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Until Forever (Women of Prayer)

Darlene Shortridge

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Until Forever is a powerfully written, inspiring work by a wonderful storyteller! Ms. Shortridge created realistic characters that are completely relateable to. Even if you’ve never known the devastation of what addiction can do to a family, Ms. Shortridge brings it home to the reader. This is a story of love, understanding and most importantly, a faith in God and His power.
A compelling story. Be ready to laugh and cry…and be moved. Highly recommended…


Jessi hung up the phone. That was the fifth time she tried calling home with no answer. She had just started eating lunch when she remembered she had forgotten to call home. It was something she would never forgive herself for.

It was something she would never forgive herself for…

It wasn’t until lunchtime that Jessi remembered to call home. No answer. She tried calling several times while she ate her lunch. Still no answer. She closed her eyes and rested her arms and head on her desk. She breathed deeply, wishing she had remembered to call earlier.

Until Forever is a story of a young family that is torn apart by the devastating effects of alcoholism. Can healing take place in a relationship when an unforgivable act is committed? Will Jessi’s pain and Mark’s guilt keep them apart forever, or will unforeseen circumstances bind them together?

Darlene Shortridge attended Alderson Broaddus College as a voice major. She found she was more passionate about her writing classes than her vocal classes. She left college early and since that time has written various projects such as Bible School Curriculum and poetry. She has also written and recorded a CD of original music. She lives abroad with her husband and two children. Until Forever is her first novel.

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Mismatched (Book Two) (The Agency Files)

Chautona Havig

Price: 99 cents

I have become hooked on this author’s works! I love her versatility and how her books are connected through the characters and community she has created. (I read this before reading the first book in the series; but, it definitely works as a stand-alone book.)


Organized crime. Illegal drugs. Violence. With them comes acceptance, order, purpose–danger. For Leo Haesert, they filled a hole left by a father he never knew and an indifferent mother. Things change, however, and after years in the notorious Alliance of Kasimir, Leo met Jesus and turned himself around–right into the hands of the police.

A bad plea bargain lost him the protection he needed. He’s as off the grid as you can be in today’s society. No phone, all inclusive rent, no other bills, and a driver’s license that still shows his old address. It’s not enough.

They left him for dead once, but the Kasimirs won’t make that mistake again.

“One of Adric’s girls,” Allison Wahl has yet to meet “the one.” She never imagined he might be a man with tattoos on his neck, arms, chest, and back. She certainly never imagined a man with huge holes in his ears and small ones in various places on his face where piercings once held jewelry.

As he begins his community service sentence, he rattles more than just Allison’s emotions.

When The Agency steps in to help, Leo’s life gets more complicated than he ever imagined.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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