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To Begin Anew (Blue Jay Romance)

Eliza Gerard

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This was a very endearing story of second chances. Throw in two adorable little boys and its hard not to fall in love with this book.


When Eric lost his wife to a short battle with cancer, he knew he couldn’t go on as he’d been doing. Tina had been his rock and his best friend – the one who had held the family together while he traveled into the city to film his own TV show. With her dying, he became lost.

But one thing he knew was that he needed to be there for his seven-year-old twins. He resigned from his show, packed up everything and moved to a small town. He was lucky to get a job in the general hospital in a larger town a few miles away, but he needs help with the boys, especially after school.

Everywhere he goes one name keeps popping up – Debra Brown. From the reports he hears, she’s the answer to his prayers, his guardian angel and fairy godmother all rolled into one.

But no matter how hard he tries, she won’t talk to him. Finally, he decides to play dirty and ambushes her with his kids in tow. If what he’s heard is true, she won’t be able to resist them

Debra has lived in the same small town her entire life. To most of the townfolk, Debra is a sweet angel. After her parents drowned in a boat accident when she was only sixteen, didn’t she drop out of high school and take care of the younger ones? And when her younger sister came back from college and married Debra’s fiancé, did she not smile and prepare a grand wedding for them?

There was no one with a finer heart than Debra Brown and who else can help the Nelson boys in their time of need? But Debra knows better…

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A Familiar Shore

Jennifer Fromke

Price: FREE

This story is all about how a single decision can set things into motion and have unimaginable effects. The author’s suave writing style, surprise elements in the plot and beautiful settings have managed to steal my heart this time. This being her debut novel, she sure has a great future ahead!

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Meg Marks is a young lawyer raised off the coast of the Carolinas. An anonymous client hires her to arrange his will, and sends her to meet his estranged family at their lake home in northern Michigan. After a shocking discovery, she finds herself caught between his suspicious family and a deathbed promise her conscience demands that she keep. Will she sacrifice her own dreams for revenge? Or will she seek something more?

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Good, Clean Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (The Plain Jane Mysteries)

Traci Tyne Hilton

Price: 99 cents

This is a great book for anyone interested in a good, clean, and entertaining read. It is not too long or too short but just the right length to offer an afternoon of entertainment. The characters are complex in their needs and desires while simple enough to offer a few humorous situations that round off the story line.


Living on her own for her first time, Bible school student Jane cleans houses to make ends meet. But being independent brings big trials, like falling for a handsome professor, dealing with an obnoxious roommate, and then there’s the dead bodies…

This is one big mess that Jane is intent on cleaning up before things get even worse.

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Threads of Hope (Fabric of Time)

Andrea Boesharr

Price: $1.99

I have read almost all of Andrea Boeshaar’s novels and this one certainly did not disappoint. Her characters were very realistic, with many human frailties, and her research into the history of Wisconsin and the Indian land negotiations, was extensive and very interesting. A true story of love, forgiveness, unforgettable characters, and a strong spiritual thread throughout, this book will keep the reader turning those pages until the very satisfying conclusion! Another wonderful novel from the pen of Andrea Boeshaar!


Kristin Eikaas has her hopes set on a new life in America.

The year is 1848, and Kristin Eikaas has traveled from Norway to Wisconsin with dreams of a new life. But when she arrives, she finds one disappointment after another. Worse, her superstitious uncle now believes that his neighbor’s Oneida Indian wife has put a curse on Kristin. Everyone knows the Sundbergs put spells on people…

Everyone except Kristin. Her run-ins with Sam Sundberg only prove that he is a good man from a Christian family. But when her uncle discovers she’s been associating with Sam, his temper flares. To escape his wrath, Kristin gratefully accepts a job as the Sundbergs’ house girl, finding solace at the family’s spinning wheel.

In the time Sam and Kristin spend together, their friendship develops into much more, and Sam prays about a match between them. But opposition threatens to derail their newfound love. Will they have the courage to stand up for what is right—even against their own families?

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