Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle Sale- One of my favorites


I posted yesterday to let ya’ll know about the Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle Sale currently going on, but I thought I would take a minute to highlight one of the books that is being featured that I recently got a lot of use out of.

If you frequently check in on the eReader Girl Facebook page, then you know that I gave birth just last Saturday to our seventh baby. (If you are not on our Facebook page, click on over there and Like it so that you are in the loop with all of these details!)


So, I recently finished reading Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin in preparation for the birth. You’d think that having 6 births previously that I would feel prepared, but I found myself struggling with some fear.

The book was LONG! I was actually surprised by the length, and I barely got it finished in time. But it was an excellent book to prepare my heart and mind for the task at hand.

Normally, the ebook copy of Redeeming Childbirth sells for $6.59 on Amazon. However, if you purchase it as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle Sale, you’ll only be paying 31 cents for it! You’ll be getting 97 ebooks for 31 cents each for a grand total of $29.97, not to mention all of the bonuses!

If you’d like to see the LONG list of books and bonuses, you can read yesterday’s post here.


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