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Live, Love, Laugh and Laundry?

Terri Bonin

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Terri’s book is filled with short stories that will inspire you to stay the course and trust God with your family. It is hilarious and genuine. You get a beautiful glimpse inside the world of a large family who love each other unconditionally and who go through the same struggles most of us will never admit happen in our own homes. My favorite story of all is how her husband showed her love when she kept losing car keys and bought her twelve sets for the year so she could lose up to one set a month and still be good. Terri Bonin is a true encourager for busy moms.


Live, Love, Laugh and Laundry? is a must-read for anyone with the need for inspiration, renewal of spirit, and the feeling of not being alone in this journey, called life. Terri beautifully shares glimpses into her life and all the challenges that come with it, and then bundles them up in laughter. She reminds us that although motherhood is challenging, it is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. She encourages us to take life less seriously. With daily scriptures on which to reflect, she points us back to the Creator with joyful thanks.

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Wheat Belly Diet: Ultimate Guide to Losing Your Wheat Belly and Feeling Amazing!

Maddie Alexander

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This book is for anyone who values flourishing physically. (If you don’t and prefer illness, perhaps your priorities need re-examination.) It’s a short book with a simple recommendation: avoid wheat flour and any foods made from it. The argument for this thesis appears to be based on research by Dr. William Davis. The author lists what to eat and what to avoid eating. She provides a sample menu. Although there’s no research cited or even a bibliography, I agree wholeheartedly with the author’s chief recommendation. Human beings did not evolve eating grains, which are hybridized grasses; Mother Nature did not design us to eat them and it’s best to avoid eating them if you genuinely value good health.

Dennis E. Bradford

Wheat Belly Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Losing Your Wheat Belly and Feeling Amazing!
Modern wheat is becoming the root cause of many harmful medical conditions like Celiac Disease, Diabetes and of course Obesity. Don’t fall into this category. Grab this book and change your life!

What you can expect from the book:
– The Role of Wheat in Wheat Belly
– Wheat and Other Health Disorders
– What is the “Wheat Belly Diet?”
– How to Start on the Diet and Plan Your Meals
– Grocery Shopping for the Wheat Belly Diet
– Live and Maintain a Wheat Free Healthy Lifestyle

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30 Days of Writing Prompts

Richard Rohlin

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I loaded this book on a whim expecting to get 30 prompts for expository writing I could use on students. (You don’t read descriptions that well when you’re loading free kindle books) ha! I was even more delighted to have a book written for creative writers. The writing commitment is only 200 words/ day so even if you’re working on other projects, it may be a way to stretch yourself creatively. I liked the variety of the writing prompts, everything from the typical descriptive assignments, to generating copy from a painting observation. While you can certainly find writing prompts on the internet for free, I’m not sure where you can plug into a writing community willing to give you feedback for the price of this book. I also found the author’s tone to be encouraging in a topic that is usually the opposite. To get the most from these writing assignments consider a good book on creative writing technique if you don’t have one already. My personal favorites: Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell and Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain. Happy Writing!

Lynda Dykstra

Writing is work. It is blood and sweat and tears and elbow grease. Like any other learned skill, excellent writing demands an investment of significant time and effort. And like any other learned skill, to grow or even maintain your level of proficiency requires regular practice. What’s the best writing advice I’ve ever received from professional writers? “Write more.”

I get it, though. You’re rusty, you’re out of practice, or you’re new. Maybe it’s been years since you wrote anything beyond an email or a memo. Maybe you struggle just writing emails and memos and the idea of tackling something like a story is scary or downright unappealing. Maybe you are constantly frustrated by your inability to finish anything meaningful. Or maybe you struggle to find the time to get any writing done at all.

If you’ve ever found yourself facing these kinds of challenges, this book is for you.

Originating in January of 2013 as a month-long writing event hosted via an exclusive social networking community, 30 Days of Writing Prompts began as challenge to write consistently. After a month of feverish content creation, it morphed into something more: a mantra – a creed – for writers looking to stretch their skills far beyond their comfort zones.

Think of a writing prompt as the stick of dynamite that triggers an avalanche. It’s a few words – often no more than a single sentence – that inspire (“prompts”) you to write a few more. In essence, the prompt exists more to point you in the right direction than to actually tell you what to do.

30 Days of Writing Prompts will guide you through the process of learning to write consistently and challenge your skills as a content creator. It’s intended to be read one day at a time for thirty days and includes both prompts and “spit and polish” articles – essays and “how-to” guides intended to sharpen your skills as a writer.

Within the pages of this book you’ll also find out how to join 30 Days of Writing Prompts: The Community – a vibrant, exclusive social network built by writers as passionate about helping other writers as they are about their craft.

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