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Petal Loves Springtime (Petal the Owl)

Joy Findlay

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The story is very simple while still being very sweet but the true magnificence here is the artwork. I love how much detail and thought was put into every picture.

Sarah Barks

Petal is an unusual owl who loves nature – come learn why Petal Loves Spring, in this enchanting story about seasons. Ages 3-6.

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Alphabet Fun Children’s Rhyming Picture Book (Children’s Fun Reading)

Linda Groves

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Great ABC book! Love the rhyming format. Great illustrations. My 4 year old is an early reader so I love that the word for each illustration is also included right next to it. Definitely helps reinforce reading skills.


Alphabet Fun rhyming book is filled with creative pages that are meant to be silly and have your children wanting to read it over and over again. The book uses colorful pictures that makes it fun to learn their ABC’s and all the letters in the alphabet.

Sample Book Content:
A is for….
Alligator with antlers doing arithmetic in class
or an armadillo on an airplane drinking from a glass.

B is for….
Baboons eating burgers on the beach
or for a buzzing baby bumblebee snacking on a peach.

C is for….
A camel crunching cookies on the couch
or for a cow using crutches saying “oochie, oochie ouch!”
D is for…
Ducks wearing diapers in the park
or for a donkey and a dinosaur dancing in the dark.

E is for…
An earthworm who ordered eggs at the buffet
or an elephant eating eclairs as she dined at the cafe.

F is for….
Firecrackers that frightened the friendly fairy
or for the fox who tried to swallow the canary.

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KiteReaders Julio Bunny Discovers Library (Julio Bunny Series)

Nicoletta Costa

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This book is an absolute delight! I fell in love with the main idea of the story on the very first page- what is a kid to do on a rainy day? I definitely remember having the same question when I was younger! I loved following Julio Bunny and his friends to library as they realized their love of books and reading. Watching Julio Bunny get hooked on his library as if it were his new best friend is something I can definitely connect to. Overall, this book is beautifully illustrated, simply told, and heartwarming!!


Julio Bunny knows what it’s like to be all alone in his house with nothing to do on a very rainy day. That’s why he visits his friends and goes to the library! Thus begins an adventure unlike any other as Julio and his friends uncover the power and magic of diving into a good book. Julio Bunny Goes To The Library is sure to become your new best friend- especially on a rainy day.

NICOLETTA COSTA was born in Trieste (Italy) in 1953, where she was brought up and still lives today. After graduating in Architecture in 1978 at the University of Venice (Italy), she dedicated herself exclusively to her great passion: illustrating and writing books for children. Her most famous character is Julio Bunny an overly timid rabbit, but good natured,
with long fuzzy ears and a great passion for carrots.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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