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Knock Knock Jokes for Kids: 301 Hilarious and Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Lizzy Burbank

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Good book to have for younger ones. We told these jokes all day – got this book for 99 cents so can’t really beat it.


In Lizzy’s third Jokes for Kids Book, get ready to laugh out loud to over 300 hilarious, knee-slapping knock-knock jokes. These jokes cover a range of categories and are super funny, including that dash of corniness we’ve all grown to love from funny knock knock jokes (what knock-knock joke isn’t a bit corny?!). As a mother and jokester extraordinaire, Lizzy knows what it takes to write a good joke; how to keep her children entertained enough to not cause any trouble.

This funny Knock Knock Jokes book will have your children reading, talking, laughing, and socializing with other kids and adults.

This Knock Knock Jokes Book includes:

300 funny knock knock jokes, kid approved
A variety of categories, including knock on foods, knock on names, and knock on places
Each joke has been tried and tested to ensure optimal funniness
Jokes are neatly laid out with a Table of Contents to allow for quick and easy viewing

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Scooter & Cupcake

Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

Price: FREE

What child wouldn’t love this book? A catchy, fun rhyming story line with bright, extraordinary artwork. Plus, the word “piggy” just makes kids giggle! This book belongs in every child’s home library with its basic thread of core friendship and good times. “Cupcake and Scooter” will become your fast favorite and would make an excellent gift for the special children in your life. A noticeable cut above most children’s books out there.


Celebrate the joy of friendship and the satisfaction it brings with this delightful book about two best friends. Told in rhyme with cheerful, bright illustrations, Scooter & Cupcake take young readers on a lively, fast-paced journey of friendship and camaraderie. These two inseparable piggy pals share everything: possessions and activities as well as helping in times of need. Scooter & Cupcake is a great building block for young readers.

Review from Little Red Reads: “What a cute little rhyming book. The piggy illustrations are adorable. The story tells of two little piggies, Scooter and Cupcake, who have learned how to share everything they have with each other and how much fun it is. They love each other and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great little book for teaching our young ones the joy of sharing with each other and the happiness it brings.”

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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