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Tangerine Morning: Jezzica’s Story (Serenity Cove Series)

Rita Garcia

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I loved Tangerine Morning by Rita Garcia. It was exciting, interesting and filled with a wonderful storyline. This is the second in the series call Serenity Cove. I often worry when I start a book in a series. Many of them must be read in sequence but this one was easy to pick up on from the beginning. I enjoyed it so much that I am going to purchase the first in the series. The author uses much imagery in Tangerine Morning. I felt like I was in the midst of the story, just watching and feeling the emotions of the characters. I loved how the land and area was described in such a way that I could see the beauty. Even though this is a fictional place, I would love to visit it. Yep, it was that descriptive. The storyline kept my interest thought out the book. I did not want the story to end.

C. Cowger

Book two of the Serenity Cove Series:
Romance, mystery and family drama intertwine in the small town of Serenity Cove.

Jezzica Leigh, a young widow, struggles in her relationship with Christ and with starting over. She moves to Serenity Cove and purchases the Sea Glass Bookshop on Main Street.

Detective Zack Johnston, the first man her heart reacts to since her husband’s death, also represents a world that failed to bring her husband’s murderers to justice. Can she find her way back to Christ and the freedom to love again?

“…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ~Isaiah 40:31

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The Secret of Counting Gifts

Heidi Kreider

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I was initially interested in this book because of the title. I had read “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp and wondered if this would be a similar type book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a fictional story of two women who take the ideas from “1000 Gifts” and apply them to their lives. It was powerful to see how this worked out in their lives as they dealt with cancer, infidelity, and other trials. I laughed and cried along with the main characters. The character development was strong and solid. I found myself wishing I could be a part of their little blended family. It was so rich.
I would highly recommend this book.


Eighteen years old and ready to take on the world, the friendship of a lifetime begins. Kristen Murphy and Elizabeth Ashley begin as college roommates and live life as friends closer than sisters. Kris, is artistic and thrives off of her time drawing and painting. She is tall and rather plain, but smart and kind. Liz, is musical, outgoing, beautiful, and captures the heart of every person she meets. In their eighteen year-old wisdom, they thought they had forever to be friends.
Kris and Liz rented their first apartment together, stood up at each other’s weddings and held each other’s babies. Liz held Kris’ hand when her father was buried. Kris stood with Liz when her husband walked out. The boundaries of our lives blurred long ago. They have been friends for twenty-eight years and the friendship withstands the test of time and the trials of life. Until cancer deals the final blow. Twenty-eight years together will be all they will get.
Through Liz’s battle with breast cancer they learn how important each part of their life is and how grateful they are for everything that God sends their way. This is the story of their lives. As she sits by Liz’s death bed, Kris recounts the trails and blessings that made them who they are. With their melded family gathered around, Kris tells their story and recalls the many “gifts” they have been blessed without throughout the years. She shares of how Liz taught her to notice the gifts in each day and to live with a grateful heart. It is through the telling of their story that the secret of counting gifts is discovered….

The Secret of Counting Gifts is the first book in the Liz’s Legacy series.

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Patricia Strefling

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The life of Cadence is wrought with difficulties from childhood on. We sense that he is a good man, but not a godly one. We are with him when he begins to notice others who seem to have changed, as a result of ‘finding religion’. Cadence isn’t altogether sure what that means, but he begins to poke his head up from the darkness, reluctantly curious about where ‘the light’ is coming from. We have access to his thoughts as he struggles with the problems of his daily life, and see a change so gradual and slight, we wonder if he will ever grasp salvation. This is a beautiful story that touched me in so many ways. We shouldn’t ever give up on anyone, no matter how lost they appear – God doesn’t!

Diane Adams

An unexpected love story. Where hard times and a true love meet face-to-face.

Cadence David is paying back a favor. He is dreading it but he shows up at his friend’s church with his guitar in hand. He has all sorts of ideas about what kind of people he expects to see, but he was totally surprised by what he found. This girl he meets blows his mind and the sparks fly while he helps out the band.

These are two people from two totally different worlds and Cade intends on keeping it that way – until he learns that Babyface has a past of her own.

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Sisters, Ink (Scrapbooker’s Series #1)

Rebecca Seitz

Price: 99 cents

The first SISTER’S INK book (three to follow) is an interesting tale starring an unhappy urbanized sibling finding love and happiness by returning to her rural roots. The story line is at its best when Tandy argues for a pragmatic look at life especially the plight of the homeless; shaving, deodorant, and change of clothing are not easily accessible. The use of scrapbooks is a fascinating way to look back on the past without dwelling to long; however that technique is overdone and eventually feels intrusive. Still this is an entertaining tale with a fascinating concept of diverse adopted sisters, who are also best of friends always there for one another as affirmed by the therapeutic scrapbooks they have maintained.

Harriet Klausner

Sisters, Ink marks the first in a series of novels written by, for, and about scrapbookers. At the center of the creativity and humor are four unlikely young adult sisters, each separately adopted during early childhood into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sinclair.

Ten years after their mother Marilyn has died, the multi-racial Sinclair sisters (Meg, Kendra, Tandy, and Joy) still return to her converted attic scrapping studio in the small town of Stars Hill, Tennessee, to encourage each other through life’s highs and lows.

Book one spotlights headstrong Tandy, a successful yet haunted attorney now living back in Orlando where she spent the first eight years of her life on the streets as a junkie’s kid. When a suddenly enforced leave of absence at work leads her to an extended visit with her sisters in Stars Hill, a business oppor- tunity, rekindled romance, and fresh understanding of God’s will soon follow.

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The Stagecoach Bride

Mary L. Briggs

Price: 99 cents

This book was so in depth into the characters and the dialogue was simply fantastic. Im one of those people who need to feel and believe that I’m right there with the hero and heroine joining in their experiences. This is a Christian western romance book and it made me fall in love with both the hero and heroine! Please don’t pass up this book!

Small Town Lady

Leaving Springfield, Missouri, for married life in Black Well, Texas, Charlotte Turner is filled with dreams for her future with attorney, Justice Fletcher. Six months of exchanging letters has convinced Charlotte’s heart that Justice is the man God intends for her. But God seems to have other plans, when Charlotte is kidnapped from the stagecoach to Black Well by a man determined to show her the truth about her beloved fiancée.

Sam Anderson holds honesty and integrity above all else. And he’ll do whatever it takes to bring Justice Fletcher to the punishment he deserves–even if it means kidnapping the man’s fiancé. A woman who touches his heart in a most unexpected way, Charlotte Turner is more than Sam bargains for in his quest for justice. Will he open his heart and hear what God has to say, or is he too bent on revenge?

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