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Monica Pedersen Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at Home

Monica Pederson

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Monica Pedersen’s book is so incredibly beautiful while staying wonderfully personal. I love that she shares her life experiences and inspirations with the reader. I have always thought she was a very talented designer and I am glad she has this book to showcase her talent.


Lavishly illustrated and full of practical home-entertaining know-how, this book will appeal to everyone from first-time hosts to seasoned party-throwers. Author, designer, and HGTV host Monica Pederson will inspire and teach readers how to entertain at home with her exclusive insider tips. Her book shows readers how to create beautiful, innovative parties for a range of occasions and budgets.

Monica Pedersen Make it Beautiful is a step-by-step guide featuring simple, must-know party planning secrets, in addition to social etiquette tips and how to dress for each event. Pedersen explains how readers can work with what they have in their home when planning a party, taking direction from their very own interiors and generating creative ideas.

In 10 gorgeous chapters, Pedersen presents 10 separate parties–each for its own occasion and with its own themes–using her accessible approach and distinctive style to set the tone. For each party, Pedersen assembles a presentation board the same way she would for a design client, with dazzling sample fabrics, flowers, colors, renderings, descriptions, invitations and party favors. Each chapter will also feature sample menus from some of the nation’s top celebrity chefs, including the Wynn Hotel’s Paul Bartolotta and Top Chef’s All-Star Fabio Viviani. Mike Ditka of Chicago Bears fame and owner of Chicago’s fabled Ditkas Restaurant, even provides a special Super Bowl menu. Also included are exclusive wine pairings from Napa Valley’s Rutherford Hill Winery, to round out this reader-friendly guide to all-around entertaining.

Pedersen, a former fashion model and popular HGTV host who appears regularly on the Today Show and Live with Kelly & Regis, will feature prominently throughout this inspirational, do-it-yourself party-planning book. Using her mother’s fabulous parties as inspiration, Pedersen offers up her personal take on entertaining–the same know-how that’s made her one of the go-to designer-hosts on HGTV–by pairing old traditions with new opportunities This book is sure to become the go-to guide for those who want to host stylish and beautiful events in their own homes.

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HOMESCHOOLING – An Essential Guide for Parents and Teachers

Wells Emery

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I have always wanted to homeschool my kids. However, before taking the plunge I wanted to do some research on what to expect. I wasn’t looking for a heavy textbook, just something to get me mentally prepared. It is so easy to say you “want” to homeschool, but it is more difficult to follow through and think about the implications. This book definitely opened my eyes to the different methods out there. I really liked the section on “things to consider before homeschooling your child”. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will be homeschooling my kids, but I least I have honed in on what the key decision points are.
I would recommend this book to parents still deciding whether or not to homeschool.


This book aims to provide parents and teachers a good resource to start when considering homeschooling. It outlines the benefits and downsides of homeschooling and it can be helpful for anyone who wants to learn the whole process of homeschooling from early childhood years through tertiary level. In addition to sample homeschooling curriculum, this book laid out essential learning processes and teaching methods that parents and teachers need to practice and observe when homeschooling.

Check out these Topics Discussed in the Book:

What is Homeschooling?
Why Homeschool?
How Much Does Homeschooling Cost?
Things to Consider before Homeschooling Your Child
How to Homeschool Your Child
The Learning Process in Homeschooling
Teaching Methods/Techniques in Homeschooling
Homeschooling Curriculum
Transitioning your Child from Homeschooling to Schools
How to make Homeschooling Fun
Tips for Homeschooling Parents
Experts’ Opinion About Homeschooling

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Organize The Nancy Way

Nancy Roe

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One of the first chapters in the book is on making your kitchen sparkle. I took one small tip to organize my “junk” kitchen drawer and bought a couple of containers to divide the drawer. I took everything out of the drawer and put them back using the dividers. This small act was magic! Every time I open the drawer I am amazed at how organized it still is. This is just one tip of hundreds that you can do each day to get your life back in control.


Organizing your life can be an enjoyable, even inspiring process.

Organize The Nancy Way is the low-cost, fun, creative way to get your life in shape. This book provides you easy and practical advice for organizing.

How do I organize cabinets to fight clutter? How can I store my jewelry? What are the benefits of a home inventory? How can I organize my purse?

