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Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles from the Creator of Families

Ken Blanchard, Tricia Goyer, Phil Hodges

Price: $1.99

At first, I thought, while good, there wasn’t really much ‘new’ or ‘revolutionary’ inside. I have read a ton of parenting books over the past 8 years, always trying to hone my skills and figure this thing out. I kept reading however, and I am SO glad I did.
Over the past several months, I have been trying to steer us from an authoritarian, “you must obey because I’m your parent” style of parenting to a more grace based, Jesus like, relationships are more important than blind obedience, grace filled family. It is HARD. Hard because it challenges me more, it challenges the way I grew up and the habits I already have in place. But it is also GOOD. Good because I feel like I am doing it more Biblically.
And this book, oh this book, came into my life at just the right time.
It is FULL of takeaway nuggets, real life application, references to the Bible, other parents’ experiences, thought provoking questions, and prayers. It is set up to easily do with a book club or small group. There is so much to think about and apply, I can’t recommend getting the book enough.
Parenting is singularly one of the most difficult challenges you will ever undertake. You often feel unappreciated, like the bad guy, guilty or that you are doing it wrong. This book is a real encouragement to me, and hopefully to you as well. You should get a copy and request your library get one as well.

J. Holst

Does your family need a five-star general at the helm? A psychologist? A referee? Ken Blanchard, best-selling co-author of The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus, points to a better role model: the Son of God. Joined by veteran parents and authors Phil Hodges and Tricia Goyer, renowned business mentor Blanchard shows how every family member benefits when parents take the reins as servant-leaders. Moms and dads will see themselves in a whole new light—as life-changers who get their example, strength, and joy from following Jesus at home. This user-friendly book’s practical principles and personal stories mark the path to a truly Christ-centered family, where integrity, love, grace, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness make all the difference.

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The Ultimate Conversation: Talking with God Through Prayer

Charles F. Stanley

Price: $2.99

I liked this book for its practical yet inspiring and easy to understand teaching on the subject of prayer and the biblical examples used. It would be a valuable resource for Christians who wants to tap into the power of prayer more effectively while revolutionizing their faith and ability to approach the Lord in a meaningful and personal conversation.

Books and Chocolate

LEARNING TO HEAR HIS VOICE Through prayer, you can know God better. You can learn to hear His voice above all the distracting noise of the world, and you can experience His wisdom, comfort, power, guidance, and love as you face difficult challenges and trials. When you finish reading this book, you will know… How to discern God’s voice above all others Why you can trust God’s character What might hinder you from hearing Him How the Holy Spirit helps you pray How to win your battles on your knees How to pray for others God’s ultimate goal in speaking with you You will most certainly be blessed as you read this book by growing deeper in your personal relationship with God.

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Portraits of Integrity: Real People Who Demonstrated Godly Character (Volume 1)

Marilyn Boyer, Grace Tumas

Price: $2.99

We are currently reading through “Portraits” and we are really enjoying it. It not only teaches character along with Bible verses for memory, but it also has taught us a ton of history that we might not have come across in other books. We are also using “Character Trails: Learning to Walk in the Path of Righteousness” by Marilyn Boyer which compliments “Portraits” perfectly. Thank you Marilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas for another great book that shows Godly character demonstrated in the lives of real people in history!


One of the most powerful ways to inspire young people to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past. In Portraits of Integrity you and your children will be challenged to strive for excellence through the examples of 45 people in all three volumes who did just that. In Volume 1, they will meet:

–Jake DeShazer who was a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for many months, but when a Bible came into his hands he became a Christian and later went to Japan to share the gospel with his former enemies.

–Lieutenant Adrian Marks, the brave young Navy pilot who set his seaplane down on a heaving, shark-infested ocean to pick up survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis at the risk of his own life

–Lydia Darrah, the Quaker woman who overheard British plans to attack George Washington’s unprepared army and cleverly took a secret warning to him, saving the army and the War of Independence.

And many others!

Sure to be an all-time family favorite, Portraits of Integrity will be treasured as a centerpiece of family devotions or as a part of Character Concepts Curriculum. Portraits of Integrity will inspire young people and their parents as well, with the examples of people who dared and did great deeds that have gone down in history.

Each of the 45 stories found in Volumes 1-3 illustrates a different character quality as demonstrated in inspiring true stories.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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