt Martha is in rhyme with colorful illustrations. The premise of self reliance and perseverance turns an unfortunate event into one that is a double delight.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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