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The Story Shell: A Tale of Friendship Bog (Friendship Bog Series)

Gloria Repp

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Finally a concept in a children’s book that I have not seen done a thousand times before. My kids adored this book and I will definitely be looking for more books from this author. This book begins with a cast of adorable characters preparing for a party and then things go awry when the story shell disappears. I loved that the author stayed consistent with her story throughout the book, keeping it interesting and entertaining. This is one of the best children’s books I have seen this year. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great gift or bedtime story. This book has adorable illustrations as well.

Ionia Martin

A treasured shell has disappeared.
Huge tracks lead to danger, and Leeper is gone.
Can Pibbin solve this mystery . . . alone?

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Mister D: A Children’s Picture Book about Overcoming Doubts and Fears

Elizabeth Stevens

Price: FREE

Elizabeth did an amazing job describing, in a child friendly way, how we have all dealt with fear and the process of building confidence! I feel like the positive and empowering message of Mister D is appropriate to all ages, and I can see that kids of any age will have a fun time reading this! Beautifully illustrated!!


An inspirational, empowering and entertaining picture book for the whole family about overcoming doubts and fears.

Eight year old Julie is getting ready to test for her Black Belt in Martial Arts, but her lack of self-confidence is holding her back – until her Aunt Mary reveals the secret of Mister D.

Who is Mister D and what is the secret?

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Peas and Thank You! / VeggieTales (Big Idea Books / VeggieTales)

Mike Nawrocki

Price: $2.99

My 16 month old son loves this book (and all things VeggieTales). This book is about being polite, using manners, and working together. No child would ever read this book and take away a racist message. For a parent to read this book and think of it as racist is absurd. Its characters are peas and beans (I guess a bean could be offended if he read the book). If you like VeggieTales, you will like this book.

R. Gould

Help your child learn ‘zee’ importance of good manners! In the village of West Manor, you can stay, if you please, in a well-mannered town populated by Peas. All the natives are friendly—they go out of their way. When you stop to say, ‘Thank you!’ — ‘Why, you’re welcome!’ they’ll say. In the village of South Boorish, on the North side of town, lives a rude population—the rudest around. They’re, so very ill-mannered, such impolite Beans. If you stop to say, ‘Thank you,’ they won’t know what you mean! As these delightfully fun Peas and Beans head out to collect sunflower seeds, children discover that everyone wins when you learn to be polite and take turns. Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun. Now that’s the Big Idea! Through imaginative and innovative products, Zonderkidz is feeding young souls.

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Junior Battles to Be His Best / VeggieTales / I Can Read! (I Can Read! / Big Idea Books / VeggieTales)

Karen Poth

Price: $1.99

Cute book to read to baby before bedtime. A good way to teach about the power of prayer and belief in oneself.


This series of Veggie Tale Level One I Can Read books at are sure to become favorites of young emergent readers and their parents and teachers. Using the beloved characters of Bob and Larry as well as their other Veggie friends, young readers will learn strong morals and values as well as be charmed by the humor and accessibility of the I Can Read brand. Junior plays the tuba. But when friends and family encourage him to compete in the Battle of the Bands, he says, ‘No!’ Junior does not have the self-confidence he needs to play in front on people. Will Junior grow in the confidence he needs to help his friends and play in the Battle of the Bands?

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