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Live Simple: 31 Tips To Declutter, Simplify, And Organize Your Life

Nate McHenry

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I can’t say enough good about this book! It is as if the author walked through my house (the Trust Walk?) and commented on each room and each aspect of my material world that needed simplification. I appreciated the encouraging words along with the very practical ways of making changes.
While I truly loved every “step”, I especially appreciated the new step (for me) of creating a Return Cart. It makes so much sense and can be placed away from the kitchen table so that, instead of shuffling things around to be able to sit down to dinner, I can keep my eating area sanctimonious and also have an easy way to deal with the many projects started every day.

Stephanie Atwood

You can conquer the mess! Learn how to live simple, de-clutter, and organize your life in this 31 tips in 31 days guide. There are practical tips to long term transformation. This is not a fix it quick book with meaningless tips. Each tip is well thought out and designed to produce a “live simple” lifestyle. The book is written in easy to read tips that you can put into practice immediately. You can live organized, simple, and without the clutter. Start today. Celebrate your victories each day as you feel great about the cleanliness, organization, and simplicity of your new life.

Inside the book you’ll find practical and ready to use tips to start a new way of living. This book addresses all the areas of your home plus many more bonus tips for other areas of life.

INSIDE THE BOOK FIND A FREE GIFT: 31 Day Challenge Tool to help you meet your goals to get rid of the mess.

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Done With Menstrual Cramps

T.C Hale

Price: FREE

I haven’t done any of the testing yet, but I’ve read the book – first word to last – and I can only say I’m eternally grateful. I can’t wait to get my supplies and figure out what’s wrong and stop it. Not only is the information in the book relevant for the title, it’s relevant for the human body (male and female) in general.


DONE WITH MENSTRUAL CRAMPS is brought to you by touring comedian turned natural health expert, T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale). Not only will Hale keep you entertained while he reveals the secrets behind cramps and how the human body functions, you will also learn how to look at your own body chemistry to understand the underlying cause of YOUR menstrual cramps. Since the reason cramps can exist varies from person to person, once you understand what is going on with your chemistry, this book will help you understand what foods, supplements, or lifestyle changes could eliminate your desire to scream at inanimate objects once a month.

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On the Side: Low-Calorie Side Dish and Salad Recipes (a Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

Joan Holcomb

Price: FREE

After reading another cookbook by this author, I decided to check out her other titles. This one is equally as good. I’m always on the lookout for good low calorie recipes and these look great and tasty. It’s great to find some of my favorites (potato salad!) without all of the calories and fat.

Kaye T

I love salads, and side dishes. The difficulty I had when losing weight, however, was to find a salad dressing, or a salad or side dish, which was tasty but not loaded with calories. These dressings, saucers, side dishes, and salads are all under 250 calories per serving.

All recipes include calories, fat, fiber, carbs, and protein content per serving.

Important note: this is not a cookbook with zero calorie (or near-zero calorie) recipes. The very nature of these dishes and their ingredients mean that the calorie count will never be zero, or even close to it. Those looking for minimal calorie main dishes are advised to seek commercial preparations specifically made for very low calorie diets.

Also, these recipes are not necessarily low-carb. With healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, they often include GOOD carbs.

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Deliciotes – The Breakfast Book

Suzannah Korniotes

Price: FREE

This is a great little cookbook! It consists of about 20 recipes, ranging from tried and true classics like Eggs Bennie (with home-made hollendaise), to items with an appeal to gourmet taste buds! Everything is presented in an easy to read fashion and the directions are clear and easy to understand. Deliciotes has recipes for breads, muffins, granola, parfaits, sandwiches and burritos, french toast and more! This little book truly has something for everybody!

Prefix Suffix

This cookbook is full of delightful and delicious breakfast recipes. The author, Suzannah Korniotes, has put so much love and care into each recipe to make them truly special and unique. With Suzannah’s easy to follow format you will soon be whipping up a feast to satisfy all your family’s taste buds.

