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The Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Bee

Valerie Harmon

Price: FREE

I am a classroom teacher. I shared this and another book from the series with my 3rd grade students. They were enthralled. It encouraged excellent discussion on what happens when we do the best we can, but we don’t achieve exactly what we want to. Also, in the book there is a part where everything changes. The children had me quickly go through the pages on the computer so they could see the swirls rapidly changing. They loved it. Another wonderful contribution of the book was that it inspired creativity. After reading the second book, the children had all kinds of ideas about new combinations of creatures could be included in subsequent books. I highly recommend this book.


Elephant is allergic to the flowers she loves to eat. What can she do? Her solution involves making an unusual friend, attempting some uncommon tasks, and it all ends most unexpectedly.

A cozy read aloud, this picture book makes children laugh and expands their imagination, while teaching them an important lesson about hard work and perseverance.

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Quest for the Lost Treasure

Gary Gaston

Price: FREE

What a great way to get your kids involved in reading! This ebook has interactive features which allow a child (or adult) to click on a tab at the top, bottom or sides of each page to choose their route to finding a lost treasure. For example, you could choose “Look behind the door” or “Climb up the ladder” or “Go through the passage”. It’s quite clever and a great way to get a child involved and to get them reading, since they have to read what’s on the page to decide what to do next. On some pages there is only one choice but on others, there are two or three. Clicking on the tab takes you to a new location with the situation described on that page. The path you decide on taking to the hidden treasure will determine how the story plays out. At the end, there is the option to start over and try again.
The graphics in this short story are really stunning with bright colors and a lush look to them. The characters are cute and the environments detailed. I would guess that the reading level is at least 2nd or 3rd grade but you can see some sample pictures of pages in the Customer Images section that would help you determine that. This ebook would be a great way to introduce your child to one of the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB and to discover how much fun it is to read on these devices.

PT Cruiser

Your epic journey begins when a band of Pirates raid your village and you set out to track down the thieving pirates and recover the lost gold and jewels. The unique interactive format allows you to control the progress of the story, as it is being told! Will you dare to explore what’s behind the closed door, or play it safe and escape up the stairway?

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Boe The Great

Joel Feldman

Price: $2.99

A simply beautifully illustrated book, coupled with a great life lesson for everyone.
My nephew loved it, and so did everyone else who picked it up.

Ben Cooper

After being thrown away from the army because of his small size, Boe the Barbarian search for a new meaningful direction in life. Boe’s quest takes a surprising turn when he discovers his hidden talent.
Join Boe at his journey of self discovery.

Before you grab your copy of Boe the Great, check out this awesome video of the book (Copy and paste the link in your browser or search youtube for “Boe the Great”)

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The Legend of Lightning Larry

Aaron Shepard

Price: .01 cent

This book is set in the Old West where bad guys could be found on every street. In every nook and cranny you could find a rotten, no good outlaw. They feared nothing at all. After all they were dirty and mean. As mean as mean can get. That is until Lightining Larry rode into the town of Brimstone. As he got off of his horse and entered the Cottonmouth saloon, he had a smile as big as Texas on his face. As he walked to the bar and ordered a large cold mug of Lemonade everyone turned to see who it could be. Now I know what you must be thinking–how in the world would any one fear a cowboy who drank lemonade? I had the same feelings myself when I started to read this book. But then Mr. Shepard did what he does best–created a character that all children would love. A character that children would love.
Another big five from this reviewer– who bought this book for her grand kids. That’s right I bought this book. Now that should give you some idea how good this book is. As a reviewer we are use to getting books for free. When I saw this I had to buy it.

Sandra Heptinstall

No outlaw could draw as fast as Lightning Larry. But what really terrified those bad men was that peculiar gun of his. It didn’t shoot bullets. It shot light. And Larry always aimed for the heart.

Can Larry save the town of Brimstone from Evil-Eye McNeevil’s outlaw gang? Find out in this rip-roaring original tale of a gunfighter with a huge smile and a hankering for lemonade.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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