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The Alphabet Book of Animals – Easy Ways to Learn the ABCs

Chris Q. Sheridan

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This is a great book for kids to learn their alphabet from, and to learn some things about animals too. It covers some well known animals, and some lesser known, with an interesting fact for each animal. Beautiful pictures of each animal are sure to help kids memorise their alphabet.

Kim Lambert

“Easy Way to Learn the ABCs” Books

Introducing your child to the alphabet – from ABC to XYZ – in a fabulous way. Explore the alphabet with your child in this exciting animal alphabet book. This animal picture book will capture your child’s curiosity about the animal kingdom and the world around him, while he gets his abc learning on.

Filled with vibrant, captivating photos of animals from A to Z, it includes the common animals that your child can recognize in her everyday life, as well as the more exotic to engage her in wonder and develop her curiosity. They can all say “cat” or “dog” but won’t you be proud as she showcases her knowledge when she’s the first kid in her preschool to say “ibex” or “koala.”

Join them on their quest to learn the alphabet as they discover all kinds of wild and domestic life starting with different letters. While learning their ABCs, they will also be exploring the natural world and developing an appreciation for the wide assortment of creatures that roam the earth.

Educational and enticing on all fronts, you can also use this as one of the more vibrant abc books in your collection. Use it as a guide to introduce your child to shapes, textures, patterns and colors. From the vibrantly bright green tree frog to the spots/squares on the sleek head and neck of the jaguar to the fuzzy yet regal face of the lion to the striking and mind-twisting, eye-crossing stripes of the zebra…take your child on a fascinating trip around the animal kingdom.

The book not only lets you share precious bonding time with your child as you explore the animals together, but can be used by parents, grandparents, day care providers, teachers and therapists to lay an early foundation for good observational skills.

Your child will have such fun exploring what’s next that they won’t even be aware that they are engaged in the learning process…and that’s always the best way to learn. It will soon become one of your child’s favorite kids picture books. Your younger children will enjoy the animal pictures. Your older children will particularly like learning the exotic animals. It will rank highly on your shelf of animal books. Pick up your copy today!

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God Gave Me You (A Picture Book For Young Children And Their Parents)

Cindy Bracken

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Cindy Bracken has created a comforting little book about a mother who feels lucky that she has been given a child. This is the perfect book to share with young children to show they are appreciated. The story rhymes which makes it even better. This book is about nature and love and it is really cute.

Rebecca of Amazon

The heavens have billions of stars,
The earth has oceans of blue,
I must have done something right,
Because God gave me you.

God Gave Me You is a beautifully illustrated picture book for young children. Your children will know how grateful you are for them when you read this book together. Makes for calm, soothing bedtime reading.

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Frogs: Jungle Series – Facts, Trivia and Photos! (Expedition Earth)

Emma Reed

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This is a great ebook that teaches everything about Frogs and Toads that one could imagine learning. Everything about frogs is here and I loved it and am sure others will love it too.
Great writing and great pictures. If you want to know about Frogs this is the ebook for you as it has everything you will want to know about them. I am glad I got this ebook.


Hello Adventurers! Welcome to Expedition Earth. Bestselling children’s author Emma Reed presents “FROGS” in this edition of the Jungle Series.

This book is filled with captivating photo illustrations and easy-to-understand words to teach children about frogs.

Along with photos and facts, your child can also participate in learning through fun frog trivia! Just follow the binoculars!

The Expedition Earth series is beloved by many, and one of the best on Kindle. The pictures look great in black and white and are amazing on the full color Kindle. The educational descriptions are large and simple enough for early readers, and also work well for parents to guide their children through the book.

All 21 sections have colorful, high-definition photos of frogs. Your child will love scrolling through the amazing images.

From exotic and rare to frogs you’d find in your own backyard, your child will get a well-rounded understanding of the different frog species. The book includes the:

• Poison Dart Frog
• Red-Eyed Tree Frog
• African Bullfrog
• Pacman Frog
• Panamanian Golden Frog
• Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad
• Gray Tree Frog

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You Can Attain Your Goals! A Winning Skills Book

Joy Berry

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Recommended for ages 11 and up.

You Can Attain Your Goals is a highly entertaining, easy-to-read, cartoon-illustrated book from Joy Berry’s best-selling WINNING SKILLS series of books for young people.

Getting what you want out of life is not difficult but it requires planning and a willingness to work. Even if you are not afraid to work for what you want, it may be futile unless you have a plan. To achieve your goals there are certain principles you must understand and some practical steps you need to follow.

In this book Joy will help you understand
• desires and goals,
• four steps to achieving goals,
• eight obstacles to achieving goals,
• ten qualities of achievers, and
• how to become an achiever.

Every page contains a cartoon that will both drive home the point and capture the reader’s attention.

Teaching these vital skills to young people has never been so easy and so much fun!

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