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The Quilt

T. Davis Bunn

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This is a short read with a great reminder that in all things, we need to give thanks to our Lord. Some might find the story to be a bit too sugary, but to me, even so, there can be a good lesson learned. I enjoyed reading this sweet story very much.

Kim R.

A Truly Beautiful Story That Transcends Time and Place

The Quilt is the story of Mary, an elderly grandmother whose gnarled, arthritic hands have a beauty all their own. They represent so many skills, so many memories, so many stories to be told. Anyone who had met Mary described her as beautiful–she had always been there to listen and comfort and encourage those who were in pain, those who had lost their way. And yet in the twilight of her days, Mary felt a gentle yearning in her heart, the whisper of a melody she strained to hear…. There was something left undone.When Mary becomes convinced that the task still unfinished is to make one more very special quilt, with every stitch sewn in prayer and thankfulness, the impact on her family and the surrounding community cannot be contained. No one who gets involved with this quilting project will ever be quite the same again!

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A Joyful Break (Dreams of Plain Daughters)

Diane Craver

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I’ve found a new author to read. Thank you Diane Craver for this wonderful book. A Joyful Break is not just a love story, but a story of a young amish women, Rachel, wh has so much going on in her life that she feels overwhelmed with it all. Her mother passed away over a year ago, from when the story started, so she has been everything to her family, although since her father is in his own grief he is not aware of this. She is to be married to Samuel, which she has been courting for two years, but since she has not joined the amish church is has decided to get away and reflect on her life. Her aunt has invited her to the beach, in the secular world, and she has decided to go in hopes of having time to reflect on many things. In the secular world she does clear her head and really sees things in a different view.
Diane Craver shows us that whatever world that we are in, things do happen. Sometimes we have to just take a step back and learn from them. Even though I love amish fiction she is so careful to explain the differences in their faith. Hope to hear more from this author.


After her mother’s untimely death, a twenty-year-old Amish woman has a difficult decision to make: Choose to break from the Plain community and her boyfriend and live in the English world permanently…or join the Amish church.

Rachel Hershberger wants to get away from her Amish home in Fields Corner, Ohio. For a year she’s been trying to fill her mother’s shoes by taking care of her father and siblings. She quit her job at the bakery so she would have more time to clean and cook at home. Before her mother died, Rachel was positive she wanted to marry Samuel Weaver, but now she can’t think about wedding plans. She blames her father for her mother’s death. If they had installed a phone in their barn or a shanty, her mother might have received medical help in time to save her life. Her mother’s death has made Rachel question if she should be baptized and join the church. She wonders if non-Amish women live longer and have less stress. Maybe her forty-four-year old mother would still be alive had she left the Amish lifestyle like her sister Carrie did.

When her Aunt Carrie invites her to go to the beach, Rachel decides the time away will help her to decide whether to join the Amish church or to live in the English world. She is conflicted because she loves Samuel and her family. Instead of a relaxing time away, disturbing events happen while Rachel’s in Florida. A photographer snaps troublesome pictures of Rachel because of her famous senator uncle, and a handsome and charming college student falls in love with Rachel.

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