This book is an exciting start to a trilogy of cookbooks which Suzannah will be launching. In only a few weeks she will be releasing her dinner book and dessert book.

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30 Things I Know For Certain

Gloria Marie Pelcher

Price: FREE

I loved this book. It’s short and simple, but full of wisdom, and potentially life-changing. I read it in one sitting, then immediately recommended it to a few of my favorite 20-30 year olds, although I think all ages would benefit from it.

TL Eaton

Goodbye 20’s and hello 30’s! In celebration of turning 30 Gloria Marie Pelcher shares 30 things she knows for certain. Insight and inspiration for all ages.

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Garden Guide – A No Nonsense, No PhD, No Fuss Guide to Great Gardens with Hand-Holding How To’s for Beginners and Straightforward Instruction for Advanced Gardeners

Sarah Olver

Price: FREE

I actually found this book very helpful. It is clear and concise, but well-written, so that it was a pleasurable read for a gardening book. It will be easy to spot reference when I have questions. Everything is organized into one place, so I think it saved me some time compared to website hopping, and at the end of the book, I felt inspired instead of overwhelmed. Note: This was not an exhaustive guide that names every single plant. Great deal!


We’ve all admired our neighbor’s gorgeous gardens filled with flowering perennials and longed to recreate their beauty in our own back yard. But if we’re being honest, when it comes to gardening, most of us have no idea where to begin. Additionally, in these economic times, who can afford to hire an expert to come in and do the job for us? That said, regular folks all across North America and Europe are returning to the soil, shovels in hand. With the help of this book, there is absolutely no need to fly blind into the world of green thumbs, perennials, and herbs. The name–Garden Guide: A No Nonsense, No PhD Guide to Great Gardens with Hand-Holding How To’s for Beginners and Straightforward Instruction for Advanced Gardeners—truly says it all. Indeed, this book is the hand-holding garden guide that will walk even the most timid novice right through the gardening process from beginning to end.

In addition to straight forward, practical advice in everyday language, you will love the stories and anecdotes Olver shares from her fifteen years of backyard, organic gardening adventures. Easy and entertaining, you‘ll probably read this book in one sitting, but you’ll reference it for years to come. The beauty of Garden Guide is that Olver divides her advice into two sections: Beginning Gardeners and Advanced Gardeners. No matter what your skill level, there are simple explanations, tips, and tricks that will walk you through every aspect of the garden process. Garden Guide features details such as:

• Everything you need to know about location, from sunlight to drainage to selecting just the right spot
• How to understand soil types, how to amend and condition them
• pH levels and soil testing broken down in simple terms
• Step by Step guide for planning your PERFECT garden no matter where the location
• Fertilizing made manageable with explanations for all those numbers and organic alternatives
• Composting broken down so you can start immediately
• Pests obliterated with loads of organic suggestions
• The basics of garden maintenance from deadheading to dividing perennials
• Loads of helpful website suggestions for purchasing plants online, getting ideas, locating county extension offices, perennial databases and so much more.
• Gardening terms are defined in language you will both understand and remember

If you have time to read only one book on gardening, this is the book to choose. Short enough not to feel like an encyclopedia and just long enough to wet your gardening appetite, Olver has woven basic garden science and practical ideas for everyday people into each page. With her warm, inviting, no-nonsense instruction, you will be amazed how simple and doable gardening really is. Not only will it thoroughly educate you in basic gardening, Garden Guide will send you well on your way toward beautiful perennials gardens and leave you inspired and hungry to begin planting in your own patch of earth.

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Miracles And Grace In An Unlikely Place

Charisse Tyson

Price: FREE

Having lived in Hollister all my life, this book brought back so many memories and showed the honest journey of a woman who traveled a hard road and persevered. While reading, it, I felt the author was sitting over a cup of coffee telling me the story. Honest and hard hitting about life in a small town. I really enjoyed this book.


