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Muffin Tin Madness

Maggie Ingles

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I am loving Maggie Ingles’ very creative recipes! These recipes are so helpful when planning get togethers or parties. Forget catering! Just pick up a copy of Maggie’s Muffin Tin Madness and your party or small get together will be a huge success. I’d recommend this above all overs I’ve seen.


Create portion perfect servings for your family or an event!
Individual molten lava cakes are always a hit and can prevent over-indulging.

Skip the dangerous nonstick fumes!
Muffin tins without nonstick coating can be easily used with cupcake liners to keep pets safe fro PFOA fumes.

Super fast cleanup!
Why spend time scrubbing pots, when you can just throw out a cupcake liner?

The muffin tin has changed the way we cook in my home for the better. I hope it can do the same for you. This book is full of recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert. Parties, school functions and picnics are sure to benefit from these portable meals and treats.

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Psalms, The Sunrise of Hope

Bob Saffrin

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I’m always blessed when I read a book by Bob Saffrin. He truly knows how to encourage his readers to pursue the amazing life God has planned for them. This book has encouraged me in so many ways. I read most of it while on a long road trip to and from vacation and I constantly had to pause while reading this book to just think about God, His goodness in my life, and where He was taking me. God’s character is truly revealed to the reader in this book. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It would make a great book for a group study too!

Heather Bixler


This book is your spiritual Swiss Army Knife. Keep it handy, read it, study it, be familiar with the contents, and then pull it out for those times when life is confusing and raw. When you’re struggling with life, grab this book, turn to the Psalm that fits your moment and find hope on God’s lap.

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The Kindness of Strangers: Penniless Across America

Mike McIntyre

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I have purchased numerous copies of this book to give to friends. After recently rediscovering book and reading for 5th time I was checking amazon to see if Mike McIntyre has any other titles. I felt compeled to write a review. In light of the recent World Trade center attack I really need something that confirmed my belief that good people are all around us. It really lifted me out of my gloom.

Barry Felice

As featured on Oprah, The Kindness of Strangers is the story of one man’s continental leap of faith–and the country that caught him.

Stuck in a job he no longer found fulfilling, journalist Mike McIntyre felt his life was quickly passing him by. So one day he hit the road to trek from one end of the country to the other with little more than the clothes on his back and without a single penny in his pocket. Through his travels, he found varying degrees of kindness in strangers from all walks of life–and discovered more about people and values and life on the road in America than he’d ever thought possible. The gifts of food and shelter he received along the way were outweighed only by the touching gifts of the heart–the willingness of many he met to welcome a lonely stranger into their homes…and the discovery that sometimes those who give the most are the ones with the least to spare.

Includes an extended sample from the author’s second travelogue, The Wander Year: One Couple’s Journey Around the World.

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how to Knitting for Beginners: Using the Continental Method

Lucy W. DeFranco

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I get to say my grandmother taught me how to knit when I was very young. However, she used the old ‘throw the yarn over’ method, still my favorite but highly unpleasant when working with multi-stranded projects. I have attempted to learn the Continental Method on my own, with limited success. I kept twisting my stitches. When I received a gift of the Kindle Fire (I live on a Tall Ship and I was collecting too much ballast because I am a *big* fan of novels) I immediately looked for knitting books to download. How to Knitting for Beginners: Using the Continental Method was too hard to resist. What a delight, for Lucy has provided excellent photographs and instructions.I was able to see where I was going wrong- without a magnifying glass. I now know how to do the Continental Method and I can’t think of higher praise for a How-To book, except a competent bibliography. Here too, Lucy excels. Knitting is one of the few creative endeavors I can have on board. Yarn tucks in nice and it does not weigh much. Knitting books, however, are problematic. I had to *carefully* (and painfully) choose a few out of my well loved collection.Lucy’s bibliography contains all I chose and the many I had to leave behind. Her selections are comprehensive and well known by any knitter who knows her (or his) stuff. Thank-you Lucy for giving an excellent start to a dying Art and for providing a means, with your links and bibliography, for all to *continue* learning and loving to knit. My only complaint, and I am not sure this qualifies as a complaint, was the prevalence of very wintry wool projects. We in the south, who love to knit, have need of lighter projects, especially with plant fibers…perhaps a sequel?
The Continental method is a fast, charming, multi-functional method of knitting and is user friendly on the wrists, your fingers do all the walking. I highly recommend this method and I highly recommend this book.


Perhaps you are a beginning knitter and want to start by learning the most efficient and effective fundamentals. Or, you may have been knitting for a while, but you knit slowly and wish you could knit faster. Have you ever wondered if you could increase your speed AND your efficiency at the same time?

What if there were a book that could teach you, in just a few short weeks, the fundamentals you need to enjoy a lifetime of confidence and satisfaction in your knitting skills? What if that book also included knitting patterns for hats, scarves, baby blankets, and more? And what if that book had dozens and dozens of high quality photographs showing you exactly what your hand and finger positioning should be as you go through the steps of a technique?

Many knitters in the US and the UK have learned to ‘throw’ their yarn onto their needles with a lot more effort than they need to, resulting in a consistently slower rate of knitting and an inefficient use of the fingers and hands. Strangely enough, this is a holdover from World War II, when the Continental knitting method fell out of favor among Allied populations due to its association with Germany. The Continental method is the most efficient and quickest way to knit, yet many English language knitting books still teach the English or American styles.

A woman named Elizabeth Zimmermann famously used her books and a PBS series to reintroduce the Continental method and ‘knitting in the round’ to several generations of American knitters from the 1950’s until her death in 1999. Although EZ, as she was affectionately referred to by many knitters, had a major influence on the contemporary knitting scene, a glance through many recent books and instructional videos still reveals a widespread lack of knowledge about the most efficient away to manipulate the yarn and needles with your hands and fingers.

This book was written to address that gap in knowledge and is divided into six weekly lessons which start with basic fundamentals, and end with intermediate level skills and projects. In this book you will find: how-to knitting for beginners, knitting patterns for hats, knitting patterns for scarves, knitting patterns for baby blankets, a wealth of high quality photos showing you how to perform the techniques properly, and a rich listing of additional resources the blossoming knitter can go to for further development and inspiration.

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Easy-As Recipes – Gluten Free Breads Cookbook (Easy-As Gluten Free Recipes)

Nicole Hayes

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My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and she LOVES bread. Our biggest challenge was trying to find a bread recipe that she liked. This book has some wonderful bread recipes that we can’t wait to try out for her. Plus it answered a bunch of our questions about the use of gum as a binder, cross contamination and bringing all your ingredients at a room temperature before baking. It’s well laid out and I only saw a few grammar issues. I’m not sure what the other reviewer saw. Maybe there was an update since they reviewed it. Other than that, we really enjoyed the book. Thanks!

James S. Eason

In this book Nicole Hayes shows you step-by-step how to bake high quality and delicious gluten-free breads with ease. She will teach you all the basics of how to prep your kitchen to avoid cross contamination as well as how to navigate through, the sometimes, seemingly treacherous gluten-free shopping isle. By reading this book, you will also learn about the basic ingredients found in gluten-free bread recipes as well as multiple tips and delicious recipes to get you started so you can enjoy tasty success at the table time and time again.

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