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Maid for Murder: Deadly Business (Trilogy Book 1)

Susette Williams

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I could not put my kindle fire down! I am just waiting on the sequel because I know that its going to be just as awesome. Ms. Williams needs to hurry with the sequel!!!


Bailey inherits her grandfather’s business, Maid For You, but cleaning up dead body parts wasn’t part of the job description. Bailey hopes to wipe out crime with the help of Nate, her computer hacker assistant, despite protests of their involvement in the case from Detective Max Wellington.

When Bailey catches the culprits arranging to dispose of another body, she’s out to help the two of them dig their own grave and if she’s lucky, Detective Max Wellington will keep them from arranging her funeral.

Maid for Murder is a trilogy that begins with Deadly Business. The story continues throughout the trilogy as Bailey uncovers deception, corruption and a few secrets that may forever change her life. As the threads of deceit unravel, the murders begin to break out like a case of Bubonic Plague.

Bailey is a Christian, struggling to keep on the path she knows is right, fighting the temptation of the hunky Detective Max Wellington who would like nothing more than to take her into protective custody, for more than just interfering in police business.

I hope that you will enjoy the inspirational, humorous trilogy as it continues with Deadly Confessions…someone has some secrets they want kept quiet; and Deadly Deception…who can you really trust?

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The Rockland Chronicles

Chautona Havig

Price: 99 cents

This is a *best buy* deal. Chautona Havig’s first three novels in one volume. You’ll get to know the people and places of Rockland as a foundation to enjoy her other stories. The following are my reviews of each story. You won’t be sorry to own them all in one!
Noble Pursuits: Nolan Burke: most eligible man in Rockland. Women throwing themselves almost literally at his feet. Why not? He’s tall, handsome and wealthy. And incredibly tired of it all. He makes a life changing decision to move to a small town to get away from the unwanted attentions.
Life changing it is when Grace enters his life, an unusual woman by the standards of the world. Accomplished home maker and checker player extrodinairre, they form a comfortable, wonderful friendship. Read it to find out how it all turns out. I can’t tell you everything, after all.
Discovering Hope: One warning when you pick this up: have a good supply of tissues! Wonderfully romantic story of friends turned to more than either “hoped” for. As much as I love Argosy Junction, this one is right there wanting to steal top honors. A “cannot put down, 2 tissue box” winner!
Argosy Junction, my all time favorite book of Chautona’s: Wonderful story (second book in the Rockland Chronicles) of the classic story about opposites attracting. Big city boy meets mountain raised gal. Ah, but in Argosy Junction, things are not ‘typical’. The story is captivating right from the time Matt is stuck in the sheep field to Lane’s visit to his home in the big bad city. Well written and not the usual formula type storyline. Even though this is part of a series, this book stands alone. Chautona’s vivid descriptions of the Montana sky as well as the gritty city streets makes a clear picture in the mind’s eye. You feel as though you are there, and you grow very quickly attatched to the characters. Excellent book! Buy one for yourself and one for your local library.

Barbara D. Haropolous

What do a homemaking physicist, a college student, and a rancher’s daughter have in common? They are all connected by family or friends to Rockland.

The Rockland Chronicles are a series of interconnected, but not necessarily sequential) books centered around the fictional metropolis of Rockland.

Meet Grace and Nolan in Noble Pursuits. Grace just wants to be a homemaker. Nolan just wants a woman who isn’t on an all-out man hunt.

Then step into Hope’s world, in Discovering Hope, and join her as she learns to appreciate Jay’s Indian heritage and as she introduces him to Jesus.

Finally, follow Matt as he takes a trip to Argosy Junction and meets a family deeply scarred by the Body of Christ. Will they manage to find common ground amid their spiritual and cultural differences?

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Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope

Karen Kingsbury

Price: $1.99

Coming Home is a moving, bittersweet, beautifully written finale to the Baxter series. Having the Baxters together one last time was wonderful. You won’t want to miss out on the reunion.

Kathleen Edwards

Coming Home is a novel about tremendous victory and unprecedented loss, a story of faith and a forever kind of love, love that will stay with you long after the last page. This stand-alone novel will serve as either a grand introduction or a beautiful conclusion in the saga of the Baxter Family. The Baxters make plans to come together for a summer lakeside reunion, a celebration like they haven’t had in years. But before the big day, the unthinkable happens. As the Baxter Family rallies together, memories come to light in the grief-stricken hours of waiting and praying, memories that bring healing and hope during a time when otherwise darkness might have the final word. In a season that changes all of them, the brilliance of family love overshadows even the valley of heartache as the Baxters draw closer to God and each other. Along the way, secrets are revealed and the truth about the Baxter Family history is finally made known. Ultimately, in this portrait of family love, the Baxters cling to each other and to God’s promise of forever.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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