When Charisse Tyson bought Johnny’s Bar & Grill in Hollister California in 1995 she had no idea it was the bar that inspired the 1953 movie the Wild One with Marlon Brando. She did however know that her husband, Tommy, was an alcoholic. Hardships and heartaches were inevitable. Take a journey with a co-dependent control freak and her alcoholic husband to the Birth Place of the American Biker as they find their way back to God and to each other.

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Know Your Bible: All 66 Books Explained and Applied

Paul Kent

Price: 79 cents

Excellent little reference book- great for people who are new to the Bible as well as people who are not. Provides a great synopsis of each book, with a little history and puts the book in perspective in relation to the others. A great addition to my library of Bibles, Bible study, reference books. Packs a lot of information in a small amount of space–a nice small book to take with you.

Book Worm

Know Your Bible is a concise, easy-to-understand guide to God’s Word-giving you a helpful and memorable overview of all 66 books. For each Know Your Bible provides data on the author and time frame, a ten-word synopsis, a longer (50-100 word) summary, thoughts on what makes the book unique or unusual, a listing of key verses, and a “So, What?” section of practical application. It’s a fantastic resource for individuals and ministries!

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How to Memorize Bible Verses: The Fast and Easy Way to Memorizing Scripture

Dean Roller

Price: 99 cents

The first time I saw someone speed memorize a deck of cards I was intrigued and impressed. The Guinness Book world record holder I saw on television explained that he used images to memorize pairs of cards which allowed him to use his imagery to recall all 52 cards in any order that was presented to him. Now that same process for creating long-term memory patterns is available for applying it to the one book that we should all memorize, the Bible.
The first book of Psalms describes a blessed man and stresses in verse 2 (Psalm 1:2) “But his delight is in the law of The Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”
This book is well written and goes into intricate detail on how to use different techniques to create the necessary imagery and stories to imprint scripture into our long-term memory. The author builds from one technique to another as if carefully crafting a plan to help us condition our mind to memorize scripture. He doesn’t just use imagery, but shows us how to take keywords from scripture and combine that with the scripture reference to create a story that we can easily recall.
I would have liked to see pictures in the book. The pictures could have brought his words to life. a few pictures would have bumped up this book to five stars for me.
In conclusion, if you want to get the Word of God deep into your soul and use it as the sword it was intended for, then you need to get this book and learn how to memorize scripture and do it fast. This book is well worth the purchase price.

Avid Reader

How to Memorize Bible Verses: The Fast and Easy Way to Memorizing Scripture

This book will teach you the fastest and easiest way possible to memorize Bible verses.

Would you love being able to quote scripture whenever you need it? Do you admire people who can? If you’ve ever watched someone memorize a deck of playing cards in minutes, and dreamed about what you could do with a memory like that – your dreams are about to come true.

This short eBook is a simple and practical ‘How to…’ guide that takes the techniques used by memory experts – like Tony Buzan, Harry Lorayne, or even techniques you may have read about in “Moonwalking with Einstein” – and adapts them to scripture memorization.

‘How to Memorize Bible Verses’ explains why normal people already have an astonishing memory, and provides the ‘secret’ key to unlocking its potential. It’s amazing that more people don’t know these easy techniques and still persist with repetition to memorize the Lord’s word.

This book will teach you:

• The ‘secrets’ of memorizing like an expert
• How to memorize book, chapter and verse references
• Which key words from a verse to memorize
• How to transform those key words into images
• How you can link images with stories
• How frequently to revise for optimal results

The authors provide plenty of examples to demonstrate how it’s done, and clear explanations of all the tricks and tips.

If you’ve always struggled to memorize book, chapter and verse references, then you are going to love this book! By the time you’ve finished reading this book and put these amazing techniques to use, you’ll be reciting Bible verses and references with accuracy and ease using the natural, but untapped abilities of the mind God gave you.

This quick read will get you started using these easy techniques right away, and you’ll be filled with excitement as you realize how simple memorizing Bible verses can actually be.