With Organize The Nancy Way, you’ll discover the answers to these questions and much more. Nancy Roe draws on her experience as an organizer offering clear, concise information that will help you with your next organizing project. You’ll find:
– step-by-step instructions
– suggestions for reusing items already in your home
– hints offering you valuable information
– ways to save you money
– personal tips from the author
– achievement checklists to record your accomplishments

Have you ever wanted to organize your life but didn’t know where to start? This book is designed to assist you in getting organized in your life-your way. Choose a chapter, take your time, have fun. This book’s goal is for you to become an organized individual in a fun, creative way.

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The Economy Driven Cookbook

Nicole Lyddy

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Recipes using ingredients that most of us have in the pantry already…that’s always a plus for me. Some are unusual, like the Oatmeal Patties…. as I read through the ingredients, it was clear that they would taste great, especially for a group of hungry people. This recipe book certainly is a helper in the budget stretching department.


I made this cookbook from years of trying to feed a family nourishing home cooked meals. Raised in a big family with a mother who could make hearty wonderful meals out of what seemed like nothing, I learned the basics. The biggest challenge to this cookbook was writing them down since most of the time I “wing it” when I cook. My family enjoyed many a meal while this cookbook came together! My mom proved you are only limited if you believe you’re limited to your ingredients (which reaches far more than in the kitchen). Once I had a family of my own, I too, had that same kind of ideals from which these recipes came. I have included one recipe from my mom, (she said I could include it). She needed a meal without meat that could feed a family of eight and that is when oatmeal patties became a family favorite, (especially served with mashed potatoes and gravy). Most of the recipes can be adapted to what you have in your cupboards so I hope you enjoy the cookbook and make memories and favorites of your own.

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The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role as a Help Meet

Darlene Schacht

Price: $2.99

I loved this book, and it’s one I’m keeping on my Kindle for awhile, rather than “archiving” – because it’s one I’m going to want to refer to again and again!

H. denHollander

In The Good Wife’s Guide New York Times best-selling author Darlene Schacht encourages women to joyfully serve their families. In doing so she offers reasons for achieving a well-managed home backed by scripture and gleaned from experience. As well she provides readers with detailed cleaning and organizing schedules for practical application.

The Good Wife’s Guide encourages women to make faith and family their first priorities from a place of sacrificial love. It reminds women that they were created with a specific purpose in mind, which is that of being a help meet. In supporting our husbands and living in unity we reflect God’s blueprint for marriage.
If you like books on organization and housekeeping, this book is for you!

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Joanne Chang

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The book covers breakfast treats, cookies, cakes, pies & tarts, other sweets, and breads. Each chapter has popular treats (i.e. red velvet cake, sticky buns, and chocolate chunk cookies, which are wonderful) and also has more unique recipes, too (i.e. hazelnut-almond dacquoise, lemon marshmallow meringue pie, and rosemary shortbread). There are also recipes to make homemade versions of popular, American treats, such as oreos, pop tarts, and fig newtons.
*Update 11/7/10* The chocolate chunk cookies were some of the best chocolate chip cookies that I’ve ever made. I also really liked the Chunky Lola cookies. The surprise hit so far, though, was the cornmeal lime cookies. They were surprisingly addictive and the perfect end to a Latin-flavored meal.
*Update 12/13/10* I took this cookbook home for the holidays. We made a huge batch of the sticky sticky buns, and they were incredibly rich and so yummy. They taste like a cross between a honey bun and a traditional sticky bun. A couple notes – One, you may want to put a cookie sheet under the rolls as they cook. We had quite a mess to clean up when the goo from one of the rolls bubbled over. Second, baking the rolls in a glass pan seemed to help them cook more evenly than baking them in a metal pan.
*Update 1/27/11* After reading reviews of other cookbooks on here, I felt that I should note that this book has the ingredients listed by weight and by volume (i.e. grams and cups). I know that a lack of weight measurements can be a make or break issue for some people with a cookbook, so I wanted to make it clear that this book does have measurements listed both ways.


Every day 1,500 Bostonians can’t resist buying sweet, simple treats such as Homemade Pop-Tarts, from an alumna of Harvard with a degree in economics. From Brioche au Chocolat and Lemon Raspberry Cake to perfect croissants, Flour Bakery-owner Joanne Chang’s repertoire of baked goods is deep and satisfying. While at Harvard she discovered that nothing made her happier than baking cookies leading her on a path that eventually resulted in a sticky bun triumph over Bobby Flay on the Food Network’s Throwdown. Almost 150 Flour recipes such as Milky Way Tart and Dried Fruit Focaccia are included, plus Joanne’s essential baking tips, making this mouthwatering collection an accessible, instant classic cookbook for the home baker.

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