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How to eBay in Real Life (For a Living)

Jason Richner

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This book was inspiring to say the least. I do a lot on EBay myself, these tips were all very helpful and really easy to apply. Many of the chapters of this book are great for people who are just beginning EBay. I was so impressed with how fun and easy this book was to read. I finished it in two sittings, I didn’t want to stop reading it. The stories were so interesting and inspiring. I love that the authors made this book relatable to all readers whether young or old, or new to selling online or a veteran to this whole thing. I would recommend this book to anyone who is even slightly interested in selling on EBay. It really is much easier than I thought it was and the profits are incredible. I have tons of success stories with EBay. I only started a few months ago and this book was filled with all kinds of helpful ideas. I shop for most of my items at yard sales and flea markets but I never thought about buying new items that are on sale and then selling them online later on as the seasons change. Great tip! I too, haven’t settled on one specific item to sell, I sell anything and everything that catches my eye and that I think I can turn a big profit on. You can also be successful! First, read this book and then go out and follow the steps and tips that you learned in it. You won’t regret it. This book was a great buy!!!

Aaron Kinder

I never actually believed I’d be my own boss.

Sure, I’d vaguely thought about it from time to time. Like everybody else, I’m sure I’ve gotten swept up in some dully romantic daydream about one day calling the shots, perhaps wearing the cliché hard hat in some factory directing imaginary labor forces with my free hand, a coffee in my other while looking over blueprints. Clearly, I didn’t delve very deeply into that imaginary scenario.
No, it’s safe to say I always thought I’d be working for somebody else. Punching in, lunching out, and crunching heads all day.
What I didn’t realize back then was that one day I’d be working from home. That I’d have no employees. That my customers would live all over the world. That I’d make a decent living selling things I enjoyed dealing with. That I’d be making money at all hours of the day, even while I slept, even while I write this sentence. (I just sold two toys to a gentleman in France for $40 plus $34.68 shipping, no joke. Just happened).
Truthfully, I’m already bothered that this sounds like an infomercial pitch, something that’s too good to be true, so, with that in mind, I’ll do my best to keep this completely authentic and filled with real life examples; stories that you can easily absorb now and recall later when you’re in charge and need guidance. There may be some redundancies, but a lot of what lies ahead takes gut instinct, most of which you’re born with — and I’ll help you tune in to that — and the rest is just learning what you care about, what interests you’ve developed over the years and what talents you didn’t know you’d soon be using.

I am just a regular Jack who found a way to be in charge of my own paycheck. Along the way there are going to be many way ups and some pretty low downs, it’s not all sugar and spice. But here’s how I became my own boss. And now I’m going to help you do it too.

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Delicious Detox: Cleanse to Stay Slim and Strong in All Four Seasons (Live a Delicious Life)

Christy Goldfeder

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Fantastic book with brilliant strategies and life-changing methods. The book takes more of a holistic approach than most detox plans. It adds a focus on our emotional needs, which are crucial to long-term physical as well emotional wellness. It was interesting to learn the specific types of cravings that can be managed with specific vitamins and minerals. I found the seasonal detox plans fascinating, and they make complete sense with our varying nutritional and emotional needs. I found the exercises, journal ideas, and specific meditations to be extremely helpful. I’m going to go back and re-read everything, there is a wealth of information. Very well done book with innovative strategies.


Have you wanted to try out a detox cleanse diet but were afraid of starving or having unwanted side effects? Have no fear – there are many ways to detox healthfully and safely while eating real food.

When you eat the Delicious Detox way, you’ll be eating the freshest, healthiest and most delicious foods which will help you increase your energy, release toxins safely, and become more aware of how to care for your body’s unique needs.

In each season, you will focus on different organs and the conditions or symptoms that most commonly need addressing – weight loss in spring, cardiovascular health in summer, digestion and allergies in fall, and weight balancing and energy in winter.

Inside, you’ll also learn:

• Common misconceptions about detoxing and cleansing

• Why juicing may be the absolute wrong cleanse for you

• What is the best way to fast – and who shouldn’t be fasting

• Why it’s almost impossible to avoid becoming toxic

• How to find out how toxic you really are

• What to do to avoid getting overexposed to toxins

• When the best time is to do a detox cleanse

• Why cleansing is not just about what you eat

• Which organ is crucial to weight loss and becoming a fat burning machine

• How to release emotions to boost your metabolism

• Why it’s actually unhealthy to lose weight in this one season

• How to eat to keep the weight off year round

After reading the Delicious Detox, you should feel prepared to try detoxing on your own. Using the food lists, simple meditations, and writing exercises, you’ll be able to create your own personal cleanse plan to boost your energy, shed excess weight, and release stress.