Buy this book now and never be left struggling for the inspiration of God’s word whenever you need it.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Affirming the Apostles’ Creed

J.I. Packer

Price: $2.99

I read this book to my wife almost every morning before she went to work. We really liked it. J.I Packer walks us through the Apostles’ Creed phrase by phrase. He says that the Creed was originally written in Latin, and that “I believe in God the Father” translate a phrase that literally means “I am believing INTO God.” It conveys the idea of total dependence.
In the chapter about the only begotten Son, Packer says that the phrase literally means “one of a kind Son.” The expression “He descended into hell” means that Christ went down into the netherworld after He died on the cross and proclaimed victory over the powers of darkness to the disobedient angels in prison – see 1 Peter 3:19-22.
Believing in the Holy Spirit means trusting in Him as our advocate, counselor, guide, and helper. and as the One who highlights and glorifies Jesus.
The communion of saints refers to the fellowship we can have with believers in this life and in the common bond we have with the saints of all times.
This is a great little book! The sentences are little long and cumbersome at times. Perhaps a good editor could have tightened up the screws. But this is a minor thing because we really enjoyed this book.

Dr. Marc Axelrod

The Apostles’ Creed is the oldest, most beautiful succinct summary of Christian beliefs. Though often recited in unison during worship services, the creed begins with the phrase “I believe,” making it a deeply personal profession of faith. But when was the last time you examined it closely?

In Affirming the Apostles’ Creed, an excerpt from Growing in Christ, noted Bible scholar and author J. I. Packer explains the meaning and implications of each phrase of this great creed. Each concise chapter serves as an invitation to dive further into the creed—and as a result, into the essentials of the Christian faith—by concluding with discussion questions and Bible passages for further study.

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Timothy Keller

Price: $1.99

Renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller explores the nature of evil in the world with The Great Enemy, the sixth entry in his Encounters with Jesus series.

The baptism of Jesus and his temptation in the desert are two well-known experiences of Christ, yet it is often forgotten that they go together. In The Great Enemy, Timothy Keller, pastor of New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church and New York Times bestselling author of The Reason for God, explores the contrast between Jesus’ encounters with God and Satan. He explains why evil is deeper, more nuanced, and more complex than we think and how we can confront and weaken its destructive force in our lives.

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Signature in the Cell

Stephen C. Meyer

Price: $2.99

I would to thank Mr. Meyer for the elevated tone and substance of his latest work, this book contains no vitriol, condescendence, arrogance or anything remotely unpleasant. It does contain well reasoned arguments for his points of view with extensive documentation in the notes and Bibliography. Meyer has taken no cheap shots at the scientists who do not happen to share his point of view, this in marked contrast to the screeds presented to the public as legitimate scientific discussion by the evolutionists. While I at times enjoy returning the fire of evolutionary zealots with a nuclear weapon, Meyer has chosen his words with the upmost care and demonstrated a particular graciousness to those who will not and perhaps cannot reciprocate this courtesy, this in my mind demonstrates the confidence and pure scientific ability bought to this study. I give the highest endorsement possible to the purchase of this worthy publication.

Mark (Greek for Hammer)

“Signature in the Cell is a defining work in the discussion of life’s origins and the question of whether life is a product of unthinking matter or of an intelligent mind. For those who disagree with ID, the powerful case Meyer presents cannot be ignored in any honest debate. For those who may be sympathetic to ID, on the fence, or merely curious, this book is an engaging, eye-opening, and often eye-popping read” — American Spectator

Named one of the top books of 2009 by the Times Literary Supplement (London), this controversial and compelling book from Dr. Stephen C. Meyer presents a convincing new case for intelligent design (ID), based on revolutionary discoveries in science and DNA. Along the way, Meyer argues that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as expounded in The Origin of Species did not, in fact, refute ID. If you enjoyed Francis Collins’s The Language of God, you’ll find much to ponder—about evolution, DNA, and intelligent design—in Signature in the Cell.

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