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Freelance Writing Bootcamp: Learn How You Can Make Money From Home Freelance Writing Online

Caleb Krieger

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This is a great starter e-book for people who are dabbling in freelance writing or even those who have begun testing the waters. I love the fact that there is a strong focus of taking advantage of online resources and you can tell by the author’s comments that he has walked the walk and lived the freelancer’s life. Not only is the information about finding clients, making income, and building a portfolio really detailed and helpful, but he also covers the emotional aspects of being a writer (or self-employed, for that matter). If you want a helpful but realistic look at how to start earning a full time living as an online writer you won’t find a better deal on Kindle. Negatives? There are some places with big block paragraphs or where maybe the author went in a little bit more detail than he needed to instead of breaking it up more, so the readability could be a touch better, but that’s literally the only complaint I might have. When it comes to content, ideas, and usefulness – hands down this is one of my favorite freelancing guides yet!

Shane M. Dayton

Learn the In’s & Out’s of Freelance Writing

For a beginning freelance writer, it can be tough to know where to start, how to get your name out there, and the different avenues you can take in the world of freelance writing. Luckily, with this book, you will be able to spring into action in no time.

Caleb Krieger, a veteran freelance writer, gets you up to speed by sharing the following details about the freelance writing business:

– Different types of freelance writing gigs available,
– The things you need to consider when working for yourself,
– How to steadily increase your freelance writing income,
– And many more tips and tricks of the trade!

Whether you are specifically interested in starting a freelance writing business or even if you are simply looking at a possible way to use your writing skills to help you earn a little extra cash, you will not only learn how to start a freelance writing business, but you will be given specific steps for taking action on starting this business.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change. Thanks eBooks Habit!

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Backyard Chickens Crash Course – Raising Backyard Chickens For Fun & Food

Rebecca D. Powers

Price: FREE

Breakfast… dinner… and entertainment!

That’s what you get when you have your own backyard chickens and other backyard poultry.

In the morning (or anytime of the day) if you are raising chickens for eggs then you get to have fresh organic eggs harvested from your own backyard from you own family of layers.

For lunch or dinner you can have antibiotic free, fresh organic chicken meat.

And for all around fun while raising chickens you get to watch your baby chicks chirp their way to adulthood and as adults the scratching, digging, pecking, running and fighting brings both a pleasurable and peaceful experience.

The life of a backyard chicken owner isn’t work; it’s a labor of love that brings lasting smiles and healthy nutritious food.

From chicken breeds to chicken feeds… from chicken coops to chicken poop, inside the “Backyard Chickens Crash Course” you get the short cuts to how to raise chickens successfully and benefiting from your own flock of backyard chickens.

I’m not a writer talking about owning chickens, I’m a chicken owner writing from experience to help you side step the pitfalls, save both you and your chickens grief and make sure both you and your chickens have a long mutually healthy experience.

If you want to experience the multitude of benefits that only having chickens can bring, then download a copy of the “Backyard Chickens Crash Course” to your Kindle reader today and learn how to raise backyard chickens for fun and food.

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Superfoods: Top Superfoods and Superfoods Recipes for a Powerful Superfoods Diet, More Energy and Increased Immunity

Ashley Reiss

Price: FREE

“Superfoods” by Ashley Reiss is an AWESOME book. Having bought many recipe books (since I’m trying to learn how to cook) I have become a mini expert at using and reviewing them. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon “Superfoods” for several reasons. The first being that with a wedding in the near future, I’m trying to make sure that I stay fit and healthy. Using recipes from “Superfoods” will definitely accomplish this since they are packed full of nutrition. The second reason I love “Superfoods” is because it’s the first recipe book that has a layout that makes sense. Ashley first identifies a superfood, describing it’s positive attributes and then immediately follows it up with several recipes for you to try. The recipes all look great and my favorites are the Salmon and Spinach recipes. I definitely recommend this book to current or future cooks!


Superfoods: Top Superfoods and Superfoods Recipes for a Powerful Superfoods Diet, More Energy and Increased Immunity

Superfoods are something that nearly everyone is interested in these days.
Whether it’s for better health, to look and feel younger or just to emulate celebrities who rave about the benefits of their new superfood diet on talk shows, people are curious about what are superfoods, exactly. This book answers many of the questions that people have about super foods.

It goes far beyond simply providing a list of superfoods; after all, it’s easy enough to find a superfood list from any number of websites, magazines and other sources. It provides a variety of recipes which incorporate the top superfoods, including raw superfoods and live superfoods as well as information on which of the many foods purported as nutritional marvels actually deserve to be counted as among the ultimate superfoods.

Here, you’ll find healthy, superfood-rich recipes for every meal of the day, from breakfast to lunch, brunch to dinner as well as snacks which provide all of the nutritional benefits of superfoods as well as tasting great. You’ll also learn more about how to include superfoods into your diet easily – and that most of the healthiest options on any comprehensive superfoods list are things that you can find at any grocery store. A lot of superfoods may already be on your shopping list, but this is a cookbook which will show you new ways to enjoy these foods as well as introducing you to some new favorites.

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Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name

Bryan Chapell

Price: $1.99

Praying Backwards was an answer to prayer. The subtitle to this book is “Transform Your Prayer Life By Beginning In Jesus’ Name.” I truly feel that Chapell’s teaching, drawn directly from the Scriptures, will transform the prayer lives of many of God’s people, and for that I am most thankful. I simply cannot recommend this book enough

Tim Challies

Christians often say, “In Jesus’ name” to close their prayers. But is this truly a desire of the heart or a perfunctory “Yours Truly” to God? Bryan Chapell says we should begin our prayers in Jesus’ name-we should be Praying Backwards. In this practical and inspiring book, he shows readers that to truly pray in Jesus’ name is to reorder one’s priorities in prayer-and in life-away from oneself and towards Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray believing in the power and the goodness of the One who hears, and thus to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently.

Readers seeking to transform their prayer lives will find wonderful direction in Praying Backwards.

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A Treasury of Miracles for Women: True Stories of Gods Presence Today

Karen Kingsbury

Price: $2.99

Once again, Ms. Kingsbury does what she does best, move our hearts with stories that bring a smile to your face while you wipe tears from your eyes. Throughout this small collection of true stories, time and again, you are inspired with true accounts of people whose faith has sustained them and who encounter what can only be termed miraculous. Most often, the simple faith of a child is what stands out as the key ingredient. However, people of all ages experience these miracles, and once you read about them, you will begin to look for the same in your own life.

Huntress Reviews

A collection of amazing and touching stories that celebrates women and shows that miracles are still possible.

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Mom’s Very Best Recipes Cookbook: Over very best collection of tried & true family-favorite recipes from Mom’s recipe box.

Gooseberry Patch

Price: $1.99

Lots and lots of tasty recipes and, for those who were asking, on the kindle edition the index is in the back of the book.

Esther Holly weather

***Note- this is a full sized cookbook.
Are there any recipes we love more than those passed down from Mom? A new cookbook in Gooseberry Patch’s best-selling series, Mom’s Very Best Recipes is filled with reliable old favorites as well as recipes from today’s Mom, who knows all the tricks for putting a yummy meal on the table quickly…Busy-Day Chicken Paprikash, Homestyle Shells & Cheese, Sweet-and-Sour Green Beans. Of course we’ve included desserts too, like Snowy Glazed Apple Squares and People-Pleasin’ Peach Cake. In addition, readers will enjoy quick & easy kitchen tips, shopping & menu-planning pointers and clever ideas for sharing food and fun with family & friends.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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