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***Note from Ashley***This Sugar Creek Gang boxed set is more expensive than I usually like to feature on eReader Girl, however, it includes 6 full length chapter books, so I felt like it was still a good bargain!


Sugar Creek Gang Set Books 1-6

Paul Hutchens

Price: $9.88

I am a mom to 5 boys and our family has been hooked on the adventures of the Sugar Creek Gang for a few years now! We originally discovered the stories through an awesome set of cassette tapes. The books were dramatized for an radio series by Paul Ramseyer of Northwestern College Radio in Minnesota and our family is now a part of the ministry, helping to produce the audio series for families to enjoy at home! Do you want your children to learn gentle lessons of courage, faith & friendship on THEIR level? Do you want to see real growth in their character? The stories are fun adventures with the truth of God’s plans woven skillfully throughout. See the world through the eyes of Bill Collins, a freckle-faced, firey-tempered red head. You’ll enjoy Bill’s antics and the barefoot fun of all the boys in the “gang”! (As a side note, I do recommend the books be read in order. They tell an ongoing story from beginning to end.) From the back of the tapes: “Step back in time… to one-room schoolhouses, hot summer days of fishing, fun and barefoot boys. Sugar Creek Gang stories engage the imagination and draw a child’s heart into a living relationship with God! Hymns, scripture verses, nature lore, poetry; sensitivity toward the disabled, the oppressed… and the courage and confidence to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.” — Just the right recipe for training up a child!

Heather Idoni

This set includes books 1-6 in the Sugar Creek Gang Series: The Swamp Robber, The Killer Bear, The Winter Rescue, The Lost Campers, The Chicago Adventure, and The Secret Hideout.

The tales and travels of the Sugar Creek Gang have passed the test of time, delighting young readers for more than fifty years. Great mysteries for kids with a message, The Sugar Creek Gang series chronicles the faith-building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys. Your kids will be thrilled, chilled, and inspired to grow as they follow the legendary escapades of Bill Collins, Dragonfly, and the rest of the gang as they struggle with the application of their Christian faith to the adventure of life.

In The Swamp Robber, the Sugar Creek Gang discovers a “disguise” hidden in a old tree. Does it belong to the bank robber hiding in the swamp? A mysterious map hidden near the tree proves to be even more exciting than the disguise. Before the adventure ends, the gang encounters the robber, helps Bill Collins welcome a new baby sister, and saves the victim of a black widow spider bite. Join the gang as they learn the lesson of “sowing and reaping”.

In The Killer Bear, Circus” Brown’s father makes a life-changing decision at a revival meeting. Will he be able to stay on the narrow path? Back in the woods, the mean Till boys and the Sugar Creek Gang wrestle over a patch of wild strawberries. This leads to an encounter with an angry black bear. Join the gang as they learn to apply the lesson of forgiving seventy times seven in the face of great danger.

In The Winter Rescue, the last swim of the summer ends miserably for the Sugar Creek Gang when someone steals Little Jim’s pet baby bear. The search for the missing bear cub takes the gang through the woods to Old Man Paddler’s cabin. When winter arrives, the boys return to the cabin, where they receive a startling surprise. Join the gang as they discover the power of prayer.

In The Lost Campers, Bill Collins and Little Jim survive a wild ride on the flooded Sugar Creek thanks to the acrobatic efforts of their friend “Circus”. When summer arrives, the gang heads to Pass Lake, Minnesota, for a camping trip. There they discover a railroad coach in the middle of a forest without any tracks, and an honest-to-goodness American Indian with beads and a war bonnet. Join the gang as the experience the meaning of being saved, both physically and spiritually.

In The Chicago Adventure, the Sugar Creek Gang’s adventure to Chicago is full of ups and downs. It starts with an airplane ride over a storm. The adventure includes museum visits, rescue mission ministry, performing on the radio at Moody Bible Institute, and an elevated train ride. A fight between Jim and Bob Till lands one of them in the hospital in critical condition. Join the Gang as they learn again that the only way to heaven is through Jesus.

In The Secret Hideout, “Poetry” brings his muddy lamb into Miss Lilly’s classroom, and chaos breaks out. The gang later discovers a mysterious cave with a hidden passage near the cemetery. When they spend the night in the cave, they are frightened by two very different visitors dressed in white. Could they be ghosts? Join the gang as Poetry’s pet lamb provides a helpful explanation of Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep.

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Rock You Tonight

Emily Roussell

Price: FREE

This is a beautifully written and illustrated story of the first few months with your new baby, I think any mother could identify with. You are running around like crazy trying to make sure the house doesn’t fall to pieces, and in the haste you forget to take a breath and just sit down and live in the moment. I remember picking up my sleeping child from the crib, sitting down in the rocking chair and telling myself that I would only get one chance with this baby in this exact moment. It’s a reminder to slow and down and enjoy those times: they are precious and short-lived. It really is the perfect book for any new mom or mom-again. Sure to be a classic!

Upstate Girl

‘Rock You Tonight’ is a heart warming children’s book written with new babies and moms in mind. It reads like a lullaby and tells the story of a tired/distracted mom rushing through baby’s bedtime, until she takes notice of the baby’s tiny grasp around her finger. She slows to fully embrace the wonder of the moment rocking her baby.

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Little Buggies: A Rhyming Guessing Book For Little Ones (baby – age 5)

Cindy Bracken

Price: FREE

This is another wonderful book by this author! The cover and illustrations are colorful, and the title explains it perfectly! I love that it has the child guessing what the bug is that is hiding by just seeing a little bit of the bug on the first page, and then the following page shows a coloful picture of the bug. An ant, butterfly, ladybug, beetle, spider, dragonfly, and bee are the bugs searched for. I downloaded it to my iphone and it was formatted perfectly and the font was easy to read. I was able to read it free via Amazon Prime, but I do recommend buying it if you cannot read it for free.


One little buggy,
Sailing through the sky.
Can you guess what it is?
It is a butterfly!

Your child will have fun guessing what little buggies are hiding from the clues given in the illustrations and rhyming text. A fun bedtime book perfect for babies and children up to age 5. Features an ant, spider, butterfly, dragonfly and more.

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Cactus Charlie

Angela Muse

Price: 99 cents

Showed this little book to my grandkid and the proof was in the pudding. It kept the attention of the younger guy who usually votes for action over brain drain. He sat and said ‘cactus’ over and over again. I had fun reading it to him. You will have fun reading it to yours too. Look forward to more of the same from Angela Muse.


Charlie is a lonely cactus searching for a friend. He starts on a quest for companionship, but everyone he comes across seems frightened by his prickles. Will he ever find the perfect friend?

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NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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