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Past Forward- A Serial Novel: Volume 1

Chautona Havig

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Wow. What a great start to a story! The premise behind this story is a woman who has lived all of her life in almost total isolation and then is thrust into the world by circumstances beyond her control. Willow has to decide how much of the world she wants to let in…and in some cases keep out. *This is only the first 5 installments of a serial novel.* So, don’t expect it to be wrapped up all neat and tidy…it’s anything but neat and tidy. The character development makes a very ‘unreal’ story line SO incredibly real and draws the reader in…and leaves you wanting for more. I can’t wait to have all of these volumes so I can reread as often as I want.


Alone without friends or family to comfort her after the death of her mother, Willow Finley’s idyllic life is over—and just beginning.

When Willow Finley awakes on a hot summer morning, she is unprepared for the grief that awaits her. Jerked from a life of isolation with her mother, Willow learns what alone really means when she finds her mother still in her bed, never to awaken again in this life.

From the moment Willow arrives in the police station with her startling announcement, Chad Tesdall fights the friendship he knows he can’t avoid.

This collection of the first five episodes of Past Forward starts with Willow’s life-changing discovery and gently guides the reader through aspects of her life–the past weaving through the present and into the future. Experience her first morning in church, her first movie, and the culture shock of her first trips to the city. A birthday party and a street faire add welcome diversion from butchering, canning, and the beating of area rugs. Disaster strikes. Will she be able to continue her life, or will an offer in the city change it all? Find out in this first volume.

Follow as Willow’s story unfolds past forward.

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Leather and Lace (Texas Legacy)

DiAnn Mills

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Gritty and real; tender and enveloping all at the same time. Casey O’Hare is a heroine that you will be thinking about for a long time. Through no fault of her own, Casey is led into an outlaw’s life. She lives through abuse and deception. You don’t see what keeps her from giving up. The plot twists several times and won’t let you put the book down. This book is about running. Running from life’s injustices, from fear, from God – and from yourself. Although the book is a gallop through the frontier, I identified with Casey on so many levels. You won’t realize until you’re finished reading that Casey, Morgan, Sarah and even the foul Jenkins have taken up residence in your mind. They each have a story to tell and Mills relays it perfectly.

Donna D. Mann

Best-selling author, DiAnn Mills, has crafted a poignant, historical romance set in the West during the late 1800s. In this first book of the Texas Legacy series, fugitive Casey O’Hare tries to forsake the outlaw life for a chance to start her life anew, but she’s pursued by the law and the outlaw gang leader. Both want her dead. Will she ever find a place to call home?

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Saving Hope: Men of the Texas Rangers Book 1

Margaret Daley

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This wasn’t the first novel I’ve read by Margaret, but it is the first I’ve read in several years. I’m so glad I read this book. I found myself riveted to the story line and the characters. The tension was perfectly executed, in my opinion, because I couldn’t stand it until I got to the end. But more than that, the ride compelled me to think about motivations and schemes and who could be behind everything. The fact that evil was so close to a number of main characters had me practically biting my nails at times. The faith element was balanced and clearly present without being too heavy handed. The progression of their spiritual journeys seemed natural to the characters’ lives.
I loved the romantic thread in the story and found it to be warm enough to be yummy for romance lovers without taking away from the tension of the suspense portion of the story. I loved the hero and how he finally opened his heart and had to face his fears. I even liked how the author made a few of the “bad guys” seem like regular people at times. She made them seem more human, while still being dark in their nefarious intentions. They still did wrong, but I loved that they weren’t one-dimensional and flat.
The heroine’s mission to save children pulled into sexual slavery by predators was admirable, as was the hero’s desire to fight for the same cause. The author writing about some of the miserable situations the girls living at Beacon of Hope suffered prior to their rescue in the story made me realize how more people need to step up and help rescue these children. I commend Margaret for opening my eyes to this scourge on society and writing about it.

Michelle Sutton

When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan
and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human
trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt’s daughter is
terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.

Now it’s personal, and Wyatt
finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind
behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

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