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Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget

Fanny Seto

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This little book is packed full of tips and resources for shopping organically on a budget. There’s no excuse to pay full price any more! Fanny tells you how to shop, where to shop, where to find the best deals and even lists websites to find coupons for organic products. She offers techniques from food budget planning, to information on what produce to buy organic by season, to supermarket return policies. It has everything you need to know to buy organically without spending too much as well as make educated decisions when grocery shopping for yourself or your family. You’ll refer to this book again and again.

Beatrice Dong

Organic food on a budget, is it possible?

Do you want to eat healthy food but wish it was more affordable? Do you wonder whether to buy or not to buy organic foods? Which organic produce is worth buying?

Designed for Busy People

Eating Organic on a Budget is an easy-to-read guide designed for busy people, on how to eat healthy and natural food on a small budget.

Where to find organic coupons and deals so you don’t have to pay full price

How to save up to 50% off organic produce

Food Shoppers Guide: When groceries go on sale so you can stock up

Where to get deals on organic meat

What fruits and vegetables you can buy conventional, with peace of mind

Where are the best places to buy organic foods

What is organic food

Why organic

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Homemade Change: Money may not grow on trees, but it lives in your home–A guide on how to make money from home and declutter your life.

Jessica Wall

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Fanatastic guide for anyone looking to revamp their home and make extra cash in the process! This book offers an easy to follow plan and lots of new and interesting tips. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed when taking on a new project, I found “Homemade Change” to be very useful. I have already made major progress in my closet and have clothes selling on eBay!

Meredith Bowman

Do you want to make money from home? Are you ready for spring cleaning and making money in the process? Do you have more “stuff” in your home than you have storage space? Are you looking to make more money without getting a second job? Do you need to declutter? Get and stay organized? Are you moving? Soon to be a parent or an empty nest-er? Ready to change out closets for the change of seasons?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, The Homemade Change series is your solution.

You can make more money within the comfort of your home, get organized and reap the benefits without a ton of effort. There is money all around you– in my home, I have found thousands. I can teach you how to find, prepare, “adjust” and benefit from items you already own and skills you already have– nothing additional to buy or risk. In this book, you will learn a manageable way to make money from home and declutter your life. This foundational book of The Homemade Change series is meant to introduce you to making money by decluttering your home; an overview laying out principles and processes in a concise read. I will show you real organizing and selling tips that save you time and maximize your profits.

So if you are ready to clear out your home and clean up financially then download Homemade Change now.

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Digital Photography Like a Pro!

Al Judge

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I’ve had my high priced digital camera for a couple years and I thought it was more or less, just point and click. I had no idea how many more things I could accomplish until I read this wonderful informative book. I definitely feel more like a real photographer now.

Kiowa Rain

Any serious photographer will eventually learn everything in this book. You have an opportunity to learn it quickly and easily in just a few hours. Adjusting APERTURE, EXPOSURE and ISO will no longer be sources of stress, Photography Equipment and Editing Software will lose their mystique, and your confidence will be greatly enhanced.

Are you enthused about photography but confused by all the technical jargon?
Do you feel a physical sensation in your gut when you take a great picture?
Would you like to be more consistent with the quality of your images?
Do you wonder how professional photographers get such great shots?
Do your eyes glaze over when people use terms like ISO, White Balance, Color Management, and Color Space?
Do you sometimes think that you just don’t have the time or energy to learn what you really need to know about photography?
Have you ever had an experience where you thought to yourself, “This book could have saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration, if only I had known about it back then?”

Digital Photography Like a Pro! will painlessly provide help and insight with all these topics and more in just a few hours of your time.

Without a guide on your path to better pictures, you run the risk of spending a great deal of time and money heading down the wrong road. Frustration and confusion can easily take the wind from your sails and replace excitement with disappointment.
This guide to digital photography builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to create better images with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory.

This Photographic Guide will Prepare You for an Amazing Journey!

Thanks to the Internet, you can virtually hang-out with some of the top photographers in the world and learn from their experience for a very reasonable price in the form of training videos. Like traveling to a foreign country, understanding the language will make your visit more pleasant and meaningful. This book will tell you where to go and prepare you for your visit.
Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic excellence it does not rely on previous knowledge.

This book will:

Save you a great deal of time and money by telling you what you need to know and how to maximize your efforts and budget.

Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.

Present the details and language of digital photography without intimidation or confusing terminology – all terms are clearly defined and explained.

Significantly accelerate your photographic learning curve.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will be well on your way to creating better images consistently.

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